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The Filipino Scribe
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The Filipino Scribe is a nationally-recognized news and commentary blog. It is managed by Mark Madrona, an online journalist and college instructor. Follow us on Twitter @FilipinoScribe and like us on Facebook http://facebook.com/rightonthemark.ph

Tags: commentary, news, politics, history, Philippines

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Statistics for MaxDefense
A personal viewpoint on defense matters in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific region.

Tags: maxdefense, philippine military, armed forces of the philippines, afp modernization, max defense

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Statistics for hronlineph.com
Human Rights Online Philippines Promotion and Protection of Human Rights in the Philippines through Information Resources Online

Tags: Human Rights, Online, Philippines, Information, Resources

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PoliTikalon: The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales
Statistics for PoliTikalon: The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales
A weblog created by JR Lopez Gonzales who believes that Philippines can progress through the overhauling of the Filipino mentality. He envisions that Filipinos would talk about politics as much as how they talk on showbiz, teleserye, or basketball.

Tags: PoliTikalon, MSU-IIT, JR Lopez Gonzales, Filipino Politics, South Cotabato

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The Bogo Times - City of Bogo, Cebu News Updates and Latest Stories
Statistics for The Bogo Times - City of Bogo, Cebu News Updates and Latest Stories
The Bogo Times delivers news and information from the City of Bogo, Cebu covering all the latest news headlines, including sports, business and more.

Tags: bogo city, bogo cebu, cebu, city of bogo, bogo news

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Politics and Governance
Statistics for Politics and Governance
Review and lecture notes on Politics and Governance

Tags: politics, governance

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Christian Lizardo Aligo
Statistics for Christian Lizardo Aligo
Socio-political issues around the Cordilleras and the Philippines.

Tags: Philippine politics, Filipino people, Sagada Igorot events, Baguio Cordillera news, Philippine updates

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Statistics for PULPOLitika
Ang paboritong libangan ng bayan! Pulitika! Matuwa at Mabwiset! Mamulat at Manlait!

Tags: Noynoy Aquino, Political humor, Philippines, Nakakatawang Balita, Philippine Politics

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Rising Sun
Statistics for Rising Sun
Personal blog of Danny Arao, a writer, teacher and webmaster; includes his biographical data, photographs and selected articles on various issues and concerns.

Tags: journalist, professor, technology, media, commentary

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This side of Perry
Statistics for This side of Perry
Perry's blog

Tags: bureaucracy, politics, government, philippines, perryhugo

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Philippine Review
Statistics for Philippine Review
A news review and political commentary blog by Regel Javines. Philippine Review is decisive and no-holds-barred opinion and story about issues.

Tags: politics, news, research studies, PUP and education, books publishing

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Dalubhasang Pinoy
Statistics for Dalubhasang Pinoy
Ekspertong Pananaliksik Ng Mga Pangyayari Mula Sa Kritikong Pilipino

Tags: politics, government, Philippines, Noynoy Aquino, politicians

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Colors and Grays
Statistics for Colors and Grays
About almost everything that I am so passionate about, from my own opinions on politics up to my personal experiences and anything in between.

Tags: Philippines, Opinions, Travel, Commentary, Philippine Government

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Statistics for bayangpilipinas
Mga Isyu ng Lipunan, Mga Usaping Pampulitika, Mga Kuro-kuro atbp.

Tags: Pamahalaan, Pulitika, Mga Opinyon, Kwento, Opinyon, Tula, Balitang Pinag-uusapan

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Cooperatives Philippines
Statistics for Cooperatives Philippines
News, features and views about the cooperative movement in the Philippines; about various types of cooperatives, regulations, updates, etc., related to cooperatives

Tags: Cooperatives, Development, Microfinance, MSME, Loans

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Kuro Kuro
Statistics for Kuro Kuro
A government & political blog submitted by people just like you. This blog is part of the Definitely Filipino Network.

Tags: philippines, government, politics

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The Way It Is
Statistics for The Way It Is
Observations and opinions of a former legislator who can't keep his mind still and his keyboard unused. He says it the way he sees it. That's the Way It Is.

Tags: ruffy biazon, philippines, noynoy aquino, government, liberal party

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Philippine Government Information
Statistics for Philippine Government Information
We blog about latest happenings, holiday announcements, and some other Philippine-related information. Your number one source of anything government-related happenings in the Philippines.

Tags: government, politics, holidays, government-related issues, hot philippine topics

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Free All Political Prisoners in the Philippines
Statistics for Free All Political Prisoners in the Philippines
In September 2011, the Free All Political Prisoners (FAPPs) Campaign was launched to demand for a General, Unconditional and Omnibus Amnesty for the more than 430 political prisoners (PPs) in the country.

Tags: political prisoners, political persecution, impunity, trumped-up charges, justice

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Kodao Productions
Statistics for Kodao Productions
Kodao Productions is an independent, progressive, and award-winning multimedia production outfit. Kodao is also the producer of the people-oriented public service radio program Sali Na, Bayan! 2-3 PM daily at DZUP.

Tags: video, film, radio, podcast, news

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Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging Si Juan?
Statistics for Pagod Ka Na Bang Maging Si Juan?
This is originally a book idea which I thought of writing but for now we are putting it as a blog where you can post or send your sentiments about being a Filipino.. happiness, triumphs and frustrations.

Tags: pinoy, filipino, juan dela cruz, Philippines, politics

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Statistics for SELDA-Pilipinas
The Samahan ng mga Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto (SELDA) – Philippines is an organization of political prisoners and former political detainees in the country.

