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Araling Pilipino - Mga Salawikain, Sawikain, Bugtong, Panitikan at Iba Pa
Statistics for Araling Pilipino - Mga Salawikain, Sawikain, Bugtong, Panitikan at Iba Pa
Araling Pilipino - Kultura, Wika, Panitikan, Alamat, Bayani, Mga Salawikain, Sawikain, Bugtong, at Iba Pa

Tags: araling pilipino, pilipino, panitikan, wika, kultura
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Pinoy Tsibog
Statistics for Pinoy Tsibog
Blog about Filipino food cooking, food tripping and my everyday food adventure.

Tags: filipino recipe, filipino food, MICHELLE ANN PEREZ, lutong pilipino, pinoy tsibog
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Halo Halo
Statistics for Halo Halo
A Flavorful Mixture of Filipino's Life

Tags: pinoy jokes, Philippines, buhay Pilipino, famous pinoy, Filipino culture
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Pinoy Power
Statistics for Pinoy Power
Pinoy Power is a news and media blog showcasing the achievements of Filipinos around the world and the good news about the Philippines.

Tags: pinoy, filipino, philippines, culture, pilipino
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Philippine Games
Statistics for Philippine Games is Philippine Games, the blog promoting the Philippines through its traditional games. The author got introduced to Philippine Games while taking up Philippine Games Course in UP.

Tags: Pinoy Games, Larong Pilipino, Philippine Games, Filipino Games, Palarong Pinoy
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Pilipino Ako Dahil...
Statistics for Pilipino Ako Dahil...
The best of being a Filipino

Tags: Philippines, Pinoy, Food
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Every Juan is a Hero
Statistics for Every Juan is a Hero
Every Juan is free to express their feelings and every Juan is entitled to being a hero.

Tags: Bayaning Pilipino, Filipino Good Deeds, Free Pinoy Blog, Write article free, Magblog at Manalo
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Ibang Klase
Statistics for Ibang Klase
A novel in Filipino, chapters added almost daily.

Tags: Filipino novel, nobela, Pilipino, Taglish, kulturang Filipino
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Mga Maikling Kuwento ni Lorenzo
Statistics for Mga Maikling Kuwento ni Lorenzo
Mga kuwentong galit sa mundo, sa ugali at kulturang Filipino, sa lipunan, tao o hayop, at iba pa

Tags: maikling kuwento, Pilipino, Panitikang Filipino, Kulturang Filipino, ugaling bulok
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Statistics for PilipinoyAko
Blog of a Wasted Youth.

Tags: Pilipino, Pinoy, Pilipinoy, Tsinoy
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Konsensyang Pilipino
Statistics for Konsensyang Pilipino
This is a blog that desires to open discussion on the many aspects of Filipino life.

Tags: filipino, philippine news, philippine media, manila news, philippine daily inquirer
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Tara, usap tayo! (C'mon, let's talk!)
Statistics for Tara, usap tayo! (C'mon, let's talk!)
Tara, usap tayo! (C'mon, let's talk!)

Tags: usap, tayo, pinoy, pilipinas, pilipino
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Be Great
Statistics for Be Great
ngiti ka lang.

Tags: Humor, Personal, Pilipino, Tingnan mo nalang
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Usapang Pilipino
Statistics for Usapang Pilipino
Usapang Pilipino is a site designed for Filipino to be updated on news and learn from our interesting articles.

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Statistics for SUPREME CHAT TV
This is the brother site of Supreme! Enjoy watching indie films and other films, chat with the other visitors to make friends withthem and listen to music requested by supremers. I hope you enjoy. :)

Tags: Indie Films, Chat Room, Music, Pelikulang Pilipino, International Movies
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The Filipino Diaspora
Statistics for The Filipino Diaspora
A collection of various articles writted by Filipino writers.

Tags: pilipino writers, philippine writers, writers club, writing online, triond writers
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Technology News
Statistics for Technology News
latest news on technology, software, computer science, internet, semiconductor, telecom and science technology

Tags: auto, computer, laptop, camera, pilipino tv
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Zaga Tech Blog
Statistics for Zaga Tech Blog
Zaga Tech Blog the blog is what you say when there is nobody standing over your shoulder telling you what to do.

Tags: zagatech, technology, pilipino, pinoy, blogspot
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Mga Salawikain, Sawikain at Kasabihang Pilipino
Statistics for Mga Salawikain, Sawikain at Kasabihang Pilipino
Mga Salawikain, Sawikain at Kasabihang Pilipino

Tags: salawikain, sawikain, idyoma, kasabihan
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teleserye tv show
Statistics for teleserye tv show
Pinoy TV Shows - is the best place to watch ABS-CBN,GMA 7 and TV 5 replays online. Our goal is to provide every Filipino especially OFW a free pinoy tv over the internet.

Tags: teleserye, teleserye tv show, tamabayan, pinoy, pilipino tv show
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The Beauty of Filipino Language in Poetry is Endless
Statistics for The Beauty of Filipino Language in Poetry is Endless
Original Filipino Writings (OFWs) Poetry: Tulang Pinoy, Sariling Wika, This tells the whole world that the beauty of Filipino language in Poetry is Endless.

Tags: Pinoy blog, Tulang Pinoy, Wikang Pilipino, Poetry, Original Filipino Writings
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Pilipinong Katoliko
Statistics for Pilipinong Katoliko
Blog ng isang dating Born Again Christian na na-convert sa Pananampalatayang Katoliko

Tags: Convert, Tagalog, Apologetics, Kilig, Sagot
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Mga Sulating Pilipino
Statistics for Mga Sulating Pilipino
A compilation of Filipino poems, some technical, political and family issues

Tags: tula, poems, family, politics, web/tech
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Filipinong Totoo
Statistics for Filipinong Totoo
Filipinong Totoo talks about the recent events and happenings in the Philippines. For the most part, the blog is written in Tagalog.

