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1 - Miscellaneous tips for Linux and Open Source
Statistics for - Miscellaneous tips for Linux and Open Source is an informative blog devoted to Linux and Open Source. This blog wants to provide news, guides and help new users become comfortable with Linux Linux Operating System and other Open Source Software.

Tags: Linux Tutorials, Linux Tips and Tricks, Linux Hacks, Linux Games, System Administrator
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Full Version PC Games Free Downloads
Statistics for Full Version PC Games Free Downloads
Free Crack, Free Download Game, PC Games Download,Free Games For PC, Free Games Download, Full Free PC Version Games, Full Version Games, Free PC Games, fifa 12,Action,Shooter, Strategy,Fighting, Driving, Racing, Role-Playing, Repack, Arcade,fifa 13

Tags: fifa 13, fifa 14, neo geo, Shooter, crack games
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A Neophyte's Serendipity.
Statistics for A Neophyte's Serendipity.
This blog is a caboodle of the daily ramblings of a young boy and a grown man from Caloocan City, Philippines.

Tags: Rain Malicsi, Blogs, Thoughts, Rants, Quotes
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I'm a Proud Crafter by Misselayneous Things
Statistics for I'm a Proud Crafter by Misselayneous Things
Misselayneousthings is all about my crafting ideas. I joined Blogger and thought that I could share my ideas about crafting with other bloggers. And here I am...making crafts and blogging them so people could read them and do it themselves.

Tags: crochet, DIY crafts, tutorials, scrap booking, inspirations
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Cook Food with Love
Statistics for Cook Food with Love
Food I cook for my family and food outside our home that we like to explore and try.

Tags: food, homemade, dineout,, food, homemade, dineout
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watz neo
Statistics for watz neo
a blog that talk about health, health problems and diseases based from books, magazines and other references

Tags: allergy from allergens, medicines for hypertensions, syphilis, health
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Statistics for myxcellaneous
A blog of product reviews, featured buys and hauls!

Tags: beauty products, reviews, makeup, haul, food and drink
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LadyRaggedyCat's Lair
Statistics for LadyRaggedyCat's Lair
Has a bit of everything that falls under my interests, but mostly I geek out on various things, gush over Tolkien and ThunderCats, and have fun. :P

Tags: reviews, geek, cosmetics, miscellaneous, hobbies
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Statistics for AteneoAlumni
The Official Website of the Ateneo de Davao Alumni Community. Help build this Network so it can help build yours!

Tags: ateneo, alumni, davao, atenista, network
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Live Like We're Dying
Statistics for Live Like We're Dying
This is pretty much where I put random things I think during my existence.

Tags: Banban, Math, Ateneo, Rawr
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Would you like to try dying this once?
Statistics for Would you like to try dying this once?
You have just accessed Miles Domingo's online portal of thoughts and what-nots of three years.

Tags: miles, camille, domingo, ateneo
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Daily Musings and Milestones
Statistics for Daily Musings and Milestones
Be it in fashion, beauty, art, music and culture, as long as it is inspiring, I have to translate the beauty in words.

Tags: #PhilippineFashionWeek, #2014, #Ateneo, #model, #life
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Planning AHEAD
Statistics for Planning AHEAD
PLANNING AHEAD serves as a guide for incoming college students, offering pertinent data that should help them make informed decisions and well thought-out choices for their future.

Tags: Guidebook, college courses, University of the Philippines, Ateneo de manila, De la salle
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Statistics for DeeNeotericStyle
The very core of this blog is I can help and inspire every girl/woman to accept their imperfections and weakness, to enhance their natural beauty and to improve how they value themselves.

Tags: make up brushes, reviews, fashion
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Statistics for NADINEOLOGY
This blog contains how Nadine portrays her life. She will highlight all the various aspects of her world and her personality. This blog will serve as her playground, full of randomness of herself and the things and people around her.

Tags: personal, food, travel, fashion
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belle of the boulevard
Statistics for belle of the boulevard
This blog contains about my personal experiences and stuffs that i love.

Tags: Ateneo Blue Eagles, Basketball, Online Diary
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Spontaneous Cerebrations
Statistics for Spontaneous Cerebrations
Random thoughts of Sweet Miranda who finds respite in writing amidst a crazy schedule of managing the home front while going to law school.

Tags: law school, beach, vacation, fashion, clothing
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Cupcakes and Cardigans
Statistics for Cupcakes and Cardigans
Just another personal blog full of drama and nonsense.

Tags: kei gomez, spontaneous, weird, random
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Statistics for @IGersManila
The global community for Filipino Instagram users - proud Pinoy IGers around the world! Keep the good vibes rolling!

Tags: instagram, igersmanila, photography, iphoneography, photos
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The Last Sentinel
Statistics for The Last Sentinel
This blog talks about the personal life of EJ Sumatra. It discusses local and international issues. This blog features different literary writings regarding love. It has its 'quick notes' section which serves as the online diary of the blogger.

Tags: Love, Ateneo, Letran, Philippines, Leadership
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Make It Simpler
Statistics for Make It Simpler
MNL. DLSU. Random. Spontaneous. Sporadic. Adventures and Fun. BLESSINGS! :) Something to share, to have fun, a point of view

Tags: matchmakerme, mariebiskwet, DLSU, blogger, spontaneous
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The Diary the of The Cheese
Statistics for The Diary the of The Cheese
A personal blog about a girl chasing down her own daydream. It may contain rants, adventures, fashion- related stuffs and typical randomness.

Tags: kristineobcena, fashion, photography, art, FUN
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A Neophyte's Serendipity.
Statistics for A Neophyte's Serendipity.
This blog is a caboodle of the daily ramblings of a young boy and a grown man from Caloocan City, Philippines.

