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Kwentong Malibog Kwentong Kalibugan
Statistics for Kwentong Malibog Kwentong Kalibugan
An inspiration from the original KK. Kwentong Kalibugan site. Help us grow and send in your own stories/contributions to:

Tags: gay, bisexual ofw hangout, kwentong malibog kalibugan, m2m bromance, pinoy tagalog stories
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Tagalog Online Pocketbook
Statistics for Tagalog Online Pocketbook
The leading source of online pinoy stories. Mga kwentong mula sa hindi kilalang manunulat ng panitikang Filipino.

Tags: pinoy romance novels, free ebooks, free stories, short stories, nobelang filipino
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HaveYouSeenThisGirL Stories
Statistics for HaveYouSeenThisGirL Stories
You can find online stories written by HaveYouSeenThisGirL (Tagalog, English or Taglish)

Tags: haveyouseenthisgirl, stories, online story, romance, love
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Fathomless Reveries
Statistics for Fathomless Reveries
A blog that reviews mostly on young adult, new adult and contemporary romance books

Tags: young adult, contemporary, romance, new adult
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Tagalog Love Stories
Statistics for Tagalog Love Stories
Tagalog Love Stories Romance Stories Pinoy Love Stories

Tags: Tagalog Love Stories, Romance Stories, Pinoy Love Stories, Sad Love Stories
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My Romance Novels
Statistics for My Romance Novels
Book collection Romance Novels Writing Tips Precious Hearts Romances Pocketbooks

Tags: Books, Romance Novel, Writing Tips, Precious Hearts Romances, Collection
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Statistics for Elliedelights
Hello, I'm Elliedelights. Ellie for short. I'm an amateur online writer just sharing my stories to the world. Or to put it simply, a poet at heart & a crazy writer by choice. :)

Tags: elliedelights, ellie, love-nat, tagalog, romance
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Pinay Bibliophile
Statistics for Pinay Bibliophile is an opinionated and stubborn book review blog for peeps who are tired of reading unsure and shifty books. Come join me dissect books.

Tags: Book news, Book reviews, YA book reviews, Adult book Reviews, Paranormal Romance book reviews
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Journey with Books
Statistics for Journey with Books
This is the blog that feed your addiction in reading.

Tags: geeks, bookreviews, romance, youngadult, girls
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The Book Fancier
Statistics for The Book Fancier
This blog serves as my online bookshelf. It includes book reviews, quotes, and book arts. Also books and more books! :)

Tags: books, ya, fiction, fantasy, romance
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Nene Patatas Stories
Statistics for Nene Patatas Stories
Online Stories and Rants of Nik Rozon known as "NenePatatas".

Tags: book, online stories, tagalog romance novel, filipino authors, love stories
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Pinoy Online Novels
Statistics for Pinoy Online Novels
Pinoy Online Novels: Your daily source of Pinoy Romance Novels

Tags: pinoy novels, pinoy romance novels, pinoy pocketbook
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My Book Cushion
Statistics for My Book Cushion
Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Young Adult Book Review Blog

Tags: Book review, book, book blog, Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
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Statistics for WhisperOfAnAngel
Hello and welcome to my very own blog, WhisperOfAnAngel! Here, I am free to answer all of your questions and advice. I will answer all of your questions anonymously, thank you! :D

Tags: life, romance, advice, happiness, sadness
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Statistics for LavishBooks
Romantic Tagalog - English Stories Read All-You-Can!

Tags: Romance, Love, Tagalog, Online Book, Love Books, Novels
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Lifestyle Photography by Dominic Barrios
Statistics for Lifestyle Photography by Dominic Barrios
Dominic Barrios is a wedding photographer from Manila, Philippines.

Tags: Weddings, Prenups, Romance, Chic, Moments
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Imagine . Create . Share
Statistics for Imagine . Create . Share
Rants, Musings, Ramblings, Book Reviews, Ebook Giveaways and Everything in between

Tags: book reviews, young adult, dystopian, adult fiction, Contemporary Romance
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BamBook Reviews
Statistics for BamBook Reviews
Bambooks is a book review site on mostly but not limited to YA contemporaries, romance, fiction,.. sci-fi, fantasy and adventure. It's managed by a panda who struggles between chewing the pages.. and bam-ing and boo-ing.

Tags: book reviews, fantasy, young adult, romance
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A Cord of 3 strands
Statistics for A Cord of 3 strands
God in the center of our relationships

Tags: Relationships, God, Romance, Marriage, Dating
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PInaywriter Unpublished
Statistics for PInaywriter Unpublished
Pinaywriter writes poetry, short stories, novels.

Tags: romance novels, fanfiction, poetry, short stories, poem
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Happy Single Life
Statistics for Happy Single Life
It's a diary of a 23 year old girl pretending to be a woman and how she tries to find happiness in being single while waiting for Mr. Right.

Tags: Happy single life, chinita, Finding Love, relationship, romance
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A Touch of Khrissyness
Statistics for A Touch of Khrissyness
This blog will be about my latest happenings in life, misadventures, pursuit of happiness and excitement. An honest to goodness pieces of me.

Tags: Life, romance, humor
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Andrea's Blog
Statistics for Andrea's Blog
Andrea's Blog is a light read story of a girl trying to find her one true love. It's fun, flirty, and brings out the girly/mushy/romantic side of you. The site also doubles as a fashion blog, featuring cool finds and new trends.

Tags: romance story, love story, andreas blog, fashion trends, cool finds
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Adrenaline Romance
Statistics for Adrenaline Romance
Adrenaline Romance is a photoblog that belongs to a loving couple who has an eternal lust for adventure. The blog contains experiences, tips, itineraries, and other useful information regarding adventuring in the Philippines and beyond.

