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MrsMartinez's Raves and Rants
Statistics for MrsMartinez's Raves and Rants
MrsMartinez's Raves and Rants is a lifestyle blog of a mom who loves food, beauty, fashion, shopping, travel and more! xoxomrsmartinez(at)gmail(dot)com

Tags: fashion & beauty, food & drink, travel & leisure, motherhood & lifestyle, technology & gadget
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MrsMartinez's Raves and Rants
Statistics for MrsMartinez's Raves and Rants
A lifestyle blog by Michelle Martinez

Tags: beauty, fashion, travel, mommy, lifestyle
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Statistics for MrsMommyHolic
family, travel, and food adventures!

Tags: food, travel, reviews, lifestyle
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Statistics for MrsMommyHolic
Meet Helene - housewife, mommy of 3, and DIY diva.

Tags: DIY, parties, kiddie activities, home decor, arts & crafts
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Statistics for MrsMommyHolic
Follow me and my family on our adventures in the Philippines and around the world.

Tags: travel, kids, shopping, food, family
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Statistics for MrsMommyHolic
wife. mother. shopaholic... and everything else in between.

Tags: motherhood, family and kids, DIY and home design, shopping, lifestyle
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Mr. Pogi Tips
Statistics for Mr. Pogi Tips
One of the first Filipino male bloggers to do product reviews and share tips for men. "No vain, No gain."

Tags: Review, Fashion, Male, Lifestyle, Tips
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At Home With MrsC
Statistics for At Home With MrsC
A virtual time capsule of my fun family moments with Little and Big MrC, my constant companions in life, love, travel and eating. And yes, life with me does involve a lot of eating.

Tags: Mom Blog, Family, Recipes, Motherhood, Travel
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The Adventures and Misadventures of Mrs. Panda
Statistics for The Adventures and Misadventures of Mrs. Panda
This Blog is all about diy and craft addictions, food, staycations, great shopping finds, home stuff shopping and the adventures and misadventures of Mrs. Panda - ex corporate slave now a 1 year old undomesticated wife.

Tags: diy, foodie views, crafts, staycations, great finds
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Statistics for mrs.wise
blog about lifestyle, home, health, beauty, pets, organic and parenting

Tags: pr and events
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Mrs.CB in BC
Statistics for Mrs.CB in BC
This blog chronicles my experiences, feelings, thoughts, sentiments, and learnings in living here in Vancouver, BC.

Tags: life abroad, motherhood, stay-at-home mom, mom blog, life in Canada
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Journey of a Filipino Biology Teacher
Statistics for Journey of a Filipino Biology Teacher
Journey of mr. e, a Filipino biology teacher, who wants to be one but found his preparations wanting. The blog is a documentary of his journey towards that dream of becoming an authority in biology education someday.

Tags: filipino teacher, biology teacher, teacher resource in biology, mr. fetalvero, dost-sei scholar
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Ciel TamRay Blogs
Statistics for Ciel TamRay Blogs
My blog is all about Beauty, Fashion and arts & crafts. I do product reviews, DIY tutorials and OOTDs.

Tags: beauty, fashion, diy, arts & crafts, home decor
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KANTOTERO.NET - 24/7 Pinay Scandals
Statistics for KANTOTERO.NET - 24/7 Pinay Scandals
Watch Pinay Sex Scandals, Pinay Scandal, Pinoy Porn Site, Pinay Porn Site. Visit us now!

Tags: pinay scandal, pinay sex scandal, pinay porn, pinay porn site, sex videos
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Clueless Mrs.
Statistics for Clueless Mrs.
The Daily Misfits of a Clueless Wife

Tags: wife, fashion, food, cooking, travel
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The Pink Menace! (Mr. Pink)
Statistics for The Pink Menace! (Mr. Pink)
Where the Pink Menace (Me) lurks..Spreading PINK gunpla love all over the net :))

Tags: Gundam, gunpla
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Mr. Fries and Sundae
Statistics for Mr. Fries and Sundae
Mahilig magmahal pero hindi minamahal. Sakit noh? Hayaan mo, gwapo naman ako sabi ng nanay ko.

Tags: humor, personal, love, quotes, inspirational
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Statistics for mrpauljustine
Typographies. :)

Tags: typographies, quotes, keep calm, life, lyrics
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Christmas Tree by Mr. Q
Statistics for Christmas Tree by Mr. Q
The blogs are created for people around ages 16 to 40+ It has several categories, Like travel, events, promos and Contest. Blog posts includes tips, my experience and the like.

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Mr. Directioner
Statistics for Mr. Directioner
The blog is about the biggest boy band One Direction. The blog posts new pictures of them, music, anything.

Tags: one direction, photos
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Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes and Love Letter
Statistics for Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes and Love Letter
Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes, Love Letter, Love Poems, Love Lines and Love Story

Tags: Love Quotes, Love Letter, Love Poems, Love Lines, Love Story
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Primrose ♥
Statistics for Primrose ♥
A teen existing for 13 years, a highschool student that lures herself into a world of photos and thought expression. Blogs more than photos, but revealing her true self to the world.

Tags: personal, photoblog, girly, fashion, fantastic
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Mr. Reklamador online reklamo, complain, ask, Questions, Quotes
Statistics for Mr. Reklamador online reklamo, complain, ask, Questions, Quotes
Mr. Reklamador online reklamo, complain, ask, Questions, Quotes

Tags: Quotes, Reklamador, complain, ask, reklamo
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MR. FUNANIMOUS: Ako Ang Mister Mo! by Sherwin Funa
Statistics for MR. FUNANIMOUS: Ako Ang Mister Mo! by Sherwin Funa
It is my duty to make you smile!