Tags: Rain Malicsi, Blogs, Thoughts, Rants, Quotes
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Neophyte Photography
Statistics for Neophyte Photography
Photographs of different people, events, places and faces.

Tags: photography, pinoy, nature, places, events
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Statistics for insidetheblueandwhite
a blog about the blue eagles and tidbits about me. playing for the bleu and white is not easy at all but it's a lot of fun! :)

Tags: ADMU, ateneo, blue eagles
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Statistics for janeobsessions
Jane Pabillore is thy name, a 16 year old Blogger who loves Fashion & Photograhy.

Tags: Fashion, Photography, Personal, Beauty
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PTC newbie
Statistics for PTC newbie
Earn more with PTC business

Tags: PTC, Neobux, earn, work, job
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kwentong Caregiver Kwento ni Batangeneo from Batangas

Tags: kwentong Batangeneo, kwentong caregiver
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Making A DiffeRENCE (MAD)
Statistics for Making A DiffeRENCE (MAD)
This blog is about whatever crosses my mind, my channel of self-expression, tools I need to help myself cope up with life, and whatever I want to put up here.

Tags: Miscellaneous, Humor, Quotes, Articles, Links
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Statistics for justineohyeah

Tags: cancer, awareness, pinoy, kwento
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Because It is Bitter and Because It is My Heart
Statistics for Because It is Bitter and Because It is My Heart
A Legal Management student from Ateneo. I love films, fashion, and psychedelic music. Try me. Favorite Movies Andy Warhol's Flesh (1968) Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Tags: Fashion, Books, Films, Ateneo, Blogging
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Blog of a fangirl
Statistics for Blog of a fangirl
This blog is all about my love for basketball. Almost all of the posts here are about Kiefer Ravena and the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

Tags: Kiefer Ravena, Ateneo Blue Eagles, Basketball
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Baby Neo's Mama
Statistics for Baby Neo's Mama
I'm a wife and a mom, and I'm lovin' it!

Tags: Neo
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Best sites
Statistics for Best sites
Here are the best sites from which you can earn online free money by just spending 10 min a day

Tags: Best sites online, earn free, how to earn free, neobux, clixsense
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Infinite Fashion
Statistics for Infinite Fashion
Aizel Goñez tries to blog about fashion and her personal style.

Tags: Fashion, Trends, Fashionista, Neon, Aizelygonez
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Ohohoh Life
Statistics for Ohohoh Life
Random Thoughts About Life, Interesting Facts, and Miscellaneous Curiosities

Tags: Interesting Facts, Random Thoughts, Miscellaneous Curiosities, Life
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Statistics for Myselfie
Yes, I took photos of myself.

Tags: selfie, self-portrait, portrait, iphoneography, male model
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Statistics for NeoWriter
Neowriter, a comprehensive blog site on science, technology and lifestyle

Tags: internet, computer, windows, android, software
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Spontaneous Since 1990
Statistics for Spontaneous Since 1990
It's a blog about personal views, personal travel experiences and adventures, heartache, opinions, favorite quotation, photoblog, and anything under the sun!

Tags: travel, quotes, random, thoughts
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Electrical Supplies and Components - Lance Neo Enterprises
Statistics for Electrical Supplies and Components - Lance Neo Enterprises
Lance Neo Enterprises offers electrical supplies like outlet, switches, wires, circuit breakers, control transformer and other electrical components.

Tags: Outlet and Switches in Manila, Wires in Manila, Circuit Breakers in Manila, Miniature Control Units in Manila, Control Transformer in Manila
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Sunshine makes it better
Statistics for Sunshine makes it better
Personal blog//everyday blog//one liners//

Tags: student, daily life, communication arts, ateneo, wordpress
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Blot & Write | Neonatic
Statistics for Blot & Write | Neonatic
Neo Richard Diongson Rants and Raves

Tags: Personal, Davao, Internet
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The Case of the X
Statistics for The Case of the X
Ateneo Student - Athlete! Carpe Diem!

Tags: Volleyball, Student - Athlete, Ateneo, UAAP Volleyball, Journal
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JPF 4s iPhoneography
Statistics for JPF 4s iPhoneography
Photography is to see beauty in ordinary things that others cannot. It is taking a snapshot that speaks of the art.

Tags: iPhone 4s, iPhoneography, iPhone Photography, photography
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Statistics for Tanyatopia
A random peek into an almost avarage 20 year old's life. Through reality shows, spontaneous videos, crazy road trips and more! :)

Tags: Fun, Spontaneous, Trips, Beauty, TV
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Neon Trances
Statistics for Neon Trances
Life tastes like butter and love's like caramel. And, yes, it's just a dream.

Tags: love, life, inpisrations, kwentong kalye
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Statistics for A-Fash
A-Fash stands for Ateneo Fashionistas. A-Fash exists in the goal of uniting the fashionistas in Ateneo de Naga University and share each members’ passion for fashion. This group/community also aims to apply Ateneo’s values through fashion. Magis!

Tags: Ateneo, Bicol, Group, Naga, Ateneo de Naga University
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Senseless Nothings
Statistics for Senseless Nothings
I'm Jia. I have a passion for the Arts. Taking up a fashion course in SoFa this summer. :)

Tags: fashion, neon, candy, vintage, photography
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Statistics for LEGIT PTC SITES
Legit and paying ptc sites

Tags: Ptc, Neobux, Clixsense, Traffic Exchange, Referrals
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Work from home
Statistics for Work from home
This blog is all about how to make money online with no investment involved, its free to join.

Tags: Work from home, How to make money online, Clixsense review, Neobux review, Best PTC sites
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