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Cebuano Teacher
Statistics for Cebuano Teacher
A blog that contains practical and easy lessons of Cebuano or Bisaya language

Tags: Cebuano grammar, Cebuano essentials, Cebuano Lessons, Bisaya sentences, Bisaya expressions
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Legally Yours Chester Cabalza
Statistics for Legally Yours Chester Cabalza
Let us adulate law as if it is our best buddy.

Tags: Law and Jurisprudence, InternationalPolitics and Economics, Anthropology and Asian Studies, Essays & Poems & Prose, Culture and Travel
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Poetika at Literatura
Statistics for Poetika at Literatura
Collection of Filipino Poems and Literatures

Tags: Poems, Poetry, Poetika, Poetika at Literatura, Tula
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........ aheart truly in love never loses hope but always believes in the promise of love no matter how long the time and how far the distance..

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Binisayang Paghandum
Statistics for Binisayang Paghandum
Prose and poetry in Cebuano Bisaya. Mga garay sa Sugbuanong Binisaya.

Tags: cebuano, bisaya, poems, binisaya, writings
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Statistics for bettercurly
her hair is curly and so is her life.. she writes her random thoughts, better finds, poems, post about photography of sunset sky and anything cute, nice music, Marikina, Christian life journey, faith, etc!

Tags: Book review, Christian Music, Photography, Poems, Inspirational
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Kwentong Buhay ni Montz
Statistics for Kwentong Buhay ni Montz
Mga kwentong buhay ni Montz

Tags: Life, Religion, Humor, Poems, Stories
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Inks and Verses
Statistics for Inks and Verses
my inner sanctum...

Tags: poetry, poems, Bicol, Albay, tiwi albay
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Learn Free
Statistics for Learn Free
Random posts about life,poems, technology, current news, art, religion and a lot more!

Tags: technology, poems, art, life, happenings
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short poems on money
Statistics for short poems on money
short poems on the subject of money. following the haiku format. updated daily. :)

Tags: poems, short, haiku, money, finance
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Music Lyrics and Poems
Statistics for Music Lyrics and Poems
Be inspired with the power of words. Source of song lyrics and selected poems, both old and new. Search and enjoy!

Tags: music lyrics, song lyrics, poems
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when she cries
Statistics for when  she cries
talks about anything

Tags: poems, short stories, humor, people, emotion
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bisaya ray makasabot
Statistics for bisaya ray makasabot
Blog ni alang sa mga bisaya ug sa mga tao nga makasabot ug bisaya. Ang mga nasulat nako dinhi kay akong mga obserbasyon sa atong palibot.

Tags: bisaya, cebuano, gay lingo, humor, pinoy
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Statistics for PICTURISTIQUE
Describing places and scenery through pictures captured

Tags: cultural heritage, poems, historical places, foods, churches
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Statistics for Toothpickblog
Ang kwento ng buhay ng isang batang nakikisiksik sa mga gilid-gilid para maghanap ng silbi bago itapon o ngatain. Pag-ibig, buhay, kalungkutan... Nandito 'yan. Ikaw na lang ang wala.

Tags: tula, poems, essays about love, journal, University of the Philippines
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Dugo Ang Panulat
Statistics for Dugo Ang Panulat
Dugo Ang Panulat ay isang blog ng tula/sanaysay/dagli/maikling kwento. Kalimitan ng mga post dito ay progresibo, pagpukol sa inutil na gobyerno..

Tags: About Politics, Poems/Tula, Essay/Sanaysay, Maikling kwento/Dagli
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Haiku Poems
Statistics for Haiku Poems
A huge collection of Haiku Poems ( Kids, Nature, Love etc. ), Cinquain Poems and other forms of Poems.

Tags: love poems, poems about nature, haiku poems, concrete poems, cinquain poems
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Candid's Notebook
Statistics for Candid's  Notebook
The blog contains the poems and articles that I have written to inspire them at their walk with God

Tags: inspirational, love, Faith, encouragements, poems
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Broken Heart Quotes That Heal
Statistics for Broken Heart Quotes That Heal
Everything about healing a broken heart including quotes, poems, prayers, sayings, songs and wallpapers.

Tags: brokenheart, quotes, poems, prayers
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That Cebuano Kid
Statistics for That Cebuano Kid
rants, random musings, travels

Tags: rants, random musings, travel
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Sad About Me
Statistics for Sad About Me
Sad About Me I left something undone, it's now the rerun.It's the one you and i can't erase.You should have made it right, so I wouldn't have to fight.To put a smile back on my face.

Tags: emo quotes, emo photos, emo, real love story, emo poems
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The Velociwritetor
Statistics for The Velociwritetor
The Velociwritetor is a blog where I help other writers gain an understanding of writing. It's also the new home of my fantasy, horror, and short stories. Hopefully, through this blog, I can bring death to poor writing using my razor-sharp words.

Tags: writing, poems, stories
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Gewgaw Writings Love and Life
Statistics for Gewgaw Writings Love and Life
About love and life and all the things in between.

Tags: writing, love, life, love poems, love life stories
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The Euphonious Writer's Blog
Statistics for The Euphonious Writer's Blog
Angel is a self-composed 20 year old with Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino lineage. She posts about her daily happenings in life, poems, and articles.

