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Jen Never Blogs
Statistics for Jen Never Blogs
Story of a Palawenian living in the metro. Travel anecdotes, photos and videos

Tags: film photography, travel, food, 35mm, reviews
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Its Mommy Jen
Statistics for Its Mommy Jen
A young mom at 23, Happy go-lucky turned hard working person, A frustrated fashion icon, A beach bum who doesn't know how to swim and an ambisyosa in real life.

Tags: babies, Mommy, Parenting, Travel, Product Review
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Style & Daydreams
Statistics for Style & Daydreams
Jenna's personal blog, she's a certified daydreamer and a truly fashionista by heart. Ride with her as she explores the world of fashion.

Tags: iamjennacruz, fashion, styling, beauty, product reviews
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Life Adventure of Jen Adams
Statistics for Life Adventure of Jen Adams
old and new confessions, adventures, wishes and dreams of a sexy nomad (and a super sexy mommy) wannabe...

Tags: travel, personal, love, parenthood, adventures
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5 - a lifestyle blog of an intricate mind
Statistics for - a lifestyle blog of an intricate mind
A Lifestyle Blog of an Intricate Mind. Anything from people, places, things and feelings, this is my little corner of happiness.

Tags: travel, fashion, beauty, food, health
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Irreplaceable Chic
Statistics for Irreplaceable Chic
This blog is consists about FASHION. I reblog mostly shoes, luxury, clothes, make-up, food, glam.

Tags: Fashion, Jennie, trends, food, make-up
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JenJacqs - My World to Yours
Statistics for JenJacqs - My World to Yours is all about general things that stir the interests of people such as food, movies, music, books, reviews, fun stuffs and musings of the blogger. Basically, it is a blog on anything under the vast skies.

Tags: Personal Blog, Lifestyle, Music, Reviews, Events
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Statistics for JenPonix
A blog of an ordinary gal's adventures local and abroad.

Tags: personal, adventures, lifestyle, photography, trips
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Statistics for SimplyJenisse

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Statistics for Carlo&Jenny
Carlo and Jenny's personal blog. based on wordpress genesis theme and the content are all about direct selling business, internet tips and Reviews

Tags: Direc Selling Business, Free Pinoy TV, Philippine Education, Internet tips, product reviews
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Mon Amour. ☾
Statistics for Mon Amour. ☾
A public space where no one can interfere an individual's longing for story-and-feelings-telling. It's everything about a lady's struggles and strengths. Love in different forms~

Tags: kjen, love, happiness, life, classy
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Statistics for WriteForACause
We write to bring honor and glory to God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel. We write and compile short stories, articles, essays, devotionals, eBooks and so many more. This is an online storage where you can browse free articles.

Tags: write for a cause, jenine silos, writing, love of God, Christian articles
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It's Mommy Jen
Statistics for It's Mommy Jen
Join me as I conquer the world of parenting and first time mommy battles to my adorable son James with a never ending faith in my relationship with Daryl.

Tags: Parenting, Motherhood, baby, Home & Living, Mommy Blog
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I am Biloggirl
Statistics for I am Biloggirl
Personal Blog of Jennifer Arce

Tags: biloggirl, mountain biker, bilog, jenny arce, mountain biking
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Jen Thoughts
Statistics for Jen Thoughts
Jen Thoughts is a personal blog about a young mom and her thoughts.

Tags: Parenting, Love, Life, Books, Writing
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Piedad Sisters
Statistics for Piedad Sisters
Piedad Sisters by Jenina and Jessica.

Tags: Fashion, Jenina Piedad, Jessica Piedad, Style, Piedad Sisters
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Statistics for Whyyyjen
A personal blog about general events with my own thoughts about life and myself. I try to live a life that is pretty and simple--something that I share through my blog.

Tags: fitness, health, passion, food
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Statistics for jennaralizations
tummyaches & killersmiles - a personal and quality blog

Tags: jennaralizations, personal, quality posts, random posts
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Jennifer Cederstam
Statistics for Jennifer Cederstam
An interior design consultant and makeup artist writes about design, makeup and art. Here you will find inspiration and tutorials.

Tags: Interior Design, Design Inspiration, Makeup Tutorials, Furniture Styling, Interior Design Consultant
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Indio - GMA 7 Telebabad
Statistics for Indio - GMA 7 Telebabad
All about Indio of GMA 7! Photos, Videos, Information and more!

Tags: indio, gma7, bong revilla, rhian ramos, jennelyn mercado
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I am Jenniya
Statistics for I am Jenniya
My love for make-up & fashion made this blog exist. This blog is my way of documenting my so-called “kakikayan” side of me.

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Statistics for jennyJL
i want to know, i want to understand things. yung pakiramdam na nasa aquarium ka at nakakulong, no one ever wants to be with you, your just there drowning alone

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Statistics for
I'm Jennifer Roxas. A mom of 3 kids. I blog about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and entertainment.

