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Statistics for Prayers
From time to time the faithful are asking me of some copy of a certain prayers. Prayer is the most powerful weapon and shield as we travel on this world. We must harnessed the potent force of prayer.

Tags: prayer, catholic, love, faith, hope
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La Vida Milagrosa
Statistics for La Vida Milagrosa
My Faith. My Peace. My Rest.

Tags: inspirational, catholic faith, holy list, catholic news, prayers
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Sacred Heart of Jesus
Statistics for Sacred Heart of Jesus
Prayer and Novena to The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Tags: Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jesus, Prayer, Novena, Sacred Heart
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Closing Shutter
Statistics for Closing Shutter
Rei Rance shows her collection of photos and the hobby she could get stuck to forever.

Tags: Rei Rance, Closing Shutter, Shutter, Closing, Rance
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Statistics for OUR LADY♥Beads
Handcrafted ► Rosaries ♥ Rosary Bracelets ♥ Rosary Inspired Jewelry ♥ Fashion Jewelry ♥ and Other Religious and Non-Religious Items.

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Broken Heart Quotes That Heal
Statistics for Broken Heart Quotes That Heal
Everything about healing a broken heart including quotes, poems, prayers, sayings, songs and wallpapers.

Tags: brokenheart, quotes, poems, prayers
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Dear Bro
Statistics for Dear Bro
ang prayer blog ni otep

Tags: prayer blog, otep, dear bro
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FEBC Philippines
Statistics for FEBC Philippines is the official website of the Far Eastern Broadcasting Company in the Philippines. It features articles, audio and video downloads for the enrichment of one's Christian faith.

Tags: christian radio, FEBC, christian faith, prayer
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Statistics for @CrowdFish
This is a blog that caters different stories and facts, from Christianity, Fitness challenges, discovering Philippine places and other topics that pops-up our curiosity to facts and stories.

Tags: Christianity, Fitness, Philippines, Prayer, Good Morning
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Count Your Blessings!
Statistics for Count Your Blessings!
I AM BLESSED. EVERYDAY IS BLESSED! I have started this blog with the promise of counting my blessings every single day of the year. Count it all joy with me!

Tags: blessings, God, gifts, family, answered prayer
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The God Works
Statistics for The God Works
Chistian,Testimony, Healing, Gospel, Preaching, Prayer

Tags: Christian Testimony, Gospel, Healing, Prayer, Preaching
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Signs, Wonder and Miracles
Statistics for Signs, Wonder and Miracles
Signs, wonder and Miracles.. Saints and Angels, Sto. Niño in Quiapo, Black Nazarene..

Tags: Jesus Black Nazarene, Novena, Miracles, Photos, Prayers
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Statistics for iloveregularsunday
From my wedding preps to my travels, my love for DIYs, events, food, prayers and thoughts, journey as a wife and mother (in God's willing) and just anything in between.

Tags: DIY, Food, Places, Prayers and Thoughts, random
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Statistics for mgcarpizo
Where thoughts and life stories are coupled with prayer. Where dreams are formed through sketches and colors. This is a blog about my thoughts, art and hopes.

Tags: mgcarpizo, inspiration, prayer, motivation, sketch
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The Catholic Way
Statistics for The Catholic Way
Praising God the Catholic way

Tags: roman catholic church, catholic church, catholicism, catholic news, catholic prayers
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Statistics for Fluhps
A Catholic Oriented Site

Tags: El Shaddai, Catholic, DWXI, Bible, Prayers
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Tiu's Paracosm
Statistics for Tiu's Paracosm
A blog of spiritual readings, reflections, stories and essays.

Tags: religion, catholic, bible, prayers, essays
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Tiu Tiu's Paracosm
Statistics for Tiu Tiu's Paracosm
A blog of spiritual reflections and experiences.

Tags: religion, bible, catholic, prayers, essays
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Tidbits of the Gospel
Statistics for Tidbits of the Gospel

Tags: religion, gospels, catholic, prayers
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Gospels and Reflections
Statistics for Gospels and Reflections

Tags: religion, gospels, reflections, prayers, catholic
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Over A Glass of Iced Tea
Statistics for Over A Glass of Iced Tea
Let's Talk Over A Glass of Iced Tea.

Tags: Catholic, Christian, Meditations, Prayers, Spirituality
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Kitty's Secret Diaries
Statistics for Kitty's Secret Diaries
Writing is my craft. I am not as good as the others, but it is in writing that I could express myself more.

Tags: faith, love, God, travel, prayer
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Statistics for aeisha16
It contains everything that pop's up on my head whenever I am feeling lonely, sad, emotionally down or when I am inspired to write something. Also, contains poems about love, family and friends whenever I am in the mood to jot it down on my PC.

Tags: Stories,, Poems,, Prayer's,, My thought's, and, Life Experiences
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Bottled Emotions
Statistics for Bottled Emotions
This is about the journey of my life. Inspiring people I met & touching stories I heard. The amazing stories of family, faith, love, forgiveness & friendship. My personal relationship with God and the miracle I'm about to witness.

Tags: God & Bible, Religion, True Stories, Prayer & Reflection, Faith & Love
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Daily Prayer
Statistics for Daily Prayer
A collection of prayer for your souls towards this journey to eternal life.And Jesus said: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any hear my voice and open the door, I will come into their house and eat with them, and they will eat with me."