Tags: filipinong totoo, pilipino, sports, musika, pulitika
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Statistics for Ngimot
Artikulo ng Amerikanong Pilipino

Tags: artikulo, pilipino, blog, article
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Noypi Rocks!!!
Statistics for Noypi Rocks!!!
Your dose of original Pinoy rock music.

Tags: filipino band, pinoy rock, opm, pinoy music, original pilipino music
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Ang daldal nyo!
Statistics for Ang daldal nyo!
Kwentong bayan, barbero, politiko, Pilipino..

Tags: Politics, China, Bully, Pilipino, Ekonomiya
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Subject of the Talk
Statistics for Subject of the Talk
Blogging about the current issues and events of today's generation and the day-to-day experience of every individuals.

Tags: Speak-Up Pilipino, Socializing, Your Opinion, Journal, Save Earth
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December 28. 1st yr high. SeƱiora dela Paz Academy. Filipino. Capricorn. 13. Christina Grimmie.

Tags: personal, rant, pilipino, tagalog, fun
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Kwento Ni Toto
Statistics for Kwento Ni Toto
Stories about singers and music, especially OPM. Love them!

Tags: Music, Singer, Song, Original Pilipino Music
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OPM Music Videos
Statistics for OPM Music Videos
Your Original Pilipino Music (OPM) Music Video (MV) Library in your digital worlds

Tags: OPM Music Videos, Pinoy Music, OPM, Original Pilipino Music, Music Video
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Musika for all the Musikeros
Statistics for Musika for all the Musikeros
Where Music Never Rest.

Tags: music, OPM, pilipino music, musika
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Improve Your Vocabulary
Statistics for Improve Your Vocabulary
This is a blog concerning the Filipino students based on my personal observation.

Tags: vocabulary improvement, tri-lingual dictionary, embellish your writings, synynoms & idioms, Pilipino-Cebuano-English dictionary
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Original Pilipino Music
Statistics for Original Pilipino Music
All Original Pilipino Music

Tags: Free Music, Full Album, Mp3 Download, Opm, Tagalog Songs
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Statistics for unanglabas
Compilation of Pilipino Komiks Circa 1940s to 60s

Tags: Pilipino Komiks, Tagalog Komiks, Liwayway
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filipinopilipinoblogger on blogger
Statistics for filipinopilipinoblogger on blogger
My blog on Blogger.

Tags: Blogger blog, personal blog, wordpress, blogspot, blogger
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filipinopilipinoblogger on wordpress
Statistics for filipinopilipinoblogger on wordpress
my blog on wordpress

Tags: WordPress blog, personal blog, wordpress, blogspot, blogger
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filipinopilipinoblogger on
Statistics for filipinopilipinoblogger on
My blog on

Tags: blog, personal blog, wordpress, blogspot, blogger
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independence day
Statistics for independence day
independence day we call it. but is it really an independence day?

Tags: pilipino, independence day?, independence day
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tuyong tinta ng bolpen
Statistics for tuyong tinta ng bolpen
Mga katha ng tuyong tinta ng bolpen

Tags: short stories, poems, maikling kwen, creative writing, poems, essay, pilipino blog
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Slip Inside the Eye of my Mind
Statistics for Slip Inside the Eye of my Mind
Personal and Philippine rock music blog

Tags: Pinoy Rock, Personal, Original Pilipino Music, Music, Concerts
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Statistics for PiliPinoy
Pinoy Matters, Jokes, Humors

Tags: jokes, humor, Pinoy
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between honesty and hope
Statistics for between honesty and hope
personal reflections about my work and passions - education and lifelong learning, spirituality and theology, environment, rural electrification and renewable energy, participatory local governance, social change, sikolohiyang pilipino

Tags: education for all, lifelong learning, energy and power, biodiversity conservation, sikolohiyang pilipino
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sino ang tunay na tanga?
Statistics for sino ang tunay na tanga?
blog ko 'to, blog mo 'to, blog natin 'to...bow

Tags: Petty Pilipino
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Statistics for AKO SI PATOLA
mga kwentong kanto at pilipino

Tags: Pilipino, kwentong wala lang, nonsense na may sense, AKO, tayo
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Araling Pilipino Filipino
Statistics for Araling Pilipino Filipino
Araling Filipino, collection of social studies topics and filipino subjects.

Tags: alamat, panitikan, heograpiya
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Pasko 2010: Pasko ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Makabagong Panahon
Statistics for Pasko 2010: Pasko ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Makabagong Panahon
Ipagdiwang ang kapaskuhan ngayong taong 2010 sa makabagong panahon, "Masmasaya kung Magkakasama ang buong pamilya tuwing Kapaskuhan' God bless and Merry Christmas.

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Pasko 2010: Pasko ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Makabagong Panahon
Statistics for Pasko 2010: Pasko ng Pamilyang Pilipino sa Makabagong Panahon
Ipagdiwang ang kapaskuhan ngayong taong 2010 sa makabagong panahon, "Masmasaya kung Magkakasama ang buong pamilya tuwing Kapaskuhan' God bless, Maligayang Pasko at Masaganang Bagong Taon :D

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Sikat Pinoy Forum
Statistics for Sikat Pinoy Forum
A forum site for all Filipinos around the world. Where they can share thoughts, views, talents & many more.

Tags: sikat pinoy, Filipino, Pinoy, Pilipino
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Statistics for
Mga sari-saring kuwento ng buhay Pinoy.

Tags: kwentong pinoy, kwentong pilipino, balitang pinoy
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