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1/100 Master Grade (MG) Kampfer by Mechapinoy on Mar 15, 2012Toophat presents a Master Grade build, the 1/100 Kampfer from 0080: War in the Pocket.

Mechapinoy Contests, News, and Updates by Mechapinoy on Feb 14, 2012We've got some good news. Mechapinoy has now expanded its reach in the social networks. And yes, we are now announcing the Contests for the year.

HGUC 1/144 7th Gundam Gm Custom by Mechapinoy on Dec 29, 2011Mechapinoy veteran Ecapz does a custom build for a client, an HGUC 1/144 7th Gundam GM.

HG 1/144 Mobile Sumo Custom (Turn A) by Mechapinoy on Dec 27, 2011Mechapinoy member BryanBogs presents a HG 1/144 Turn-A build of the Mobile Sumo Custom.

Macross Frontier as Mecha Anime—The 7th of 6 Posts on The Wings of Farewell by We Remember Love on Nov 14, 2011I wrote a series of 6 posts on the final Macross Frontier film and realized too late that I had said nothing about it as robot anime. Sure, the Macross franchise is built on love stories set against the backdrop … Continue reading →...

Photos: 9th IPMS-BA Philippines National Competition (2011) by Mechapinoy on Oct 18, 2011Here are some photos from the 9th IPMS Bert Anido / Phils. National Scale Model Competition (2011). Mechapinoy's F144 Contest is also being held at the event.

Collecticon 2011: Mechapinoy-Bankee Gundam Gunpla Exhibit by Mechapinoy on Oct 6, 2011Mechapinoy will be present at the Collecticon 2011 to support Bankee with a Bandai Gundam Gunpla Exhibit. Hope to see you there!

Super Robot News: New Aquarion Series: Aquarion EVOL by Robot Pilipinas on Feb 28, 2011Thanks to gekidan over at JEFusion for the news, it seems Shoji Kawamori is yet again working on a new Aquarion series sequel to Genesis of Aquarion. Titled Aquarion EVOL and its the sequel to the first Aquarion series, the first teaser trailer was a...