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PoliTikalon: The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales
Statistics for PoliTikalon: The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales
A weblog created by JR Lopez Gonzales who believes that Philippines can progress through the overhauling of the Filipino mentality. He envisions that Filipinos would talk about politics as much as how they talk on showbiz, teleserye, or basketball.

Tags: PoliTikalon, MSU-IIT, JR Lopez Gonzales, Filipino Politics, South Cotabato
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Ang Panggulong Pag-iisip ni Pulis na Pogi
Statistics for Ang Panggulong Pag-iisip ni Pulis na Pogi
My cathartic outlet. Record and etch in stone things that need to be remembered. Serve as an outlet for other interested persons to also express their ideas.

Tags: Philippine National Police, PNP Reform, Philippine Government, Police Corruption
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Malikhaing Pag-Iisip
Statistics for Malikhaing Pag-Iisip
Mga blog na naisulat ko mula sa aking MALIKHAING PAG-IISIP.

Tags: malikhaing pag-iisip, kakaibang artikulo, promotion
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Statistics for ErickJohnCuevas
I am what I am because of who we all are. Information and Technology, Jokes, Linux Terminal Commands, Open Source, Ubuntu Updates, Mga Alamat, Poems, Security Tips

Tags: mga alamat, pamahiin, Information Technology, Ubuntu, Open Surce, Security Tips, Jokes, Linux Terminal Commands
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xoushii's Gastronomic Adventures
Statistics for xoushii's Gastronomic Adventures
This is the food review blog of Xoushii aka Adrianne Chieko. I review restaurants, fast food chains, events and food markets that I've been to in Metro Manila and all over the Philippines

Tags: restaurant reviews, food reviews, buffet reviews, fast food review, food blog
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durianburgdavao politics mindanao
Statistics for durianburgdavao politics mindanao

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Oh My Little Girl
Statistics for Oh My Little Girl
Oh My Little Girl is a blog about beauty, life & style, Japanese pop culture & kawaii culture by Chai Mungcal ♥

Tags: kawaii culture, girly style, korean cosmetics, japanese cosmetics, asian beauty
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Oh My Little Girl
Statistics for Oh My Little Girl
Oh My Little Girl is a blog about beauty, life & style, Japanese pop culture & kawaii culture by Chai Mungcal ♥

Tags: kawaii culture, girly style, korean cosmetics, japanese cosmetics, asian beauty
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Statistics for mauiiperry
This is my world. It's all about fashion, food, travel, events, personal, business, fun, happiness, friends and likes. This is my so called LIFE. Thank God I've got a Good Life!

Tags: mauiiperry, captured, fash
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Madness and Merriment at its Finest
Statistics for Madness and Merriment at its Finest
The musings of a girl with an overpriced camera and an overactive imagination.

Tags: Kawaii, Cute
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Ishel: Part II
Statistics for Ishel: Part II
Personal blog of Ishel Camarillo.

Tags: personal, photography, art, fashion, lifestyle
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The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales
Statistics for The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales
The blog is created to all Filipinos, Mindanaoans, MSU-IIT, for people of Iligan City, of the people of South Cotabato, and for the people of the Municipality of Tupi.

Tags: JR Lopez Gonzales, MSU-IIT, Tupi, Iligan, South Cotabato
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Statistics for Pipay
Kawaii photos ♥

Tags: photography, kawaii, fashion, tumblr, photoblog
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PALiiiTS in Blogosphere
Statistics for PALiiiTS in Blogosphere
A not-so-personal blog.

Tags: humor, pinoy jokes, travel, lifestyle, political humor
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San Jose Village III
Statistics for San Jose Village III
San Jose Village 3 is a village located at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The SJV3 blog focuses mainly on news and happenings in and around our village.

Tags: Sta. Rosa, Village, Community, Laguna, Tagaytay
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PC Operations NC II at TESDA
Statistics for PC Operations NC II at TESDA
Be one of the PC OPERATOR NC II in the PHILIPPINES>>>

Tags: tesda, PC OPERATOR NC II, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
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Statistics for ISIP-BATA
personal and impersonal :)

Tags: isip-bata, ISIPBATA, akoaynaiiba
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Nikkiissh of Tumblr
Statistics for Nikkiissh of Tumblr
Nikki Brill is a 2nd year college student from Montreal who likes to play with her shutter button, makeup brushes and tickle her tastebuds from time to time.

Tags: beauty, nikkiissh, daily life, food, recent buys
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Zaiipire Lance
Statistics for Zaiipire Lance
Zaiipire Lance Official Blogsite

Tags: Wattpad Stories, Reviews, Zaiipire Lance, Story Promotion, Educational Corner
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Crowned Princess Royal of Denmark Since 1971 Official Site
Statistics for Crowned Princess Royal of Denmark Since 1971 Official Site
House of York.Crowned Princess Royal of Denmark Since 1971, Successor of King Louis XIV by Edict of Nantes, As USA Cede Philippines to Europa1971. Crowned Queen Royal of Denmark and France Crowned IN Versailles Paris France a Filipino by birth.

Tags: Crowned Queen Royal of France & Den, margrethe II of Paris, Duchess of Windsor & York, princes Royal of Rome, Sovereign of Islas Niña Filipinas
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Essshiii Food Blog
Statistics for Essshiii Food Blog
future MD | noob food blogger | food photography

Tags: food, advice, filipino food, drinks
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is this paper?
Statistics for is this paper?
Tech and Gadgets, product reviews, lifestyle and travel, photography and personal ramblings

Tags: superkumii, justchiie, superkumii, review, IT, gadgets, travel, lifest, products, personal, techonology & computers,
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The time of my teenage dream
Statistics for The time of my teenage dream
A photoblog about fashion, glamour , luxury,foods,pink :)

Tags: fashion, luxury, beauty, kawaii, food
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Statistics for Fashion-Peddler
A blog dedicate to FASHION and everything CUTE and KAWAII ♥

Tags: fashion, cute, kawaii, gadget, tumblr
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Kawaii~SuckSeed ♥
Statistics for Kawaii~SuckSeed ♥

Tags: photoblog, ootd, outfit, reblog, photo
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Eri Makino
Statistics for Eri Makino
This is a personal blog of a girl who likes to share kawaii (cute) stuff/things to others. "A very random blog.