Tags: mr.funanimous, sherwin funa, pinoy entertainment blog, pinoy blog, pinoy humor blog
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Forever Directioner
Statistics for Forever Directioner
All things I love! =) One Direction, celebrities, fashion, travel etc. My blog reflects what I want to be and what I dream of. =)

Tags: One Direction, Juan Directioner, iamrhass, Rascelle Grepo
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Mrs. Talia Basman's Blog
Statistics for Mrs. Talia Basman's Blog
Day-to-day living of a young family (consisting of a daddy-doctor, mommy-landscape architect, and a cute little girl) and how they live life as a family of three.

Tags: Baby things, Cheap thrills, Gadgets, Family
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Statistics for MR. CURIOSITY's PHOTOS

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Statistics for MR. BRIGHTSIDE
16. Pisces. Filipino. Theater Artist. Augustinian. Photoshop. Frustrated singer. Two left feet.

Tags: jdenverdelacruz, typos, quotes
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Mr. Dot
Statistics for Mr. Dot
it is an educational blog for those who are willing to learn something new. Mr Dot shares anything that might interest his readers

Tags: Philippines, tips and tricks, humor, funny, trivia
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The Suplado Website
Statistics for The Suplado Website
The Official Website of "Mr. Suplado" Stanley Chi.

Tags: Stanley Chi, Suplado Tips, Pogi Points, Mr. Suplado, Comedian
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Statistics for iammr.jhay..(0_0)
welcome to my CRIB!. well im CESAR VEGA BISIG JR. i'am a freshmen college student at The Pontifical and Royal University of Sto Tomas taking up BS Business Administration hope you enjoy page!! FEEL FREE to ask me any thing... i'll answer anythin

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Mrs Firefighter
Statistics for Mrs Firefighter
a peek into my life as a firefighter's wife, a first time mom and what happens in my life and my fashion style

Tags: personal, home, living, fashion, lifestyle
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Mr. MkFLY©
Statistics for Mr. MkFLY©

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Letters To Mr. Potter
Statistics for Letters To Mr. Potter
A compilation of letters to Harry Potter characters, actors, and readers, from you.

Tags: harry potter, potter, jk rowling, books, literature
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Statistics for Mrs.Wise
everyday life of mommy Mrs.Wise as she shares her stories of travel, parenting, food, crafts and mommy tips

Tags: mommy, travel, food, DIY, tips
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Mrs. Tiger's Blog
Statistics for Mrs. Tiger's Blog
Logs of my daily serving of parenthood, my married life and everything in between.

Tags: parenthood, marriage, taking care of a baby
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Mr. Tuscano's Online Blackboard
Statistics for Mr. Tuscano's Online Blackboard
A professional and learning website of a 21st religious educator in the Catholic Faith. This blog has won recognition from the Xavier School administrators, teachers, students and parents. The author is a CLE teacher in Xavier School - San Juan City.

Tags: Religious Education, CLE, Xavier School
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Statistics for K3UMRE
Loving anything that deals with movies, cartoons, foods and anything interesting

Tags: cartoons, movies, foods, anime, tv shows
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Statistics for
Mr Delicious is a Philippines-based website created for lovers of food and drink by an American expat who has devoted his life to the subject at hand.

Tags: food, drinks, chef, manila, philippines
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Statistics for Mr.Brightside
Mau Moscardon. 14. Dreamer. Junior. Blogger. Student. Lover. Brother. Surfer.

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Mrs. Abracosa
Statistics for Mrs. Abracosa
Ysh. 14. Napkin user. Dancer

Tags: humor
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Statistics for =][Mr^ICE][=
=][Mr^ICE][= Galaxy Blogs

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Mr. Umbz
Statistics for Mr. Umbz
Discover places that you want to travel in Cebu and other parts of the Philippines with Mr Umbz.

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I Am Mrs. Tee
Statistics for I Am Mrs. Tee
Expert mom and educator. Retiree turned blogger. Welcome to my world.

Tags: education, parenting, rumination, literature, maree
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I am Mrs. H
Statistics for I am Mrs. H
Mrs. H's Life Away from Home

Tags: OFW Life, Travel, Food, Entertainment, Arts
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Mr. Pogi Tips
Statistics for Mr. Pogi Tips
life being a freelance model, makeup artist, guru, DJ and an extraordinary person. Dedicated for men and women who likes reviews, fashion, tutorials and how tos.

Tags: review, cosmetic, tutorial, how to, fashion
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Statistics for mrsEnerodiaries
My blog is a sequel of my food and travel blog : I am a first time mom and my blog will be focusing on motherhood, baby milestones & essentials. This is my online diary on my next life chapter : being a mother.

Tags: motherhood, baby milestone, home, food, travel
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Mr. Book Wonder
Statistics for Mr. Book Wonder
Join Mr. Book Wonder in his wondrous adventure with books as he brings you literary news, book reviews, interviews and more.

Tags: Books, Book Reviews, Literature, Literary News, Reading
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Statistics for Mrs.Wise
Writer by profession .... loves budget travels, DIY projects, gardening and dogs Still trying to figure out my millenial teens :)

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Mr. and Mrs. Del Mundo
Statistics for Mr. and Mrs. Del Mundo
Alfredo and Rose blog about travelling, lifestyle, health, and teaching experience

Tags: travel, lifestyle, health, education, parenting
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