Tags: euphonious, writer, poems, articles, life
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An Open Book
Statistics for An Open Book
About life, poems, trials and success, inspiring people and everything about life.

Tags: Poems, Success, Trials, Family life, Inspirational quote
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Kwentong Tonton
Statistics for Kwentong Tonton
Poems. Experiences. Photos. Music.

Tags: Poems, Love, Movie review, up life, Life
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Prince Piero
Statistics for Prince Piero
The Blue Prince

Tags: bisaya blog, literary, cebuano, poet, short story
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Filipino Poetry
Statistics for Filipino Poetry
a collection of poems in english written by famous filipino poets

Tags: literature, poems, writing, filipino, reading
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Frustrated Writer
Statistics for Frustrated Writer
It contains all my emotions and idea. Mula sa joke, pick up lines, tula at tamang kwento lang ng mga buhay-buhay.

Tags: banat, jokes, love quotes, inspirational stories, poems
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Statistics for Sugarcoats
SUGARCOATS....a sentimental treatment that sugarcoats a harsh reality. Its a collection of articles, poems and photogaph that tackles a bit of almost about everything.

Tags: sugarcoats, sugarcoated blog, love poems, broken heart
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Laughter, is Not The Best Medicine? - PinOy Sms jOkes
Statistics for Laughter, is Not The Best Medicine? - PinOy Sms jOkes
The best and funniest pinoy sms jokes ever! Segurado ..Tatambling ka sa Saya..

Tags: sms jokes, pinoy jokes, jokes, taglog jokes, cebuano jokes
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Love Crafts
Statistics for Love Crafts
My site contains love stories and true to life stories made by me feel free to read my blogs. I accept authors who can share their articles with me and also backlinks

Tags: Love, Love crafts, Love stories, Life stories, Poems
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Statistics for Shudonotomi

Tags: love, poems, personal, essays, reflections
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Tireless Thoughts
Statistics for Tireless Thoughts
The personal blog of Inna Tan, a college student that writes poems, stories, latest happenings and anything interesting.

Tags: personal, stories, movies, poems, books
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Syndicaeduc | Sir Marc Kenneth Marquez
Statistics for Syndicaeduc | Sir Marc Kenneth Marquez
Young Professional | Young Educator | Your Online Friend | Sir Marc Kenneth Marquez

Tags: Education, LET Reviewer, Philippine Literature, Poems, Short Stories
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Statistics for Laracraft
portal of the Philippines' Modern Shakespeare

Tags: poems, love, lara, crafts
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tula, kwentula at opinyon ni "DREGM"
Statistics for tula, kwentula at opinyon ni "DREGM"
Tula, Kwentula at opinyon ni Dregm

Tags: Tula, kwentula, Opinyon, Pala palagay, Poems or tula
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Statistics for GCA COLLECTIONS
Driven by dreams made into life By Gretchen Caraballe Aranco

Tags: music, poems, stories, video creations, photography
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Statistics for Poeformology
An in-depth study on different poetic forms and an indulgence of oneself therein.

Tags: poems, poetry, art, love, fiction
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Under the Moonlight
Statistics for Under the Moonlight
a vial of my thoughts, poems, the creative writer side of me, featured business opportunities, and just about anything Under the Moonlight!

Tags: love poems, business opportunities, digital photo printing, picture maker, friendship
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Meet the POETS
Statistics for Meet the POETS
Take this day and journey with phoebe. Get inspired with the poems, inspirational messages and quotes.

Tags: poems, goodbye, love poems, sad poems, inspirational poems
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she left;
Statistics for she left;
Random post.

Tags: one liner, typographies, poems, textpost, rants
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Statistics for 16MinutesLate
This blog contains personal poem and stories of the author

Tags: poems, short stories, stories, tutorials, realizations
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Bad Little Miss
Statistics for Bad Little Miss
My blogs are not that nice because I am a beginner . But i hope you could find time reading my blogs :)) . I'm looking forward to wrote interesting topics and cool ideas .

Tags: love, poems, friendship, teenagers, family
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Statistics for bisayaphilippines
translate english to bisaya words. All about bisaya, visayan or cebuano.

Tags: bisaya, cebuano, visayan, philippines, filipino
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Pasimpleng Hirit ni Mzpasimple
Statistics for Pasimpleng Hirit ni Mzpasimple
My perfectly imperfect blog contains my daily activities, my own composition of poems and stories, my different outlook in life and anythng and everythng under the sun.

Tags: Maricor, life, personal, own opinion, poems,, Tagalog stories, Wapmaster, Trash talking
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Statistics for Reverie
Cry For Cuts and Stitches, Not For Bastards and Bitches ♥ (Haters gonna hate)

Tags: Daily Journal, Movies, Music, Drama, Poems
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Statistics for Laracraft
everything about everything..

Tags: love, jenn, college, poems
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Miko Jose
Statistics for Miko Jose
SEO | Project Management | Information & Skills Services

Tags: iammmj, SEO, Tech, Poems, Life
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Amazing World of Poetry: Spiritual Liberty
Statistics for Amazing World of Poetry: Spiritual Liberty
Enjoy unique poetry! Travel in realm of spirituality an social reality. Discover hidden treasure of imagination. Feel inspiration of creative thought.

Tags: poetry, literature, poems, spiritual, philosophical
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