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Mommy Lace
Statistics for Mommy Lace
Restaurant, cafes, buffets, cheap eats, street food, and everything to love about food.

Tags: food blog, coffee shops, restaurant reviews, hotel food review
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Statistics for AlwaysHungryPh
A compilation of Harvard Uy de Baron's food journey mostly in Metro Manila. Get recommendations of more than a thousanf restaurants here.

Tags: Restaurants, Coffee, Desserts, Filipino Food, Bars
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Chef Jay's Kitchen
Statistics for Chef Jay's Kitchen
Here at Chef Jay's Kitchen, our goal is to be a food blog that you can trust. We offer honest, objective conversations about food so that you can enjoy a delicious meal at and away from home. We want to elevate your overall food experience.

Tags: Filipino food, Recipes, Restaurant Reviews, Specialty Coffee, Food News and Promotions
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Purefoods Star Hotshots Basketball
Statistics for Purefoods Star Hotshots Basketball
Latest News and Updates about the Purefoods Star Hotshots PBA Basketball Team (Formerly called San Mig Coffee/B-Meg Derby Ace Llamados)

Tags: purefoods, san mig coffee mixers, basketball, james yap, bmeg
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Coffeeholic writes
Statistics for Coffeeholic writes
A blog site that is all-encompassing.

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Statistics for GCB ONLINE SHOP
Ashitaba? Ashitaba is a green plant that grows in the central region of Japan which usually called Tomorrow’s Leaf in English and it has a scientific name called Angelica Keiskei. They said that this is an amazing plant for future health

Tags: organic juice, Improves appetite, ashitaba coffee mix, boost immune system, Anti-cancer for lungs
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Shape Up Coffee
Statistics for Shape Up Coffee
LOSE WEIGHT EASILY with healthy & yummy SHAPE UP COFFEE Safe and very effective Natural Satisfaction / Guaranteed ??NO Side effects Not a capsule ??, juice or tea?? IT'S A COFFEE SHAPE UP COFFEE

Tags: Slimming coffee, fat burner, amazing product, coffee lover, lose weight
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Lights & Coffee
Statistics for Lights & Coffee
A personal blog of Monique Sanchez where she can document her life, share her adventures, obsessions and everything in between.

Tags: Personal, Beauty, Lifestyle, Technology, Travel
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New Ashitaba Mix Coffee
Statistics for New Ashitaba Mix Coffee
Tasty drink coffee in the morning especially if your coffee is good for health so I share with you the first coffee in the Philippines with good benefits to our health. The New Ashitaba Coffee Mix - Review

Tags: Ashitaba Coffee Mix Review, Health Benefits of Ashitaba Coffee, Strengthen the immune system., Control the blood sugar level, Help to prevent cancer, etc.
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Kwento Ni Toto
Statistics for Kwento Ni Toto
All about drinks.

Tags: Drinks, Wines, Spirit, Coffee, Juices
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What Michelle Does
Statistics for What Michelle Does
Michelle shares her love for travel, running, coffee and lust for life.

Tags: coffee, travel, life, running
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Effortlessly Gorgeous | Beauty & Lifestyle
Statistics for Effortlessly Gorgeous | Beauty & Lifestyle
Beauty and lifestyle blog bringing you ideas to living life effortlessly! Grocery finds (S&R), tips and tricks on earning and saving money, restaurant reviews, bath and body products (Lush Philippines) and my love for food and coffee.

Tags: earning and saving tips, grocery haul, beauty tips and secrets, food and coffee, freebies and promos
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Effortlessly Gorgeous | Beauty & Lifestyle
Statistics for Effortlessly Gorgeous | Beauty & Lifestyle
I'm sharing to you the way to living life effortlessly gorgeous! A beauty and lifestyle blog bringing you beauty tips and secrets, bath and body product (love Lush Philippines) reviews, make-up reviews and of course my love for food and coffee.

Tags: beauty tips and secrets, bath and body products, makeup reviews, food and coffee, fashion
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How To Lose Weight Fast Shop
Statistics for How To Lose Weight Fast Shop
How To Lose Weight Fast Shop is an online shop in the Philippines dedicated on selling different kinds of slimming product. We accept both wholesale and retail. We accept international order.