Tags: martial law, marcos dictatorship, indemnification bill, justice, human rights

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Abnoy Chronicles
Statistics for Abnoy Chronicles
This blog is all about Abnoy's observation on Philippine politics and government.

Tags: Philippine politics, Aquino administration, Abnoy, Philippine government

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Statistics for LouieEncabo.com
Louie Encabo is an aspiring journalist and skeptic based in Auckland, New Zealand where he is doing a Bachelor's degree in politics.

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Just a Glimpse and more...
Statistics for Just a Glimpse and more...
government, politics, personal, views, family and career

Tags: neriz agraam, Bureau of Internal Revenue, taxes

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Pinoy Law Student
Statistics for Pinoy Law Student
A fusion of socio-political commentary and the law

Tags: Law, Politics, Government, Supreme Court, Bar

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strictly law and politics
Statistics for strictly law and politics
talks about constitutional issues and politics.

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Statistics for smoke
A mixed bag of commentary, whining, punditry, and observations. Also features snippets of fiction and veiled references to sex ... sometimes not so veiled.

Tags: Philippines, politicians, celebrities, science, blogging

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Pinoy Shouts!
Statistics for Pinoy Shouts!
All about pinoys

Tags: Election 2010, World, Unusual, Philippines, Pinoys Abroad

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Philippine Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones Review
Statistics for Philippine Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Drones Review
Welcome to Philippine Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Drone Review. A blog that will feature the news and current developments in Philippine UAV scene.

Tags: uav, uav philippines, uav drone philippines, drone review, philippine uav

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Politics for Breakfast
Statistics for Politics for Breakfast
Analysis and observations on the Philippine political-economy.

Tags: Filipino, commentary, analysis, dynamics, political-economy

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Statistics for Supermangga
A social commentary on recent (not-so) socio-political issues.

Tags: supermangga, itsmorefuninthephilippines, philippinegovernment, pilipinas, pinoy

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Pilipinas Je T'aime
Statistics for Pilipinas Je T'aime
Everything about the Philippines

Tags: beauty queens, tourist spots, political issues

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Statistics for Desaparesidos
DESAPARECIDOS or Families of Desaparecidos for Justice is an association of the families and close friends of victims of enforced or involuntary disappearance. They came together in March 1995 to form their own organization.

Tags: enforced disappearance, desaparecidos, impunity, justice, political persecution

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Jaime de Guzman : akosiliet
Statistics for Jaime de Guzman : akosiliet
We should not blog for blogging sake. We should treat our blogs as tools in advancing people's aspirations. It should serve the masses and most of all their struggle. BLOG THE STRUGGLE, SERVE THE PEOPLE!

Tags: Politics, Personal, News, Opinion, Events

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Statistics for Ohnoy
We must not let Noynoy become president because...

Tags: Noynoy Aquino, LP, Pinoy, Philippine elections, 2010

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Konsensyang Pilipino
Statistics for Konsensyang Pilipino
This is a blog that desires to open discussion on the many aspects of Filipino life.

Tags: filipino, philippine news, philippine media, manila news, philippine daily inquirer

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A Taste of Politics
Statistics for A Taste of Politics
Why is politics loved by many?

Tags: herbs and spices, Manny Villar, Noynoy Aquino, Philippine politics, election

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myepinoy's BLOG
Statistics for myepinoy's BLOG
The other side blog of myepinoy. Keeping you disconnected, disoriented… and i call this blogging.

Tags: myepinoy, Pinoy, OFW, Philippines, Life

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Davao City Councilor Mabel Sunga Acosta
Statistics for Davao City Councilor Mabel Sunga Acosta
This is the official blog of the Office of Councilor Mabel Sunga Acosta of the First District of Davao City

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Ordinaryong Tao
Statistics for Ordinaryong Tao
Mga bagay bagay tungkol sa buhay, pulitika, at iba pa.

Tags: pinoy radio, pinoy radio stations streaming, buhay pinoy, joseph lardizabal, noynoy aquino

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The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales
Statistics for The Official Weblog of JR Lopez Gonzales
The blog is created to all Filipinos, Mindanaoans, MSU-IIT, for people of Iligan City, of the people of South Cotabato, and for the people of the Municipality of Tupi.

Tags: JR Lopez Gonzales, MSU-IIT, Tupi, Iligan, South Cotabato

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This blog is my platform against poverty and inequality and my voice against corruption and inefficiency. I wander around and think of great ideas for my country, the Philippines.

Tags: Economic Development, Anti-corruption, Charter Change, Anti-political Dynasty, Social Change

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Voice from the Resistance
Statistics for Voice from the Resistance
By Political Exhortationist John Remollo Petalcorin -- MNLF Director for Advocacy Communication and Charity Projects, MNLF Negotiator for Special Economic Development Projects

Tags: MNLF, Bangsamoro, Mindanao, Nur Misuari, Peace Process

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Karl Ramirez | Music, Film, Activism
Statistics for Karl Ramirez | Music, Film, Activism
A personal and politcal blog filled with original music, film and videos, photos, and essays about the people's struggle for meaningful change.

Tags: music, film, video, karl ramirez, makibaka

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durianburgdavao politics mindanao
Statistics for durianburgdavao politics mindanao


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Honesto General Online
Statistics for Honesto General Online
This blog is an extension of myself. I used to write for the opinion column, in the Philippine Daily Inquirer for the last 16 years. Here you will read my previous articles and future articles.

Tags: Insurance, Politics, Government, Philippine History

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City of Bogo Blog Site
Statistics for City of Bogo Blog Site
Blog site for the city of bogo government

Tags: City of Bogo, Bogo City, Capitancillo Islet, City of Bogo Cebu, Bogo City Cebu

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