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Statistics for PinoyMatters
The word on everybody's lips will be, Deswie!

Tags: pinoy in europe, life adventures

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Pundidong Ballpen
Statistics for Pundidong Ballpen
50% Personal posts 25% Humor 10% Writings 5% Fandom 7% Photos 3% Anything

Tags: tumblr, personal, humor, one liner, writings

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Statistics for gillboard
gusto niyong matawa? maiyak? matuto? o kaya naman eh mainspire? di niyo yan magagawa sa blog ko... pero bumisita pa rin kayo... satisfy your curiosity!!!

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Statistics for Damsel.In.Distress
A blog about my personal experience and notes on travelling, staycations, food, products, fashion and other random ramblings. :) "A BLOG is a TOOL that lets you do anything from CHANGE THE WORLD to SHARE YOUR SHOPPING LIST."

Tags: personal, reviews, food, fashion, travel

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Judy's Little Obsessions ♥
Statistics for Judy's Little Obsessions ♥
This blog is about me being obsessed with so many things and my dream to become a make-up artist and at the same time, to become a professional model someday.

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Inspirational Quotes Today
Statistics for Inspirational Quotes Today
Inspirational Quotes, Life Quotes, Quotes About Life, Inspirational Videos, Motivational Quotes, Wisdom Quotes and Inspirational Life Quotes From Inspirational Speakers, Poets, Authors, Philosophers, Writers and Significant Personalities.

Tags: quotes about life, inspirational quotes, inspirational life quotes, inspirational videos, life quotes

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Blogging Rights
Statistics for Blogging Rights
This blog depicts the variety of things that Mhel Garrido wants to blog about.

Tags: Basketball, Pageants, Tabulation, Ateneo, Events

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A View From The Leftie
Statistics for A View From The Leftie
My blog is my life diary. It is about the things I like and love. It is mostly about food I love (just because it gets me through the day), gadgets, fashion and crafts.

Tags: food, luxury, fashion, gadgets, leisure

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★ The Green Pencil ★
Statistics for ★ The Green Pencil ★
Infornography - an addiction to or an obsession with acquiring, manipulating, and sharing information...

Tags: games, computer, art, notpron, paper craft

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Unbored Diva
Statistics for Unbored Diva
Follow the adventures of a 30-something work-from-home diva who considers herself a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

Tags: work-from-home, work-at-home, unbored, 30-something, thirty-something

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Statistics for vaes9
Personal/tech weblog of Eugene Alvin Villar, aka seav.

Tags: maps, google, technology, web development, graphic design

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That's Zoe
Statistics for That's Zoe
That's Zoe is a blog of life advice based on life experiences of the author.

Tags: life advice, lifestyle, personal, blog, thoughts

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Statistics for I GO DOWN DEEP

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My Misbehaved World
Statistics for My Misbehaved World
I live for food, travel, beauty, love and a lot more. I blog to share the days of my misbehaved world. Hold on tight and come away with me

Tags: travel, beauty, fashion, food, love

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el toro bumingo
Statistics for el toro bumingo
I'm Elmer, 34 years old and an average Filipino gay guy. I work in the call center industry and my blog would be all about myself and my interests. I'm into Ragnarok, DotA, photography, travel, foods, music, movies, Internet, Facebook and comput

Tags: el toro bumingo, gay love, call center agent, Ragnarok, photography

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Stay Strong
Statistics for Stay Strong
Sace Natividad | 16 | 5'7 | Senior | Random | PH | *frustrated* Singer | Demi Lovato | Canon | Nikon | Amateur Photographer | Bisexual | Animal Lover | Christian | LGBT Supporter | Artist | Dork |

Tags: lgbt, music, online sharing, art, blogging

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Life as Experienced Daily
Statistics for Life as Experienced Daily
A personal blog about my significant and trivial daily experiences and life in general

Tags: honda challenge cup, hensel twins, sss id replacement, rosanna drum groove, msi ex400x

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Nowherian Notes
Statistics for Nowherian Notes
Gibberings of a twenty-something who works her butt off on a third world salary rate so she can travel (and eat her way around) the world.

Tags: travel philippines, kapitolyo, mountains, food, stormtrooper

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Whimsical Life
Statistics for Whimsical Life
Whimsical life is all about my treasured experiences in life, family, and passion. Everything about life: mommy’s insights, friendship, travel, movies, food and more.

Tags: mommy blog, mom blogger, cagayan valley blogger, mommy's insights, Whimsical Life

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Carpe Diem
Statistics for Carpe Diem
This is a personal blog that aims to publish my not so interesting rant or stories about my college life and my life thereafter. It may include crazy stuff, book/tv series/movie reviews, and other things I'm fond of. So there... Enjoy! :)

Tags: college, books, tv series, movies, business

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Back to basix.
Statistics for Back to basix.
My random thoghts, personal observations and opinions. Nobody can be sued for his freedom!

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Casual Sentiments
Statistics for Casual Sentiments
MGVDR expresses her casual sentiments about beauty, fashion, environment, politics, health, love, education, lifestyle, movies, songs, and life in general.