Tags: slimming coffee, slimming juice, weight lose, slimming tea, loss weight
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Effortlessly Gorgeous | Beauty & Lifestyle
Statistics for Effortlessly Gorgeous | Beauty & Lifestyle
Be effortlessly gorgeous! A beauty and lifestyle blog bringing you beauty tips and secrets, bath and body product (love Lush Philippines) reviews, make-up reviews and of course my love for food and coffee.

Tags: food reviews, manila restaurant reviews, coffee, pinoy lifestyle blog, pinoy food blog
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mmdc7 Online
Statistics for mmdc7 Online
is a place where I can share my food trips, adventures, random thoughts, programming, and many more.

Tags: foods, restaurants, coffee
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From My Beautiful Mind
Statistics for From My Beautiful Mind
A blog on food, coffee, travel, fun and anything under the sun.

Tags: Food, Coffee, Travel, Sights
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Coffee Talk with Sophie
Statistics for Coffee Talk with Sophie
My online collections of random thoughts, poems, essays, reviews, and stories that tackles about life, love, relationships, experiences, adventures, dreams, inspirations and everything to talk about over a cup of coffee.... C'mon now! Take a sip...

Tags: coffee talk, chit chat, philippines, filipino bloggers, coffee talk with sophie
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Bites and Wonders
Statistics for Bites and Wonders
Kat and Rae's Food, Travel, and Random Adventure Blog

Tags: travel, food, philippines, adventures, coffee
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Kain Pa Linkbuilder na Matakaw
Statistics for Kain Pa Linkbuilder na Matakaw
Para mahanap ang mga pagkaing papatok sa panlasa ng ating bida. Halika at samahan ang LinkBuilder na Matakaw sa kanyang Food Adventure!

Tags: food, coffee, drinks, pizza
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Mixer's Drink
Statistics for Mixer's Drink
All the recipe for beverages and some of food recipe's. Hope you enjoy my site.

Tags: cocktail, beverages, sandwiches, tea, coffee
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Gano iTouch Products Distributor and Membership
Statistics for Gano iTouch Products Distributor and Membership
Prevention is better than cure, they say. If you like coffee and vitamins, try gano itouch products to obtain healthy diet and healthy body all the time.

Tags: Gano, Gano iTouch, Ganoderma, Pioir Coffee, Gano coffee
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looks just like the sun today
Statistics for looks just like the sun today
Apparently, school and work isn't everything. A 28-year old new physician comes out of the box to travel, read and live life.

Tags: photography, travel, books, coffee, MD
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Kyle Sambajon
Statistics for Kyle Sambajon is a personal blog owned by a senior high student who is currently playing hide and seek with my creativity thru his blog. The blog has a random content.

Tags: Lifestyle, Personal Blog, Coffee Shop, Photography, Stories
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Coffee With A Drop Of Sunshine
Statistics for Coffee With A Drop Of Sunshine
Coffee With A Drop Of Sunshine | Diary of Ana Banana Ana considers herself different. She lives a full life & loves it! She's just about anything unexpected. Her life is like a coffee with a drop of sunshine.

Tags: Mom, Personal, Life, Female, Travel
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Pink Coffee & Tiara
Statistics for Pink Coffee & Tiara
A lifestyle blogger, freelance photographer & designer, and a Multimedia Arts student. Czarina loves to travel, explore, sing and to dress up.

Tags: fashion, photography, food, travel, beauty
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Tummy Tale
Statistics for Tummy Tale
This blog contains the foodventures of a 19 year old who is a food junkie, a gourmand but never a good cook. What to eat? What to try? Where to go? and where NOT to? I hope I can share my insights through this food blog. Bon appetit!

Tags: Food Blogger, Food Blog, Restaurants, Coffeeshop, Tummy Tale
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sweet coffee breaks
Statistics for sweet coffee breaks
I blog about random personal things, anything that is related to my day to day life, especially about fashion and DIYs.

Tags: lookbook, diy, fashion, trishia magno, personal
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Coffee Wanderlust
Statistics for Coffee Wanderlust
My name is Kei and this blog documents my love for coffee (or anything caffeinated) and my strong desire to travel the world one coffee cup at a time.

Tags: coffee, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, travel, fashion
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Statistics for The COFFEE CHIC..
The blog is owned and managed by a simple girl who has a passion for reading, writing and learning.

