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Help me attend PR 2.0: 17th National Public Relations Congress by Mindanaoan - Living in Mindanao | Mindanao News, Features, Travel and Photos on Sep 10, 2010The 17th National Public Relations Congress will be held on September 23 and 24, 2010 at the Grand Ballroom, InterContinental Manila, Makati City, Philippines with the theme “PR2.0 Build. Engage. Deliver.” and I absolutely want to attend! I may h...

The Public 2.0 by Nibotech on Sep 25, 2009This is 2009. Everyone whose daily life is spent 20% of the time surfing, updating their profiles, and watching videos online probably knows what web 2.0 means. The generation came suddenly and pervasively, same as how technologies came upon Web 2.0.