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Kusina Ni Manang
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A Filipina's unabashed chronicle of her adaptations in a rural American kitchen. Recipes include Filipino and American, from baking to cooking and pickling.

Tags: Filipino food, recipes, baking, cooking, Filipino-American
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Dumpsite ni Manang
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no good read. no interesting stuff. just my everyday clutter.

Tags: personal
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Mountain Lovers
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VIRGILIO C. MANANGAN MOUNTAINEERING SITE A social networking site where modern mountaineers can share ideas and expeditions...

Tags: Mountaineering, Mountain Climbing, Virgilio C. Manangan, Mountain Lovers, Mountain Protection
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Bitter Herb
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My experience eating at Manang's Chicken.

Tags: food, Manang's Chicken, chicken, lunch, macaroni
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Affordable Meals at Manang's Chicken
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Those who have a tight budget would surely enjoy eating at Manang's Chicken.

Tags: Manang's Chicken, Affordable Meals, Chicken and Spaghetti Meal, Restaurant at Visayas Avenue, Wilcon City Center
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