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korea house by My Thoughts and Others on May 27, 2012On our second day, we had our late lunch at Korea House. And I must warn you, this restaurant has THE BEST Korean food! Since it was a Saturday, we were offered the lunch meal. You have lots and lots to choose from, but I stick with the traditional..

My Kicks! by I'M LITTLE MISS BUSY on Aug 14, 2011I used to have just one pair of sneakers (way back when I was still part of a cheering squad). Then, I met my boyfriend who loves sneakers and who was kind enough to get me a pair whenever he feels like it. Thanks boyfriend!

McCartney Leaves EMI; Signs Deal with an Independent Music Group by Daily Contributor on Apr 20, 2010Legendary music icon Paul McCartney has signed a contract with independent group Concord Music Group to distribute the re-release of his back solo catalogue.Post from: Daily ContributorMcCartney Leaves EMI; Signs Deal with an Independent Music Group...

Wednesdays in Concord by LYRESH on Mar 25, 2009Barnes and Noble. It gives the vibe of National Bookstore, my favorite bookstore in the Philippines, Bo's Coffee---which to me, is the Starbucks of Cagayan de Oro, and Concentration Camp, the cozy study place where I spent the last quarter of my Coll...