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My Mind In Random
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My personal takes on almost everything.

Tags: Jesus Is Lord Church, Random Thoughts, Trending Stories, Beauty Boxes, Food Reviews

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Tales from a Pilgrim
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Meeting People, Meeting Christ...

Tags: Filipino Saints, Inspirational, Saints, Catholic Church, Pilgrim

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Father Al, My Hero
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A testament to the life lived to the fullest, a tribute to my hero - The Servant of God, Msgr. Aloysius Schwartz. Founder of the Religious Congregations of the Sisters of Mary and the Brothers of Christ.

Tags: fr. al schwartz, sisters of mary, brothers of christ, the sisters of mary school, aloysius schwartz

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Was it Designed?
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This is a blog where you could read a lot of interesting facts about our planet, particularly the wildlife and almost ever moving thing on earth. The posts aim to answer the question "did this come out by chance? or was it designed?"

Tags: Nature, Natural wonders, Evolution, Religion

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La Vida Milagrosa
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My Faith. My Peace. My Rest.

Tags: inspirational, catholic faith, holy list, catholic news, prayers

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Ang Tangi Mong Kaaliwan
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Ipinahahayag ang tangi nating kaaliwan sa buhay at kamatayan na nasa ating Panginoon at Tagapagligtas na si Hesu-Kristo.

Tags: Bible, God, Christianity, Reformed, theology

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a Catholics ongoing Journey with GOD

Tags: deusdonkey, Catholic, journey, God, donkey

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True Joy with God
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All about God.. Bible Verses.. Daily Inspirational Scriptures.. Praise & Worship Videos..

Tags: About God, Bible Verses, Daily Inspirational Scriptures, Praise & Worship Video, God

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Gospel for Today
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Be blessed by reading daily gospel.

Tags: good news, gospel, values

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Iglesia Ni Cristo 33AD
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Tags: Iglesia ni Cristo, Catholic Church

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Online Visita Iglesia
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It is a web space for the traditional Visita Iglesia of the Roman Catholics for those who are sick or residing abroad such as the OFW's. It provides two routes: Manila and Bulacan.

Tags: Visita Iglesia, Catholic, Station of the Cross, Via Crucis, Lent

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UST-TS Apostolate Committee
Statistics for UST-TS Apostolate Committee
"All Christ's faithful are called to hand on the Good News from generation to generation, by professing the faith, by living it in fraternal sharing, and by celebrating it in liturgy and prayer."

Tags: Theological Society, Apostolate, Mission, Thomasians, UST

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Mike and Luisa's expressed thoughts, ideas,and experiences about God, love, life, and spirituality.

Tags: IFB/Baptist, Godly, anything wholesome, inspiring stories/ideas, true Christiany

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Sa mga Hebreo
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Ano mang sulat na walang lagda ay isang anonymous letter. Iyan ang kalagayan ng "SA MGA HEBREO" na walang lagda may akda. Nguni't higit pang pinaniwalaan ng marami ang mga maling aral na laman nito, kay sa mga aral ni Jesus.

Tags: New Testament, Biblical Errors, Anti-Christ

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The Light Giver
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Contains interesting biblical facts and hidden knowledge of the ancient divine workers deemed to amuse, intrigue, beguile, and awaken those who are in search of the truth.

Tags: Religion, Anti-Christ, Doctrines, Biblical facts, Biblical errors

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Heavenly Yours
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And then there was blogspot... Enter Blog Address (URL): http://HeavenlyYours [Enter] This blog address is available. Good Grace What a nice Blogname!

Tags: Religion, God, Christian, Soul, Heaven

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Signs, Wonder and Miracles
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Signs, wonder and Miracles.. Saints and Angels, Sto. Niño in Quiapo, Black Nazarene..

Tags: Jesus Black Nazarene, Novena, Miracles, Photos, Prayers

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Fountain of Wisdom
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Fountain of wisdom is a diary for understanding the verses found in the Holy Bible.

Tags: The River of Life, Faith is an Obligation, Faith, The Day of God, The Sign

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Shine the Light
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Where God has put you, you must shine your light.

Tags: Catholic, Reflections, Daily LIfe, Faith

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Feel Good Nature Blog

Tags: faith, nature, light, adaptation, jesus

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Passion of Change
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An Album of Inspiring Words,meditation,prayers,life lessons,bible stories, Christian Songs and Movies,encouragements,lifes of great men,sermons and journey to life guide

Tags: Bible Verse, Christian Songs, Inspiring Words, Christian Movies, Great Men

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My B.A.G. of Miracles
Statistics for My B.A.G. of Miracles
A journal of miracles in my life. Blessings. Miracles God blesses me with. Accomplishments, trials I overcame, work I completed. Miracles of God’s empowerment. Good done to others. Miracles God blesses other people with when I become His channel.

Tags: miracles, reflections, Feast Alabang, God, Catholic

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Truth About The Gospel of Grace
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Learn about the truth of the gospel of grace.

Tags: gospel of grace, joseph prince, new creation church, true gospel, law vs grace

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Behind This Piercings and all
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Adventure faith walk of a radical christian. Faithfully loving and worshiping Jesus even though with all his Piercings and tattoo.

Tags: christian, faith, worship, radical

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Spiritual Charismatic Mother of Mercy
Statistics for Spiritual Charismatic Mother of Mercy
This religious Catholic group started way back in September 8, 1984, at Barangay Balulang, Cagayan De Oro City , Philippines.

Tags: charismatic, spiritual catholic, madonna & child, child jesus christ, apparition 1984

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Prayers, Novena, Rosary, Psalm, Bible, Saints

Tags: prayers, novena, rosary, bible, catholic

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The Jesus Story
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Our Lord And Savior

Tags: Jesus Story, Testimony, Bible, Preaching Online, Worship song

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Modern Witchcraft
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Sexy Nomad is also a Baby Wiccan who practices modern witchcraft. And as such, she goes by the words of her two most favorite modern day witches, Athena Starwoman and Deborah Gray (1996) ... "Believe in yourself and in the absolute power of love.&qu

Tags: witchcraft, wiccan, spells, dreams, psychic

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Statistics for MASID
religious matters and facts

Tags: Iglesia Ni Cristo

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The Official Blog of the Dominican Family in the Philippines

Tags: Gospel, Reflections, Dominicans, Preachers, Homilies

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Benavides Online
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This is the Official Online Publication of the UST Central Seminary. We welcome you to our world - a road less traveled by. Journey with us!

Tags: Seminary, Publication, Seminarians, Centralite, UST

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The Iglesia ni Cristo
Statistics for The Iglesia ni Cristo
All about Iglesia ni Cristo, Church of Christ from the Philippines 1914. Unofficial blog by readme

Tags: Philippines, Iglesia ni Cristo, Church of Christ, 1914, readme

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