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XShot Camera Extender: For the Cam-whore in You by Eat. Drink. Dance. (Repeat!) on Apr 10, 2010The XShot is a lightweight, telescopic camera extender that holds your camera at a distance to capture great pictures and films when no one is around to take your picture. It extends over 3 feet (37") to capture the subjects and the background...

☺ Never Miss a Photo Opportunity Ever Again ☺ by My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf on Dec 17, 2009The holidays are here and with that come a deluge of parties and vacations. What better way to immortalize them than with snapshots of you with your loved ones, right? However, that’s normally where the big problem comes in. That’s because there... is Holding a Twitter Contest by Espreson on Mar 17, 2009Marketing and advertising media has got new dimension with Twitter. Promotional campaign with Twitter is a new idea and online marketers are using this weapon to market their product & service. Few weeks back I had stumbled upon a blog authored .