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DepEd Iloilo City
Statistics for DepEd Iloilo City
Publishing all concerns of DepEd Iloilo City, Philippines

Tags: DepEd, Iloilo City, Dinagyang, K to 12, SHS
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Mary Jane's Niche
Statistics for Mary Jane's Niche
My blog Mary Jane’s Niche is my own personal space on the www where I can post my thoughts & photographs; as well as help someone in their personal & financial growth journey that will lead them to find contentment in life.

Tags: personal growth, iloilo bloggers, optimism, virtual assistance, contentment
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Digital Brew
Statistics for Digital Brew
Just some articles and pictures of my travel, daily adventures, and things I love to comment about.

Tags: philippine life, travel, manila, iloilo, life
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Iloilo City Boy
Statistics for Iloilo City Boy
An in-depth look at Ilonggo society, culture and politics plus some insider info on well-kept secret destinations in Western Visayas.

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Ilonggo sa Desyerto
Statistics for Ilonggo sa Desyerto
Ilonggo sa Desyerto (Ilonggo in the Desert) documents the Saudi Arabian based Filipino migrant worker’s opinions on life, politics, the world, religion and everything else under the sun.

Tags: Iloilo, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Personal
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Sabor Ilonggo
Statistics for Sabor Ilonggo
Ang mga manamit sa Iloilo

Tags: iloilo cuisine, ilonggo food, iloilo restaurants, iloilo food scene, ilonggo delicacies
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PAFP Convention Tour
Statistics for PAFP Convention Tour
19th PAFP Midyear Convention 2012 Tour Packages. Contains selection of wide range services from our tour partner-3Wills Travel and Tours.

Tags: PAFP Midyear, PAFP Iloilo, PAFP Tours
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Estate of Mind
Statistics for Estate of Mind
views, news, rants, musings, insights & other thoughts from a late30 something real estate broker from the visayas

Tags: visayas bisaya, bacolod real estate, iloilo property, cebu real estate, realtor broker law
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Iloilo Mom's Journal
Statistics for Iloilo Mom's Journal
This blog is a collage of the ramblings of a mom-at-large, trying to get through another day in suburbia Iloilo, Philippines.

Tags: iloilo mom, ilonggo lifestyle, iloilo city, kids in iloilo, dinagyang
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Mai Sweet Life
Statistics for Mai Sweet Life
My blog is about desserts, food reviews and food recipes.

Tags: desserts, review, homemade desserts, Iloilo City, recipes
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Iloilo Local News
Statistics for Iloilo Local News
Most reliable and respected newspaper in Western Visayas.

Tags: local news, iloilo local news, western visayas news, latest news, Iloilo opinion
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Your Practical Chic
Statistics for Your Practical Chic
Photo/Fashion blog of a practical chic from Iloilo.

Tags: thrifts, fashion, photography, Iloilo
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Statistics for TheAppletizer
Take a peek at my miniskirt life. :)

Tags: Nurse, Blogger, Apple, Theappletizer, Iloilo
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Iloilo News Blog
Statistics for Iloilo News Blog
A news blog on what's happening in this beloved city and province of Iloilo.

Tags: iloilo, news, ilonggo, iloilo daily, newspaper
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Like The Rolling Stone
Statistics for Like The Rolling Stone
A blog about music.

Tags: music, pinoy music, iloilo music
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Iloilo Dinagyang
Statistics for Iloilo Dinagyang
The Best Tourism Event of the Philippines

Tags: iloilo dinagyang, dinagyang festival, dinagyang, iloilo city, iloilo dinagyang festival
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Iloilo Real Estate
Statistics for Iloilo Real Estate
Buy Quality and Affordable Houses and Lots located in Iloilo, Philippines.

Tags: Iloilo House and Lot, Iloilo Real Estate, Iloilo House, Iloilo Lot, Iloilo Property
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Statistics for is a blog about anything about lifestyle, travel, technology and recreation.

Tags: iloilo, iloilo city, pinoy food, travel, boracay
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My Iloilo by Bobby Rodriguez
Statistics for My Iloilo by Bobby Rodriguez
My Iloilo is a blog site by Bobby Rodriguez wherein he talks about Iloilo city, Philippines, its culture, its language and everything else about being an ilonggo and a Felipino.

