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My Favorite Things
Statistics for My Favorite Things
blogging on parenthood, pregnancy, food, movies, entertainment

Tags: food, movies, pregnancy, dogs
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The Dog Lover - Stormwind Kennel
Statistics for The Dog Lover - Stormwind Kennel
The lives of two dog lovers and how their 7 adorable dogs: 3 Golden Retrievers, 3 Cocker Spaniels & a Husky rule their happy world!

Tags: dog blog, philippine dogs, golden retrievers, siberian husky, dogs for sale
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Karenkeng's Blogski
Statistics for Karenkeng's Blogski
a mixture of food reviews, lifestyle, travel, dogs, contests, resorts, etc

Tags: food reviews, restaurants, travel, dogs, contests
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Philippine Open Canine Registry (POCR)
Statistics for Philippine Open Canine Registry (POCR)
The Philippine Open Canine Registry (POCR) offers a FREE database for all dogs in the Philippines regardless of breed (you can start your own breed if you want). Register your beloved dogs and their puppies all for FREE.

Tags: dogs, canine, aspin, askal, dog
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Statistics for CartoonURpet
This is a blog where you can order to cartoon your pets in traditional drawing (freehand) and color it digitally using Adobe Photoshop software or using water color medium and frame them on canvass.

Tags: cartoon, pets, dogs, cats, frame
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Not Just Silly Thoughts
Statistics for Not Just Silly Thoughts
A blog of a not-so-rabid fangirl who loves to rant and rave about her favorite fandoms. Occasional food trips and kitchen experiments may also be featured.

Tags: baking, photography, blogging, kitchen experiments, dogs
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Tricks for Dogs
Statistics for Tricks for Dogs
A website that teaches dog owners about what they should know when teaching tricks for dogs.

Tags: dogs, training, obedience, tricks for dogs, pets
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Mad Dog Ville "mad about dogs"
Statistics for Mad Dog Ville "mad about dogs"
A blog site to promote camaraderie among the dog lovers, dog owners and the dogs themselves. An extended effort to advocate responsible pet ownership. Hoping to impart a worthwhile wisdom, awareness and information to its readers.

Tags: dogs, dog lovers, pet dogs, dog stories, dog owners
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Read My Red Lips
Statistics for Read My Red Lips
ReadMyRedLips(dot)Net is a blog on beauty, books and the life of a dog breeder. Occasional ramblings about life and work, included.

Tags: Beauty, Books, Dogs, Lifestyle, Reviews
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Blogger Bark
Statistics for Blogger Bark
Blogger Bark tackles everything there is about a dog's life. From treats to fleas, it's a blog that sniffs into what it's like to be the furry companion that everyone loves.

Tags: dog care, dog stories, dogs, pets
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A Life's Journey with our Furry Little Boys
Statistics for A Life's Journey with our Furry Little Boys
A dose of Navy and Hunter’s funny antics, doggie food and trips and their life itself.

Tags: dogs, puppy, furry, pet
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Everything is better with dog's hair
Statistics for Everything is better with dog's hair
My blog is about dogs and those who love them.

Tags: dogs, dog lovers, animal welfare, dog for adoption, online pet obituary
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Statistics for Chirrakitty

Tags: photography, makeup, personal, dogs, lipsticks
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Statistics for CuddlyCradle
Home of quality shih tzu, siberian husky, belgian malinois puppies

Tags: shih tzu, siberian husky, belgian malinois, pet breeding, dogs
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Everything is better with dog's hair.
Statistics for Everything is better with dog's hair.
A blog about dogs and those who love them.

Tags: dogs, dog lovers, pets, canines, dog world
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The Alaric Sphere
Statistics for The Alaric Sphere
A website about food, games, technology, gadgets and work.

Tags: games, android, dogs, technology, gadgets
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The Tinsel Queen
Statistics for The Tinsel Queen
Your everyday dose of me.

Tags: fashion, hair, accessories, dogs, ootd
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Pet Lovers Philippines Dot Com
Statistics for Pet Lovers Philippines Dot Com
Dedicated to all the pet lovers out there like me

Tags: pets, dogs, cats, fish, reptiles
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Statistics for TellTailTale
Daily musing about life and furry-tails with my fur-kiddos.

Tags: life, dogs, society, opinion
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What I Say
Statistics for What I Say
A twenty something Filipina who dreams of making a difference.

Tags: Filipina, web designer, pets, dogs, home and garden
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Dogs Are Us!
Statistics for Dogs Are Us!
Chronicles of an Animal Welfare Advocate in the Philippines.

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Creature Lover
Statistics for Creature Lover
For the welfare of cats, dogs and other animals.

Tags: cats, dogs, pets, animals, creatures
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Amazing Lucky
Statistics for Amazing Lucky
This chronicles the adventures of a super hyper attention deficit amazingly intelligent dog named Amazing Lucky and his nemeses the dreaded cats Pikachu and Kring Kring and his ongoing romance with the next door neighbor's dog Miss Missy!

Tags: dogs, lucky, amazing, funny, pets
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Miss Wicked
Statistics for Miss Wicked
Life as it happens: for a 20-something Filipina Web Designer

Tags: Filipina, web designer, pets, dogs, photos
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Statistics for Ever_After
AbOUT a gurL! HeR life, jourNey and everything else!

Tags: journey, dogs, filipina, pinoy, poems
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Akilla Pug Diaries
Statistics for Akilla Pug Diaries
Akilla Pug Diaries posts the life of cute little black pug Akilla -- A killa pug with a killa face.

Tags: pug, pets, puppies, dogs, cutest pug ever
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Its All About Dogs
Statistics for Its All About Dogs
Its All About Dogs tackles everything about dogs that every dog owner and dog lover should know.

Tags: dogs, pets, health, diseases, grooming
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Dogs Are Us!
Statistics for Dogs Are Us!
Animal-welfare, rescuing slaughter-bound dogs, dog-meat trade

Tags: Animal-welfare, Dog-meat trading, Rescued dogs
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Dog Photo Gallery
Statistics for Dog Photo Gallery
dog photo gallery for some wise and friendly dogs

Tags: dog photo gallery, puppy wants to sleep, dogs are man's best friend, puppy eating food, puppy love
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Statistics for Aizanity
rants and raves of a newly hired electronics engineer. may include uber feminine stuff.

Tags: love, quotes, pictures, dogs, job
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Dogs in the Philippines
Statistics for Dogs in the Philippines
Everything you need to know about caring, owning, and training dogs

Tags: buy dogs, dogs
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Bubbles and Friends
Statistics for Bubbles and Friends
Blog of a Pinoy American Bulldog Bubbles

Tags: american bulldog, pets, puppy, dogs
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Amazing Animals
Statistics for Amazing Animals
I simply loves Nature specially animals... and my curiosity leads me to learn more about interesting and weird things about animals. Join me as we explore the fascinating animal kingdom.

Tags: weird animals, pets, Nature, dogs and cats, zoo
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Life, Love, Locomotives & Laughs
Statistics for Life, Love, Locomotives & Laughs
Triciaspaws is a person who is always in a state of forgetfulness and lives in the city that always eats.

Tags: travel, photoblogs, books, dogs, art
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Ancora Imparo
Statistics for Ancora Imparo
Here I am sharing my love for Fashion, Photography, and Dogs.

Tags: ootd, graphic, photography, dogs
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