Tags: movies, coffee, algene, thecoffeechic, iamthecoffeechic
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Three Cheers for a cup of coffee
Statistics for Three Cheers for a cup of coffee
A documentation of the everyday life of a simple eighteen year old girl.

Tags: jeka, jerica lorenzo, personal, blog
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Breakfast at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Statistics for Breakfast at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
My breakfast experience at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Tags: coffee, breakfast, tea, eggs, sausage
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Sunrise to Sunset Awesomeness
Statistics for Sunrise to Sunset Awesomeness
This is a travel and leisure blog with pro-environment advocacy.

Tags: beaches and lakeviews, parks and gardens, restaurants and coffee shops, hotels and spa, recreation and sports
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Statistics for iamfreefall
This blog talks about anything under the bright sun and the cottony clouds.

Tags: batangas city, food, restaurant in batangas, coffeeshops in batangas, movie quotes
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Jusiedayan of Tumblr
Statistics for Jusiedayan of Tumblr
A vintage, fashion and coffee photoblog.

Tags: photography, vintage, fashion, coffee, personal
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Statistics for CoffeeCone
Caffeine-powered blog posts! CoffeeCone is a mashup of all my interests which include but are not limited to: tech, internet, programming and gaming.

Tags: coffee, tech, ria, coffee, web
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Coffee Swirl
Statistics for Coffee Swirl
Brown/beige/white/cafe/serene blog. x

Tags: Cafe, Serene, White, Beige, Brown
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Done it from scratch
Statistics for Done it from scratch
Ever wonder how to survive in a zombie apocalypse? Looking for non-commercial alternatives for your home and kitchen? Or do you like the sentimental value of home made meals and gifts? From scratch things are acessible, healthier, and more meaningful.

Tags: coffee, DIY, food, baon, recipe
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Coffee, books and me
Statistics for Coffee, books and me
A YA book blog featuring book reviews, blog/book tours, author interviews, giveaways, weekly memes and more! :)

Tags: Book reviews, Book tours, Weekly memes, Giveaways, Author interviews
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Statistics for GeekyKitch
Geekette who loves food!

Tags: food review, coffee, desserts, restaurant review, cooking
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Shanky Baby Foodie
Statistics for Shanky Baby Foodie
I am a certified foodie! I love the joy of eating food! I like to share that joy to you by showing you the restaurants I've tried and the home-cooked food made especially for me. Enjoy all your food trips!

Tags: Food Trip, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Dine in Take Out, Delicious
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One Dose, One Shot
Statistics for One Dose, One Shot
No one needs to know we're feeling higher and higher

Tags: nursing, life, coffee
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My Book and My Coffee
Statistics for My Book and My Coffee
Book reviews and more. Be updated with free Kindle eBooks, free eBooks in general, and discounted Kindle ebooks. Tune in!

Tags: book reviews, free eBooks, discounted eBooks, Free eBook Feature
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ArleyVille: The place to wake up and smell the coffee!
Statistics for ArleyVille: The place to wake up and smell the coffee!
Writings of just about anything and everything under the sun!

Tags: Travel & Leisure, Philippines, Food & Restaurants, Commuting in Manila, Family & Friends
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Hyubs' Coffee Blog
Statistics for Hyubs' Coffee Blog
A diary of my journey into the world of coffee. Coffee blogger Philippines.

Tags: coffee, coffee beans, specialty coffee, coffee shop, cafe
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The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee
Statistics for The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee
The fun and exciting stories and adventures of Milk and Coffee and friends. Filipino Komiks

Tags: Filipino Comics, Filipino Komiks, Komiks, Cartoon, Milk & Coffee
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Travel with Books and Coffee
Statistics for Travel with Books and Coffee
Book reviews, blitzes, and giveaways!

Tags: Travel, Books, Coffee, Giveaways, Reviews
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coffee inked tales
Statistics for coffee inked tales
Random telltales of a self confessed book hoarder

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Broken Coffee Cafe
Statistics for Broken Coffee Cafe
Anything goes here at the Broken Coffee Cafe so we encourage you to come in your most comfortable best. You get the chance to be part of my personal Bildungsroman as a woman, a writer, a life partner, a mother, and more... Crazy is on the menu.

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Statistics for DXN TRIPLICA TEAM
One World One Market

Tags: onlinenetworking, homebusiness, onlinecoffeeshop, dxntriplicateam, mlmbusiness
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