Tags: christian prayers, prayer guide, novena prayer, prayer to the saints, profession prayer
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A Wife's Journey and Confessions
Statistics for A Wife's Journey and Confessions
There is no such thing as 'PERFECT MARRIAGE', only 'PERFECT GOD'! This blog is about my own marriage and how I cope and deal with all the challenges I face every single day being married to a man whom I thought was perfect.

Tags: marriage, family, inspirational, prayers, relationships
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Statistics for Journalese
A Christian who happens to be a journalist looks for a place in the world wide web... and shares Christ.

Tags: Journalism, Jesus, Prayers
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Mary's Journal
Statistics for Mary's Journal
reflections about spirituality and life

Tags: friendship, mary, catholic, prayer, spirituality
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Looking Beyond the Horizon
Statistics for Looking Beyond the Horizon
Contains resources Fr. Raul uses in his pastoral work with people of different ages and backgrounds. Aside from being an on-line storage for his references, this website is Fr. Raul's way of sharing these resources to anybody interested in them.

Tags: Catholic, Christian, prayer, doctrine, Jesus
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Fight the Evil!
Statistics for Fight the Evil!
Your guide to fight witchcraft and evil forces. I will show you how to survive a witch attack based on personal experience.

Tags: exorcism, prayer, novena, witchcraft, voodoo
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Daily Prayers
Statistics for Daily Prayers
daily prayers,daily inspirations, daily blessings

Tags: prayers, blessings, inspirations, friendship, awareness
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Statistics for
your ultimate food for the soul

Tags: prayers, devotion, fulfillment, john d. beckett, movie review
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Prayer request
Statistics for Prayer request
Prayer request center as I may call it. A Place where you can post your prayer requests.

Tags: prayer, request, catholic, God, love
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Closing Ablaze
Statistics for Closing Ablaze
Pondering onetime up to the world beyond!

Tags: life, habits, hobby, world, fun
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Insightful Personhood
Statistics for Insightful Personhood
musings & light bulb moments from a life lived as wife, friend, mother, sister, daughter, citizen and beloved of God; plus a random collection of pieces written by other authors who have something wonderful to share.

Tags: family, bible, life, motherhood, prayer
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prayer for single mom
Statistics for prayer for single mom
a prayer to reflect

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Manna For The Soul
Statistics for Manna For The Soul
Be fed, be inspired, be blessed.

Tags: pinoy christian news, pinoy catholic prayers, pinoy inspirational quotes, pinoy christian music, cfc singles for christ global
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A Prayer
Statistics for A Prayer
Prayer for everyone, to inspire and to bring their lost faith from god.

Tags: a prayer, religion, god
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Notes on Nurturing
Statistics for Notes on Nurturing
They don't offer a degree on life, on being a mother or being a wife. I have great examples and resources around me, so I'm learning as I go along.

Tags: motherhood, parenting, family, prayers, food
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Statistics for youthforthenation
we encourage all of you to registered to our blog!our purpose is to evangelize the word of God! to unite the youth. and share our different experiences through miracles of God on our lives. God bless!

Tags: God related, having a purpose, passionate leader, passion for God, prayerful life
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Faith-Based Interactive
Statistics for Faith-Based Interactive
Christian Teachings, Drama, Stageplay, Biblical Presentation, Documentaries and Movies

Tags: bible christian faith love God, love, bible, sins, sinner, savior, home family God Jesus Christ people, worship, praise, church, soul, body, marriage people prayer place
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Stars & Movies
Statistics for Stars & Movies
Get entertained by your favorite movies and the news on our favorite celebrities. If we need prayers, celebrities also need it to stay real and not get reeled.

Tags: movies, celebrities, celebrity news, God, prayers
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Prayers, Novena, Rosary, Psalm, Bible, Saints

Tags: prayers, novena, rosary, bible, catholic
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Gnostic Jesuit
Statistics for Gnostic Jesuit
A personal blog of a Filipino Gnostic Jesuit who has learned to accept the Faith in Light of the Gnosis or 'Knowledge' given by the Christ to his disciples.'

Tags: jesuit, gnostic, catholic, prayers, christian
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default mode
Statistics for default mode
reflections about spirituality and life

Tags: catholic, reflections, spirituality, Philippine culture, prayer
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Healing Grace
Statistics for Healing Grace
HEALING GRACE is your personal manual to gain freedom from life's miseries and atrocities, most especially mental, physical and spiritual suffering. Let me help you endure life's everyday crosses through hope and prayer.

Tags: novena, prayer, exorcism, saint, Jesus
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The Worship Of God
Statistics for The Worship Of God
Daily Prayers for everyday wishes and grace that received from the highest above. written in Tagalog, bisaya and English language to Praise and Worship God through Prayers.

Tags: the worship of god, tagalog daily prayers, Panalangin, Dasal, english daily prayers
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Insightful Personhood
Statistics for Insightful Personhood
musings & light bulb moments from a life lived as wife, friend, mother, sister, daughter, citizen and child of God; plus a random collection of pieces written by other authors who have something wonderful to share.

Tags: family, scripture, prayer, life, motherhood
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