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AladinBasilan.Win I Free Pinoy Online Stories
Statistics for AladinBasilan.Win I Free Pinoy Online Stories
This is a free story-telling website for Filipinos.

Tags: Free Stories, Tagalog Stories, Pocketbooks Online, Free Ebook, Top Philippine Story-telling blog
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rizal college of laguna
Statistics for rizal college of laguna
blog that more focuses on information for education,history

Tags: education, literature, history, health, news
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Indio Bravo
Statistics for Indio Bravo
A Blog of a Filipino historian, blogging all about the wonders of Philippine history, the quiet but adventurous life of a historian, and of course his views on current events.

Tags: philippine history, historyador, philippines, Filipino historian, kasaysayan
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Views From The Pampang
Statistics for Views From The Pampang
Old Pampanga photos are catalysts for memories in this blog version of the book "Views from the Pampang & Other Scenes".

Tags: Pampanga, local history, Kapampangan, nostalgia, Philippines
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Philippine Catholic Churches
Statistics for Philippine Catholic Churches
In this blog are photos and information about the various Catholic Churches that I've visited here in the Philippines.

Tags: Travel, Catholic Church, Catholic, History, Direction
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The Filipino Genealogy Project
Statistics for The Filipino Genealogy Project
This is a dedicated blog site on Filipino genealogy. It is the aim of this blog to discuss, compile, and eventually preserve all types of genealogies available on Filipino families.

Tags: Filipino Genealogy, Filipino family history, Philippine genealogy
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Blah Since I Know
Statistics for Blah Since I Know
I like writing about anything under the sun, but I am most interested in literature, arts, asian culture and history.

Tags: japan, Life, Entertainment, history, Personal
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Statistics for ka-Blogstoogan
tsismis bukas ngayon ang broadcast, mga kwentong minsan totoo at minsan hindi

Tags: tsismis, kabaklaan, mga kahindikhindik na kwento, pambwisit na kwento, nakakaaliw na mga istorya
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Story Book Mom
Statistics for Story Book Mom
A Work-At-Home Mom of three who flips the pages of her life as she juggles her Marriage, Home and Family, Kids, and Work-At-Home Life.

Tags: work-at-home, Work-At-Home-Mom, online jobs, freelance writing, home and living
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My Silay Heritage
Statistics for My Silay Heritage
Remembering and honoring the past of my beloved Silay, once known as "The Paris of Negros".

Tags: Silay, lifestyle, history, culture, Negros Occidental
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Statistics for I-Cagayano
A Cagayano blogger's blog providing information about Cagayan. Discusses facts and figures, places to visit, events and announcements, and products of the different municipalities of the Province of Cagayan

Tags: Cagayan, Cagayano, Tourist Atrractions, Cagayan History, Cagayan Facts and Figures
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Upod na Lapis
Statistics for Upod na Lapis
A blog that showcase anything about in life, poetry, essay, story and fictions.

Tags: literature, poetry, personal, story, fiction
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Bitter Sweet Life
Statistics for Bitter Sweet Life
This blog contains my views, my thoughts and feelings about life in general. It also includes the story of my baby girl and other things that pop ups in my mind.

Tags: bitter sweet life, baby story, baby caring tips, personal, technology
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Estorya ni Chen
Statistics for Estorya ni Chen
Witness her journey to her life of faith. Writing reflections, realizations, or anything that comes out of her mind hoping that it may inspire the generation ahead of her, with her, and behind her.

Tags: faith, season, life, God, love
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Statistics for LIFE Moto
Welcome to Life Moto! Life is worth living for. What is your motto in life? What is your purpose of living? This is your story. This is your life. I hope this site may enlighten us to our daily life.

Tags: life story, love, family, filipno, inspirational
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estoryahe - tanan CEBU ug BISDAK
Statistics for estoryahe - tanan CEBU ug BISDAK
Let's talk about Cebu, Visayas and Mindanao and all the Visayan-Speaking (BISDAK) communities of the Philippines. Share your TRAVEL experiences, thoughts and memories about the places in these part of the Philippines.

