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Wher to put interest income in VAT returns? by TaxAcctgCenter Forum on Apr 11, 2012Good afternoon. May I ask in what colum in Vat return should income from savings deposits be presented? Is it a zero rated, exempt or vatable sales? or not to be presented. Thanks in advance for any information.

SHOULD WE BE DECLARING/PAYING DIVIDENDS, OR INTEREST ON SHARE CAPITAL OF COOPERATIVE MEMBERS, WHICH ARE BELOW THE REQUIRED MINIMUM? SHOULD WE HOLD THIS BENEFIT WHEN THE MEMBER IS DELINQUENT IN HIS LOANS? by Cooperatives Philippines on Nov 26, 2011As a member of the Board of Directors of my cooperative, I was scheduled to attend a committee meeting to discuss the preparation of the cooperative's budget for 2012.The budget assumptions on the possible expenditures and revenue activities of the c...