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Retro Sci-Fi Costume Set Hits Paragon Market In City Of Heroes: Freedom by Free Play MMO on Jun 12, 2012Retro Sci-Fi Costumes are here! City Of Heroes Freedom players rejoice because you can now become hip and cool again with the release of the Retro Sci-Fi Costume Set or Kit. It's old-school but it's cool and you can get it at the Paragon Market.

Freebie Fridays At Paragon Market In City Of Heroes by Free Play MMO on May 9, 2012Want some freebies? You're in-luck because the Paragon Market of City Of Heroes: Freedom is currently testing a potential regular feature called the Freebie Fridays. Each week will reward you with a free random item that is available in the Paragon M...

Be A Street Fighting Hero With Street Justice In City Of Heroes Freedom by Free Play MMO on Oct 9, 2011City of Heroes recently released the Street Justice Power Set for Brutes, Scrappers, Stalkers and even Tankers. It uses combo levels and combo finishers to inflict massive damage.