Tags: Cebu, Cebu beaches, Cebu Tourism, Cebu Heritage Sites, Cebu tourist spots
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I am Yuan
Statistics for I am Yuan
this is my story of climbing up the wall and seeing another road, when I thought it was already a dead end

Tags: life story, education, inspirational, motivational, family
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Medieval Church History
Statistics for Medieval Church History
The History of the Roman Catholic Church in the Medieval Ages.

Tags: Catholic, History, Medieval
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Splattered Ink
Statistics for Splattered Ink
A personal blog featuring an authored story and musings about life in the eyes of a collegiate.

Tags: original story, maelstrom, college life, musings, engineering student
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Philippine Arts and Culture
Statistics for Philippine Arts and Culture
Includes Anything and Everything on Philippine Arts and Culture

Tags: Philippine Arts, Philippine Culture, Philippine History, Philippine Politics, Philippine Tourism
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Frustrated Writer
Statistics for Frustrated Writer
All about his frustrations: religion, politics, history and his own life.

Tags: blogger, pinoy, frustrated writer, pulitika, history
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Marami akong chicks gusto mo?
Statistics for Marami akong chicks gusto mo?
Ako'y isang lalakeng may pangalang pang babae. Mabait ako. Marami akong kwento sa buhay. Chickboy daw ako eh. Pag nag visit ka dito di ka magsisisi :)

Tags: Storya ng chickboy, Humor, Jokes, Lessons, Tips para maraming chicks
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Bernadette's Diary
Statistics for Bernadette's Diary
Collection of my original poems, novel, and short stories; sharing my thoughts from real-life experiences; computer tips and tricks and LIVE streaming of Philippines TV stations.

Tags: Forex Investment, Short Story,Poem & Novel, Computer Tips & Tricks, Love poem short stories, LGN Tavel Card,Live Streaming
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UPEPP 2- Pygmalion and Galatea
Statistics for UPEPP 2- Pygmalion and Galatea
SYNOPSIS: Tatlong taong manhid na ang puso pagdating sa pag-ibig ang nagkatagpo. Sa ilalim ng iisang bubong, umusbong kaya ang pag-ibig na gigising sa kanilang tulog nang mga puso? STORY SETTING: U.P.D. - Extension Program in Pampanga

Tags: college love story, upepp, UP Clark, dormitory love story, UP Pampanga
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Statistics for Voyager-3
a little bit of everything - personal, art, history, faith, politics & government...

Tags: art, photography, politics & government, religion, history
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Everything that matters
Statistics for Everything that matters
It's a personal blog of a twenty-something banker that's full with rants and rave.

Tags: Life, Finance, Journey, Opinion, Story
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B.L.A.S.T Benjie Layug: Adventures of a Savvy Traveler
Statistics for B.L.A.S.T Benjie Layug: Adventures of a Savvy Traveler
This travel blog, a diary of the author’s local and international travels, aims to provide the reader with news and information on people, places and events that would interest the avid traveler and tourist.

Tags: travel, philippines, leisure, history, events
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Architectural E-Books
Statistics for Architectural E-Books
e-books in architecture

Tags: architecture, architectural design, history and theory of architecture, building construction, green architecture
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estorya ni chen
Statistics for estorya ni chen
A personal blog about Chen's journey to her life of faith. Writing reflections, realizations, or anything that comes out of her mind hoping that it may inspire the generation ahead of her, with her, and behind her.

Tags: inspirational, disciple, God, leadership, love
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KWENTOrika: Nagki-kwento since 2016
Statistics for KWENTOrika: Nagki-kwento since 2016
Pinoy short Stories, Articles etc.

Tags: humor, pinoy, short story, horror, blog
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Statistics for Teritoryo
tahanan ng mga pinatinding kahibangan at maiikling kwento ni Whang...

