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Follow This Step
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A blog that will provide "how tos" on almost anything in the net in layman's way.

Tags: how, put, html, codes, blog
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Tumblr Tweaks and Tutorials
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Full of tumblr theme making tutorials and theme tweaking. HTML codes useful for tumblr theme making and some scripts that are useful to make blogging more easier.

Tags: tumblr, tumblr tweak, tumblr theme, HTML Codes, Tumblr HTML Codes
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The Strangest Girl - Tumblr
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Call me Eena. I am a 19 years old AB Political Science student from Zamboanga City. They say I'm strange, I say each one of us must embrace our authenticity.

Tags: rants, writings, html help, randomness, quirky
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Carlo's Web Design
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Carlo Coronacion Web design, tips and Development Blog

Tags: html5, css3, wordpress, blogger, tumblr
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Get blogging tips, web-creation tutorials, Seo tips, html , vbscript and javascript tricks, widgets and downloads free of charge.

Tags: Widgets, Webdevelopment, Javascript, VBScript, CSSandDHtml
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CLSU Programming Tutorial
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All about C, C++, Java, Visual Basic, HTML, PHP Programming Tutorial. These are the languages taught in CLSU

Tags: php programming tutorial, html programming tutorial, C/C++ programming tutorial, Netbeans/java programming tutorial, visual basic programming tutorial
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Kumpulan Tutorial HTML, Panduan Belajar Web, dan Tips Blogging

Tags: Ngeposta, Kumpulan Tutorial HTML, Panduan Belajar Web, Tips Blogging
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Pinoy Tech
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Pinoy Tech And Free Stuff Blog....

Tags: Tech, Games, Softwares, HTMl, Web designing
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How to choose a better web designs
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Are you into designs? Well why not try looking at this?

Tags: blogging, web designs, html, graphic arts, web development
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Code Threads
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codes & snippets for your blogs and websites

Tags: html, codes, scripts, blog scripts, blog codes
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Web Footprints
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Reviews on websites, movies, books and some online money making gigs.

Tags: websites, writing, html tricks, movies, books
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CSS Tutorials
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Work made fast with CSS! In our CSS tutorial you will learn the common and the advanced technique on how to use CSS.

Tags: css, tutorials, registration, html, techniques
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Web Developer
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Blog about web development tips

Tags: lorz, web developement, PHP, Javascript, HTML
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da kode
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Tips and Tricks regarding computer programming and networking...

Tags: programming, PBX | VoIP, DOS | Server, html | php | wamp | mysql, jquery | xajax | ajax
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Higher than Getche
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A string of code, installation guides, and fighting malicious files. We can do it, we just have to go beyond our limitations. And think higher than getche.

Tags: C Tutorials, Drupal, Anti Virus, Database, HTML
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Alexa's Dad
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Web Dev. tutorial and general blog. Covering PHP, HTML, Javascript, MySql and more.

Tags: Web Development, PHP, HTML, Mysql, Airsoft
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Mabuhay Online
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Wordpress, Web Design, Web Development, HTML tips, Blogging, Wordpress Customizations

Tags: web design, web development, wordpress, HTML tips, blogging
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My blog
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Hi everyone.! What’s up?.This is my very first time to make a blog. This is a big challenge to us (Computer Science Student) because making a blog is not that easy. We have to gave more, more effort and patients to finish our blog.

Tags: khto2010, html, watch kapamilya online
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Jess Carranza
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Notes, links and bookmarks.

Tags: HTML, computers, Internet, Web design, current events
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Code Wall
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Collection of source codes, tips, programs, articles and tutorials bout programming and computer.

Tags: Web Programming, C++ Java, Source Code, Programming Tutorials, Javascript PHP Coldfusion HTML CSS
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It's a wonderful feelings loving someone and feeling worst when things do not workout perfect. You die inside and you also wish you'll be able to turn back time, just to realize that it's far too late for a second chance.

Tags: Love, Relationship
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Kashimu's Trend
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Web Development design and programming scripts.

Tags: web design, php script, css, html, javascript
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Home of Web Development and Design Resources and Information

Tags: jquery, wordpress, html, design, css
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