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Provide Topics About the Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church through Apologetics and Reflection of The Gospel.

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Online Visita Iglesia
Statistics for Online Visita Iglesia
It is a web space for the traditional Visita Iglesia of the Roman Catholics for those who are sick or residing abroad such as the OFW's. It provides two routes: Manila and Bulacan.

Tags: Visita Iglesia, Catholic, Station of the Cross, Via Crucis, Lent

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voice of truth
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This site contains all the nuggets of truth that I have discovered while conducting my personal bible study. I have presented them in an outlined form so that the main points can be easily understood. Please join me as I journey through the bible...

Tags: christian, spirituality, christianity, jesus, bible

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The Holy and Sacred Almighty God Our Father
Statistics for The Holy and Sacred Almighty God Our Father
The Holy and Sacred Almighty God Our Father is a Religious Organization para sa mga tao na Gustong Magbago at Ipakilala ang Diyos na Ama bilang nag-iisang Diyos

Tags: muslim,christians,roman catholic, God Messages, Bible Explanation

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JEZJO Ministry
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A place where I share review of beautiful books, wonderful experiences, adventures in the fields and many others. All of these because I want to Share Jesus Online.

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In His Embrace
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Prayers, reflections and songs - when you want to snuggle in His embrace

Tags: No Greater Love, Times of Refreshing, The Road Ahead, I Was Made to Praise You

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The Light Giver
Statistics for The Light Giver
Contains interesting biblical facts and hidden knowledge of the ancient divine workers deemed to amuse, intrigue, beguile, and awaken those who are in search of the truth.

Tags: Religion, Anti-Christ, Doctrines, Biblical facts, Biblical errors

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Hei Grace
Statistics for Hei Grace
Receive God's Unmerited Undeserved Favor. You are highly favored, greatly blessed, and deeply loved.

Tags: gospel of grace, joseph prince, new creation church, gospel of grace videso, joseph prince videos

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My B.A.G. of Miracles
Statistics for My B.A.G. of Miracles
A journal of miracles in my life. Blessings. Miracles God blesses me with. Accomplishments, trials I overcame, work I completed. Miracles of God’s empowerment. Good done to others. Miracles God blesses other people with when I become His channel.

Tags: miracles, reflections, Feast Alabang, God, Catholic

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Truth About The Gospel of Grace
Statistics for Truth About The Gospel of Grace
Learn about the truth of the gospel of grace.

Tags: gospel of grace, joseph prince, new creation church, true gospel, law vs grace

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Lamp upon Our Feet
Statistics for Lamp upon Our Feet
A blogspot containing Sunday Gospel Reflection

Tags: Lamp upon Our Feet, Gospel Reflection, Reflection, Word of God, Gospel

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Daily Devotion
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Leolyn.20.Worshipper.Philippines The word of God is our weapon against sin. "Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God." Ephesians 6:17 NKJV walk by faith and walk with God. God bless us all!

Tags: God, Bible verse, inspiration, life, Christian

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Spiritual Charismatic Mother of Mercy
Statistics for Spiritual Charismatic Mother of Mercy
This religious Catholic group started way back in September 8, 1984, at Barangay Balulang, Cagayan De Oro City , Philippines.

Tags: charismatic, spiritual catholic, madonna & child, child jesus christ, apparition 1984

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The Image of Jesus
Statistics for The Image of Jesus
Discover different images of Jesus.

Tags: jesus, photo, images, inspired

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We are a group of Catholic Defenders who are ready to defend the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Tags: eli soriano,CFD, ADD, MCGI, Religion, Catholic, MCGI

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The Fifth Gospel
Statistics for The Fifth Gospel
This blog shares to every one how my life with God can be a gospel for everyone.

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Born Against Anti-Christ and Anti-Mary
Statistics for Born Against Anti-Christ and Anti-Mary
Proclaiming the truth of God by dispelling the lies of Satan.

Tags: Truth of God, Catholic Church, Catholic Apologetics, Salvation, Lies of Satan

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Bottled Emotions
Statistics for Bottled Emotions
This is about the journey of my life. Inspiring people I met & touching stories I heard. The amazing stories of family, faith, love, forgiveness & friendship. My personal relationship with God and the miracle I'm about to witness.

Tags: God & Bible, Religion, True Stories, Prayer & Reflection, Faith & Love

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Katotohanan sa Bibliya
Statistics for Katotohanan sa Bibliya
Katotohanan sa Bibliya

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Faith Journey: Crawling up a Higher Ground
Statistics for Faith Journey: Crawling up a Higher Ground
A forum for life and faith experiences of people who have survived the test of times and circumstances. This is a venue for us to learn from one another and share so that others will also find inspiration in their faith journey.

Tags: faith journey, spiritual ambivalence, pains and gains in sickness, meaning of life, virtue of suffering

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Broken Mindset
Statistics for Broken Mindset
Broken Mindset is driven by this truth, that if we renew our mindsets, the way we think and the way we approach things- not according to “worldly” standards but by the truth of God’s word- then, we become transformed individuals.

Tags: broken mindset, corporate Christians, workplace, Jesus, Bible

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My Mind In Random
Statistics for My Mind In Random
My personal takes on almost everything.

Tags: Jesus Is Lord Church, Random Thoughts, Trending Stories, Beauty Boxes, Food Reviews

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Benavides Online
Statistics for Benavides Online
This is the Official Online Publication of the UST Central Seminary. We welcome you to our world - a road less traveled by. Journey with us!

Tags: Seminary, Publication, Seminarians, Centralite, UST

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got Thoughts?
Statistics for got Thoughts?
A Filipino pastor in California posts his Christian experiences, ideas, sermons, articles, Bible understanding, and theologies.

Tags: philosophy, theology, Bible, Philippines, Christian

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UST-TS Apostolate Committee
Statistics for UST-TS Apostolate Committee
"All Christ's faithful are called to hand on the Good News from generation to generation, by professing the faith, by living it in fraternal sharing, and by celebrating it in liturgy and prayer."

Tags: Theological Society, Apostolate, Mission, Thomasians, UST

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