Tags: Iloilo city, travel iloilo, philippines, bobby rodriguez, ilonggo
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Iloilo Today
Statistics for Iloilo Today
Interesting Daily News in Iloilo, Philippines and Around the World [Recommended]

Tags: iloilo news, local news, daily news, iloilo city, iloilo today
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Jobs for Filipinos
Statistics for Jobs for Filipinos
Jobs for Filipino's in the Philippines. Online Jobs and list of job openings all over the Philippines

Tags: Iloilo Jobs online, Typing Jobs philippines, copy paste jobs, job hiring 2011, Jobs for students philippines
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Statistics for iloilothesis
Thesis making aid and statistical interpretation for students (undergraduate and post-graduate) in Iloilo or Western Visayas Region

Tags: Thesis making Iloilo, sample thesis iloilo, thesis iloilo, iloilo thesis, iloilo research
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Travel guide for the tight budget
Statistics for Travel guide for the tight budget
Because seeing the world should not cost you the world

Tags: travel, philippines, iloilo, negros, beautiful places in the philippines
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Statistics for greenbolpen
The Greener Side of Life.

Tags: Ilonggo, Philippines, Nursing, Iloilo, Tumblr
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Leah's Treasures
Statistics for Leah's Treasures
A compilation of thoughts and ideas of one enigmatic Ilongga, talking and sharing just about anything and everything under the sun.

Tags: Leah, Iloilo, Journal
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The Daily Guardian
Statistics for The Daily Guardian
The most respected in western visayas

Tags: iloilo local news, iloilo business news, iloilo sports news, iloilo opinion, iloilo newspaper
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PAVIA Councilor Jo Jan Paul Penol Online Office
Statistics for PAVIA Councilor Jo Jan Paul Penol Online Office
This serves as online office of Pavia Councilor Jo Jan Paul Penol. He was proclaimed youngest municipal councilor at the age of 19. Last 2011, the UN awarded him as Outstanding Leader for Politics andas one of the Ten Outstanding OFW Children by BPI.

Tags: councilor, jo jan paul penol, pavia iloilo, public service, politics and governance
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The Eve Diaries
Statistics for The Eve Diaries
A 20-ish daydreamer, nurse running on coffee, wanderlust traveller, and panda enthusiast.

Tags: the eve diaires, iloilo blogs, travel, lifestyle
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Dolce Far Niente Diaries
Statistics for Dolce Far Niente Diaries
A 20-ish daydreamer, nurse running on coffee, wanderlust traveller, and panda enthusiast.

Tags: Dolce Far Niente Diaries, personal blog, iloilo blogs, travel, lifestyle
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Explore Panay
Statistics for Explore Panay
The blog dedicated to promoting the history, culture, arts, food, and amazing destinations that Panay island has to offer.

Tags: Panay, Capiz, Iloilo, Kalibo, Antique
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Wobbly Khid
Statistics for Wobbly Khid
To start things of, this is another blog about nothing in particular. Whatever lands in my brain, I will write it here. have a read -- you might enjoy it. Of course you might not. But it's worth a try.

Tags: art osuyos, Wobbly Khid, Pinoy, Iloilo, Pilipinas
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Statistics for ILOILO FOOD TRIP
There’s more to Iloilo than a bowl of batchoy. Be it on the streets, inside the market, in restaurants and cafés or even at home. Chances are, it will be discovered, shared and enjoyed.

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KaiBril's Sweet Life
Statistics for KaiBril's Sweet Life
Reviews from cakes to candies to any form of tasty sweets and desserts everywhere

Tags: Sweets, Desserts, Foods, Iloilo, Cakes
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I Am Iloilo - Inspired, Moved, Empowered Iloilo City
Statistics for I Am Iloilo - Inspired, Moved, Empowered Iloilo City
I Am Iloilo - Website focus on Iloilo tourism, history and culture, heritage houses and mansions, majestic river, colorful festivals, warm people, sumptuous cuisine, grand churches, breathtaking countryside and more!