Tags: kawaii, japanese fashion, diy, fashion, crafts
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eddii karueger
Statistics for eddii karueger
eddii karueger. your beautiful nightmare. the blog for people who likes funny, who are funny and who lives life well, funny. ;D

Tags: happiness, love, peace, music, work it
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Statistics for ithiinkpink

Tags: fashion, glamour, girly, photography, luxury
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Hikari Hajimari's Diary
Statistics for Hikari Hajimari's Diary
All about Japan and Philippines

Tags: Japan Tour, Kawaii, Philippines, Japanese foods and groceries, Places in Japan
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The Momii Diaries
Statistics for The Momii Diaries
This is personal anecdote of momii adventures and misadventures. It is also a venue for exchanging experiences, recipes, beauty secrets, advice for all momiis who are barely hanging by a thread.

Tags: mom, beauty, books, lifestyle, food
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the secrets of chaaii co
Statistics for the secrets of chaaii co
Chaaii Co is a 20yrs old, Filipino-Chinese girl who is based in the Philippines. She is sweet, approachable and lost in her creativity. She considers this small space as her life.

Tags: #personal, #dailyExperience, #life, #love, #forever
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Statistics for Tumblr
A random personal blog .

Tags: one-liner, supergelaii, tagalog, long post, qoutes
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Jokes, Photos, Dailies, Personal
Statistics for Jokes, Photos, Dailies, Personal
Ako si Andrei at eto ang buhay ko. Tera, samahan nyo ako!

Tags: idreii, personal
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Mobile Litratista
Statistics for Mobile Litratista
A moblog where you can find my thoughts on mobile photography and mobile blogging. All site content--design, blog posts, photos, etc. are created, edited and maintained using a mobile phone.

Tags: Moblog, Cellphone Photography, Mobile Photography, Samsung Galaxy S II, Cosplay
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My Fairytale
Statistics for My Fairytale
A fashion blog of a 15 year old girl who's trying to make a name in the fashion industry.

Tags: omgcarmz, Carmelle, kawaii, pink, cute stuffs
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Data Entry job
Statistics for Data Entry job
Welcome To Work At Home US! Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

Tags: Data entry, Home based job, work at home, trabaho, onliine job
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Sweeten, XO.
Statistics for Sweeten, XO.
Hiii. My name is Kat from Aklan, Philippines. I'm fairypastels from Tumblr. Enjoy my photos when you start following me! :) thank you!

Tags: vintage, pastel, kawaii, fashion, photography
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Statistics for mymariia
My Fashion ramblings, rants and what's not...

Tags: fashion, maria, beauty, mymariia
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Statistics for Cutenonsense
Anything and everything cute! Only a bonus if it's useful :) Of course, it wouldn't hurt if it's also on sale!

Tags: Little Twin Stars, Cute, Kawaii, Sanrio, Sale
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♔ nicaboii
Statistics for ♔ nicaboii
A blog chronicling the many (mis)adventures of a 23 year old dance enthusiast and movie lover as she explores the world around her.

Tags: dance, entertainment, events, movies, blog
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Kawaii Pop Beauty
Statistics for Kawaii Pop Beauty
My blog is full of products reviews from different cosmetic brands all over the world. I almost sponsored by Korean Cosmetics Company. I also blog about beauty related events and fashion trends!

Tags: korean, asian, cosmetics, kawaii, beauty
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Marcelo Santos III
Statistics for Marcelo Santos III
Blog of Marcelo Santos III: Young Writer. Influential Blogger. Inspirational Speaker. Certified Youtuber. Ex Professional Squatter. Endorser and Promoter. God's Follower.

Tags: Inspirational, Quotes, Funny, Pinoy, Marcelo Santos III
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Top Rated Game
Statistics for Top Rated Game
Bank of Latest and Top Rated Games

Tags: Top Rated Games, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Android
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MiiYa talks fashion
Statistics for MiiYa talks fashion
all about fashion, reviews clothes, tips makeup.. Im also open for product reviews, collaboration and product sponsor

Tags: personal, makeup, clothes, reviews, shop
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Statistics for IIYAK at TATAWA ka :)
I compose one liner and inspiring quotes, pinoy jokes and thoughts i will re-blog your post if i like it, i don't COPY!

Tags: pinoy, banat, one liner, masakit, pag-ibig
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Statistics for KEAIISM
Home to Kiara Miguel's thoughts and emotions. She always tell lies.

Tags: Lifestyle, Food, Fashion, Travel, Leisure
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Dress Up Mutzii!
Statistics for Dress Up Mutzii!
My passion for fashion. My love for life.

Tags: dress, shoes, dress up, fashion, lifestyle
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Statistics for mauriiin
my personal blog that can be read by others.

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Kisty Kreme
Statistics for Kisty Kreme
Kisty Kreme! A fashion blog, Gives freebies and giveaways!

Tags: fashion, kistykreme, love, pink, kawaii
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Statistics for Fragile.
Personal. Rants. Love. Mixed Posts of Jokes, Humor and Nonsense stuff.

Tags: dgmarii, faq, tota
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