Tags: beauty, lifestyle, environment, fashion, education

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the verbal diarrhea
Statistics for the verbal diarrhea
anything under the sun

Tags: arts and crafts, travel blog, product reviews

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partee and play
Statistics for partee and play
ako si BONG and this is my HIV diary

Tags: hiv, aids, philippines, manila, positive

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life of a cuddlebit
Statistics for life of a cuddlebit
My random ramblings

Tags: girl, food, cute, chinese, life

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Eat, Pray and Blog
Statistics for Eat, Pray and Blog
An account of pretty much anything and everything under the sun

Tags: lifestyle, events, food, travel, experience

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Hand prints in the sand
Statistics for Hand prints in the sand
random thoughts of everything about life and own opinion.

Tags: Spa, Travel, Personal Blog, Hotels

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Now Showing
Statistics for Now Showing
This blog is about my passions in daily dose of wisdom, IT, Christianity and Leadership.

Tags: KKB, Leadership, Information Technology, Student Life, Christian

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when thoughts become this random
Statistics for when thoughts become this random
Random thoughts and photos from a woman who's in the middle of experiencing quarter-life crisis

Tags: photo, books, panoramio, views, movies

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Wedding Blog
Statistics for Wedding Blog
All about wedding preparations

Tags: wedding, wedding preparations, wedding tips

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Make It Happen
Statistics for Make It Happen
Make it Happen is all about products i am using, the personal experiences one encounters, review of places i have been to, my insight on current events, a whole lot more.

Tags: beauty, fashion, places, events

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Statistics for xavyniceday
Married with 4 kids (in 7 years!). We live on a mountain and love the quiet chaos!

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Good Anxiety
Statistics for Good Anxiety
Helps people live a better, happier and healthier life.

Tags: anxiety, depression, fear, hopelessness, self-help

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Statistics for seongyosa
Random things and experiences of a lady who lived in South Korea and now living in Thailand.

Tags: personal blogs, filipino blogger, filipino blogs, travel, religious

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Bitter Sweet Life
Statistics for Bitter Sweet Life
This blog contains my views, my thoughts and feelings about life in general. It also includes the story of my baby girl and other things that pop ups in my mind.

Tags: bitter sweet life, baby story, baby caring tips, personal, technology

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Statistics for
Personal christian teen blog on life, choices and other crazy things that most teenagers think about.

Tags: personal, christian, teenager, life

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Seeking Savvy
Statistics for Seeking Savvy
I'm always curious. I read a lot. I talk a lot. I hunger for knowledge. My mind is always in a traffic state yet I seek for more.

Tags: Fashion and Accessories, Personal, Travel, Online Work, Home-based Job

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Statistics for zowanderer
life travels of luckyzoan

Tags: travels, online diary, life's musings

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Flair Candy
Statistics for Flair Candy
That girl behind :) Pokemon trainer-pole dancer. I blog about travel, pole dancing, sports, tech, adventure, health. I sort of retired as a CPA to blog my way to life. Live a FLAIR life!

Tags: pole dancing, flaircandy, travel, sports, hannah villasis

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Life According to Me
Statistics for Life According to Me
A virtual diary of a wife and a mom of 2. Join me on this journey called life and tell me what the hell I was thinking.

Tags: Parenting, Motherhood, Personal, Relationships, Work at Home Mom

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Sassybiatchemom's world
Statistics for Sassybiatchemom's world
This is my blog! This is my world! I write about everyday life, and whatever catches my fancy! More importantly, my experiences as a woman, as a wife and as a mother!

Tags: Sassy, Interesting, Life, Love, Reviews

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Ngiti Tayo Kaibigan
Statistics for Ngiti Tayo Kaibigan
Ang blog na punong-puno ng emosyon, kwento, aral, at kung ano pang kabuluhan o kababalaghan sa buhay ng blogista.

Tags: personal blog, ngiti tayo kaibigan, love, relationship, nikkireyes

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tula, kwentula at opinyon ni "DREGM"
Statistics for tula, kwentula at opinyon ni "DREGM"
Tula, Kwentula at opinyon ni Dregm

Tags: Tula, kwentula, Opinyon, Pala palagay, Poems or tula

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Statistics for Chalebrations
Chalebrations Events Planning and Management

Tags: Events, Party, Weddings, Birthdays, Events

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Statistics for winterheim|hdd
office desk shenanigans | I <3 Japanese toys

Tags: Japanese, toys, mecha, action figures, photography

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Drifting Soul is Written
Statistics for Drifting Soul is Written
Drifting Soul is Written exploits a wide array of topics from personal reflections to travels.

Tags: writing, travel, opinion, reflection, personal

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I Reginerate
Statistics for I Reginerate
Blog serves as my daily diary, photo album, and blog itself. I love blogging everything.

Tags: picture, humor, words, life, crush

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Ish-tipple Me Lemon!
Statistics for Ish-tipple Me Lemon!
Hi! This is a personal blog but it also contains various posts about beauty, traveling and whatever comes to my mind to write about :)

Tags: life, humor, beauty, work, travel

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Statistics for jeanbeltran
Its all about sharing, because sharing is loving. Shares personal experiences, traveling, love stuff and other matters.

Tags: scrapbooks, travel, food, experiences

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