Tags: ilonggo, iloilo city, explore iloilo, flavours of iloilo, city of love
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Iloilo Houses
Statistics for Iloilo Houses
Real Estate blog in Iloilo. Sells house and lots, condominium units.

Tags: parc regency, monticello villas, firsthomes, uptown place, iloilo houses
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Iloilo Wedding Network
Statistics for Iloilo Wedding Network
Iloilo Wedding Network aims to feature articles about wedding gown designers, caterers, wedding photographers, makeup artists and many other tips and tricks to help future brides (and groom!) experience that stress-free wedding day.

Tags: iloilo wedding, wedding in iloilo, iloilo wedding tips, marry in iloilo, iloilo wedding website
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Parc Regency Homes
Statistics for Parc Regency Homes
Parc Regency Homes aims to feature the developments and updates in the community inside one of Iloilo's premiere address.

Tags: Iloilo, Homes, House and Lot, Real Estate, Affordable Houses
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The Wandering Gastro
Statistics for The Wandering Gastro
Raised in the heart of the Philippines, this girl is passionate about eating and the idea of documenting it in an onlie platform.

Tags: food, Iloilo, travel
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Statistics for jebjovero
This is the Newest blog in Iloilo City

Tags: Iloilo, Iloilo Business Park, Panay, Iloilo City, Mandurriao
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Statistics for What,When&Wearabouts
Colorful fashion and styling weekend escapades of a medical student. Let's talk about the anatomy of shoes with bits of shopping deliria.

Tags: Medical student, Iloilo, Ilongga, Colorful, Personal style
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Statistics for criticaleye2
Commentary on life, business, finance, football, politics, etc.

Tags: Philippine Football, Political Commentary, Iloilo
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Travel Iloilo | Panay and Guimaras
Statistics for Travel Iloilo | Panay and Guimaras
Travel Iloilo | Panay and Guimaras is a personal travel blog site aimed at showing and promoting the beauty of nature, foods and festivals of Panay and Guimaras Islands.

Tags: travel panay, travel guimaras, travel iloilo, panay tourist places, iloilo tourist places
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The Wanderlust Camper
Statistics for The Wanderlust Camper
A 20-ish daydreamer, nurse running on coffee, wanderlust traveller, and panda enthusiast.

Tags: the wanderlust camper, personal blog, iloilo blogs, lifestyle, travel
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Hotels Iloilo
Statistics for Hotels Iloilo
Comprehensive Directory of Iloilo City Hotels, Iloilo City Pension Houses, Iloilo City Inns, Iloilo City Motels, Resorts and other Accomodations

Tags: iloil hotels, hotels iloilo, iloilo accomodation, iloilo pension houses
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ILOILO Travel Guide
Statistics for ILOILO Travel Guide
Experience and enjoy what Iloilo city and province has to offer - fun, fiesta, festivals, faith and food.

Tags: Iloilo, Guimaras, Philippines, churches, heritage
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Speak Out Pinoy!!!
Statistics for Speak Out Pinoy!!!
This blog was started when a strand of conscience caught me in my Pol Sci 14 class. Speak Out Pinoy!!! is now born as a place where I express out my opinions and practice my English (joke). PS: mostly Ilonggo happenings and gibberish

Tags: Opinions, College, Political Opinions, Complaints, Iloilo
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Statistics for is a community website, allowing Igbarasnons to communicate with each other either abroad or at home. Also features its High School and elementary alumni database

Tags: Igbaras, Banwa, Tangyan River, INHS and ICES Alumni, Iloilo
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Statistics for Junntrekker
Personal and Travel blog

Tags: Travel, Politics, Iloilo, Personal Blog, Blogging
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News Bits
Statistics for News Bits
Freshest News picked for you

Tags: news, business news, current affairs, Iloilo News, World News
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Flavours of ILOILO
Statistics for Flavours of ILOILO
Welcome to ILOILO: Forget your diet and enjoy the HEART of the PHILIPPINES through your STOMACH!

Tags: food trip, ilonggo cuisine, la paz batchoy, delicacies, iloilo
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