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Statistics for JenPonix
A blog of a 20-something traveler who is based on the land of the rising sun and who wants to explore the world and to have her unique adventures around the globe.

Tags: places, adventures, personal, photography, food
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Statistics for JennyCortejo
I'm Jenny Cortejo i create my blog my blog is about entertainment, business, technology, food, travel and others

Tags: entertainment, business, technology, food, travel
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Medyo Random
Statistics for Medyo Random
Medyo random, medyo magulo. Kadaldalan ng isang trying hard na manunulat.

Tags: Jen Asoy, Personal, Medyo Random, Tumblr, Chipsasoy
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My Blog is about Family, Fashion, Beauty, Food, Travel, Entertainment and Gadgets in Jen's Joyful Life Events. More than a blog, Jen's Joyful Life celebrates the little pleasure in life.

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Statistics for JennyJuanThings
My Brain Farts From Things We Don't Eat In Life..

Tags: aphorisms, life, love, literature, emotions
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Statistics for jennicadanielle
A lazy Filipina blogger who loves fashion.

Tags: fashion, personal, experiences
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Ideas and Inspirations by Jen Peñano
Statistics for Ideas and Inspirations by Jen Peñano
the blog is about home organizing, parenting, recipes and random thoughts in life.

Tags: Home Organizing, Recipes, Parenting
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Jens Online Services
Statistics for Jens Online Services
Any Online Help will be Rendered on this Website like Facebook Fanpage Making/Editing, Blogs Making/Editing, SEO, Business news, Blogging tips and tricks, Fanpage tips, Health tips, Love tips, News

Tags: entertainment, health, love, blogging, news
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Statistics for Jennifer
my family life

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Shopgirl Jen
Statistics for Shopgirl Jen
Your guide to fashion, beauty and lifestyle around the metro and beyond!

Tags: fashion, lifestyle, foodie, mommy blogger, beauty
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Statistics for IamJenniya
my addicion to make-up made this blog exist

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Me and My Closet by Jenina Nem Singh
Statistics for Me and My Closet by Jenina Nem Singh
Me and My Closet is a fashion and all-things-girly blog wrapped into one. It features the author's adventures in fashion and in life, all caught in a click.

Tags: outfit, clothes, arts, style, photography
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Young blood | thejenilois
Statistics for Young blood | thejenilois
This is the blog of a 17-year-old girl with erratic creative brain juices.

Tags: personal, photography, books, photography, personal, books
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Statistics for jendiseafrontresort
best destination for Coron Palawan tours

Tags: coron palawan, coron resort, accommodation, travel, tour package
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Jennifer Aniston Updates
Statistics for Jennifer Aniston Updates
Brand new movie, on location shoots, product launch, what's new and happening with Jennifer Aniston is all right here.

Tags: Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer, celebrities, hair, Angelina Jolie
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Jennyholic, Confession of an addict
Statistics for Jennyholic, Confession of an addict
This is my personal blog. it was just about anything that interest me

Tags: travel, food, music, contest, gadget
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Statistics for Jeningning
Splashes of personal journeys and stories that can spark imagination, a smile, or a dose of inspiration.

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Jena Isle's Random Thoughts
Statistics for Jena Isle's Random Thoughts
Mixed thoughts on health, education, love, writing and life.

Tags: education, health, love, life, writing
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*jennalyn tootz*
Statistics for *jennalyn tootz*
blog ko!

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Statistics for painuminmoko
take away my thirst! give me some drinks. painuminmoko!

Tags: painuminmoko, walongbote, jeniffer antonio
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Evolution Guild
Statistics for Evolution Guild
:: Cabal Online PH :: Saturn's Respected Capellan Guild

Tags: Capella, gjen07brian, Saturn, Cabal Online PH, Evolution
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Statistics for jennysantiago-project365
a picture a day

Tags: 365, jenny santiago, diary, random, pics
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jenny santiago online
Statistics for jenny santiago online
Jenny Santiago. Difficult Person with Simple Pleasures.

Tags: jenny santiago, difficult person, simple pleasures, santiago
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Statistics for JENNY IS LOVE. RAWR.
Read the life of a British Filipina girl on the verge to becoming a teenager as she rambles about her life as an 8th grader, her hatred for Math and more! [ Sorry if it sounds really corny, but it's the best I can do ;D ]

Tags: Teen, youth, school, ramblings
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Statistics for jenifaa-mio
this site content's all about me the things I want to share. advertising services,and some good tutorials

Tags: the mio, the domain,jenifaa-mio
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Jenn Was Here
Statistics for Jenn Was Here
A blog that talks about my side trips, road trips, food trips, and all sorts of trips. It is here where I document all the places I've been to.

Tags: travel, philippines
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Silent Intentions
Statistics for Silent Intentions
A personal blog of a girl full of -- Silent Intentions. Blogs. Collections and Stuffs.

Tags: jena, works, nacar, poems, mae
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