Tags: puna, short story, insane thoughts
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9 Days of Christmas
Statistics for 9 Days of Christmas
Sa loob ng siyam na araw ng Simbang Gabi sa Barasoain Church ay umusbong ang pag-iibigan sa pagitan nina Karen at Kiel. Ngunit isang seminarista si Kiel. Handa ba si Kiel na isuko ang pagpapari alang-alang sa pag-iibigan nila ni Karen?

Tags: christmas love story, Simbang Gabi, Malolos, Bulacan, Christmas in Malolos, Barasoain Church
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Statistics for angliterario
a collection of poems, essays and short stories

Tags: poem, article writing for the internet, short story, personal reflections, online writing
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Statistics for love.revenge.regrets
this is my 3rd novel na sinulat.. actually, i wrote this after watching a thai movie entitled a crazy little thing called love, kya siguro nainspire akong magsulat nito.. :) please enjoy it kahit hindi pa sya tapos.. haha.. :D

Tags: love story, childhood sweetheart, destiny, cute story, something about love
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Another story
Statistics for Another story
A personal blog.

Tags: personal, fashion
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Royal Splendor
Statistics for Royal Splendor
Everything you would like to know about crowned heads, dashing princes and charming princesses are here! Check out this blog for the hottest and latest in royal news, history, photos and videos around the world.

Tags: Royalty, entertainment, Royal News, Royal history, British monarchy
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The Jesus Story
Statistics for The Jesus Story
Our Lord And Savior

Tags: Jesus Story, Testimony, Bible, Preaching Online, Worship song
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Si Batikokong, ang Palayaw, at ang mgaTaong Gustong maging Flower
Statistics for Si Batikokong, ang Palayaw, at ang mgaTaong Gustong maging Flower
Saan nanggaling ang palayaw mo? Ano ang Kaugnayan ni Batikokong at ni Rizal?

Tags: Rizal, palayaw, history, Filipino, xxx
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Junjun Segura Travel
Statistics for Junjun Segura Travel
I sure as an expert never thought I’d call myself a writer. But here I am. Writing articles about my dreams, my travel experience in life.

Tags: dream, travel, military, success, story
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Gwenetian Chronicle
Statistics for Gwenetian Chronicle
This blog is about life and love.

Tags: love story, tagalog love story, glenda, short story, essay
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Storytellr: I'm Here to Share
Statistics for Storytellr: I'm Here to Share
Storytellr: I'm here to share" blog page is based in Philippines and it's maintained by Walter Sy.

Tags: lifestyle, photography, artworks, travel, food
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stolen shots of life
Statistics for stolen shots of life
ito ay tungkol sa araw-araw na buhay ni KUTALPENG

Tags: story, buhay ko, nurse, kutalpeng, tumblr blogger
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Statistics for Estoryahey
Music and Entertainment Blog

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Statistics for erikatellsherstory
A blog that will bring you to the enchanting beauty of life

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Statistics for hellomissdar
Creating photographs that not only pleases the eye,but also draws the mind into its story.

Tags: fashion, conceptual, photography, story, life
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Michi PhotoStory
Statistics for Michi PhotoStory
online diary where I share my experiences as a wife and mother, my travels, food trips, recipes and memories.

Tags: travel, food trip, motherhood, personal, recipe
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le vent d'orient
Statistics for le vent d'orient
This blog discusses arts, particularly painting; but it also contains other informative articles that the readers will surely benefit from

Tags: art, history, academic writing, politics, nature
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Statistics for LakBayan
Travel Blog about the philippines and its hidden treasures

Tags: Travel, Philippines, Manila, Tourism, History
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My Big fat story
Statistics for My Big fat story
Nina Gabriella Santos is a 13 year old school girl with high hopes and dreams. She considers her blog as a personal diary,which she plans to fill with magic using a different kind of sorcery.

Tags: Nina Santos, My big fat story, justninasantos, Fashion, plus size
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Statistics for Iskolar
Halo-halong post, but mostly personal stuff. Come and Join me sa adventures ko! :)

Tags: personal, halo-halo, adventures, istorya, ko
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