Tags: rock climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, outdoor, adventure
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Diary of a Book Monster. ♥
Statistics for Diary of a Book Monster. ♥
(old blog: the book monster diaries) Travel to the world of books and dare enter our galaxy. Let's just say this is also my personal blog.

Tags: book review, giveaway, diary, Young Adult books, romance
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Statistics for A ROYAL TALE
A romance story blog set in a fictional time where in Philippines is ruled by a Royal Family. The story revolves around an ordinary and simple girl named Anastacia who got involved with the royal Prince.

Tags: royal tale, free read tagalog story, tagalog romance story, fiction tagalog story, original tagalog story
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Pilyong husband
Statistics for Pilyong husband
Ang blog nito ay layunin na ilabas ang atin kapilyohan, naniniwala ako na lahat ng tao ay may pag kanaughty, layunin din nito makapag bigay ng impormasyon tungkol sa pag ibig

Tags: love, romance, pilyo, sex talk, relationships
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RapzaDudey - Free Entertainment for Everyone
Statistics for RapzaDudey - Free Entertainment for Everyone
Watch your favorite movies, action, pinoy, thriller, drama, romance, anime, horror, suspense, sci-fi, korean, hollywood series only at RapzaDudey

Tags: Drama, Romance, Action, Sci-Fi, Anime, Hollywood, Korean, Korean
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Book Whales
Statistics for Book Whales
This site was made due to our book hoarding skills, love for books, practically living inside a bookstore and our never ending caffeine consumption.

Tags: romance, young adult, adult, paranormal, dystopian
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Statistics for Ourfreedownloads
Watch movie free and new release

Tags: movie action comedy romance war, Watch movie free and new release, entertainment, Movies
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Read by the Undead
Statistics for Read by the Undead
Read by the Undead features young adult books of all genres. There are reviews, discussion posts, memes and other book-related posts.

Tags: young adult, book reviews, fantasy, romance, science fiction
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Pinoy Bromance
Statistics for Pinoy Bromance

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The Bookwhore Diaries
Statistics for The Bookwhore Diaries
A book blog.

Tags: Book Blog, Young Adult, New Adult, Romance, Book Reviews
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Shattered Writings
Statistics for Shattered Writings
Be ready to get your heartstrings shattered while reading these various literature blog posts written by a Filipino Hopeless Romantic Teenager.

Tags: Poetry, Six Word Stories, Romance, Novel, Taze Jared Abubo
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Istoryang Libog
Statistics for Istoryang Libog
The leading source of online pinoy sex stories. Mga kwentong mula sa hindi kilalang tao.

Tags: Istoryang Libog, Tagalog Love Stories Romance Storie, pinoy sex stories, Tagalog Sex Stories, Erotic Stories, Tagalog Sex Stories, Erotic Stories
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Delirious Romances
Statistics for Delirious Romances
Written reveries of a hopeless romantic.

Tags: romance novels, book reviews, historical romance, new adult romance, bookworm
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Sultry, Steamy Reading
Statistics for Sultry, Steamy Reading
… because romance novels should be sultry and steamy…

Tags: Books, Romance, Erotica, Erotic Romance, Book Blog
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Teenage Guys Guide To Life
Statistics for Teenage Guys Guide To Life
A complete guide for teenage boys about Fashion, Romance, Health and Fitness, and Lifestyle.

Tags: Romance, Fashion, Health and Fitness, Guide for boys
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Statistics for Elliedelights
I am just a girl sharing her story to the world

Tags: elliedelights, romance-comedy, tagalog, taglish, wattpad
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charmaine| Unrivaled Princess of Dorkdom
Statistics for charmaine| Unrivaled Princess of Dorkdom
An MD holder blogs about love, romance, health, all sorts of geekery, movies, traveling, and her love of pandas.

Tags: healthcare, travel, geekery, writing, romance
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Tales of the Third Wheel
Statistics for Tales of the Third Wheel
confession of once and always a third wheel

Tags: Love Story, Bromance, Third Wheel, Heartbreak
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Statistics for romelovesfrance
romelovesfrance is about the experiences of rome and france, our journey together, our happy moments and random thoughts.

Tags: life, fun, relationships, romance
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Hot Asian Academy
Statistics for Hot Asian Academy
Get to know some of the most Hot Asians. Live chats,chat room, music, music videos and stories....

Tags: stories, music, chat rooms, friends, bromance
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Hot Asian Academy
Statistics for Hot Asian Academy
Get to know some of the most Hot Asians. Live chats,chat room, music, music videos....

Tags: bromance, chat, music videos, stories, friendships
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Statistics for
This is my first personal website that is hosted in! It is very new so I'm looking for more traffic also for a friend.

Tags: Love blog, Daily Diary, Romance
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Diary ni Scope
Statistics for Diary ni Scope
Read the stories here.

Tags: books, stories, wattpad, romance, entertainment
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DiaryOfSecrets | Official
Statistics for DiaryOfSecrets | Official
Original stories of Scopy Robin

Tags: wattpad, diaryofsecrets, stories, romance, teen fiction
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Letters of a Dreamer
Statistics for Letters of a Dreamer
My blog showcases my personal life. It is filled with a right balance of drama, humor, and humor.

Tags: humor, personal, music, romance, fashion
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sigbin art and music blog
Statistics for sigbin art and music blog
art and music is my way of life, here i share it with the world.

Tags: art, music, guitar, sex, romance
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Pretentious Reader
Statistics for Pretentious Reader
Sharing my love for reading; a list of the books I've read and my thoughts about them.

Tags: books, fiction, romance, fantasy, young adult
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