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The Manila Journo
Statistics for The Manila Journo
Ang The Manila Journo ay isang blog ng mga bago at sariwang balita at mga opinyong may kinalaman sa pulitika, gobyerno, showbiz at iba pang napapanahong isyu.

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Statistics for myfeverblog
Everything that might interest every reader!

Tags: celebrity, viral , movie, music, video, music, celebrities, reviews

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Trend Bucket
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A place where the latest news and trends are monitored.

Tags: news, hollywood, showbiz, scandals, TV shows

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The Delano Observer
Statistics for The Delano Observer
blog by David Delano D'Angelo, one o the few Delano's remaining. Besides regular observation on many things this blog also features various observation of movies, tv shows, books, personalities, controversies and more.

Tags: reviews, news, opinion

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Statistics for ResultsKing
ResultsKing. The premier and most reliable source of PRC Board Exam results and more.

Tags: PRC board exams, licensure examination, exam results, games results, Philippines

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amazing butuan
Statistics for amazing butuan
news updates about Butuan City

Tags: butuan

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Aaron Knows
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Aaron Knows sports, news, trivia, cool things and many more.

Tags: news, sports, trivia, travel, blog

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Quick Info
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News, Entertainment, People, Lifestyle, Quick Info, Sports, Events

Tags: News, Entertainment, People, Lifestyle, Sports

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Philippine Show
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New Latest Show of the Philippines

Tags: Philippine Show, GMA, Abs-cbn, TV 5, Philippine Movie

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gazolite media
Statistics for gazolite media
all about kpop stuff ,sos, and many more

Tags: sos girlband, s4, gazolite, asia, indonesia

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Online Filipino Community
Statistics for Online Filipino Community
News Updates and Hot Issues in the Philippines.

Tags: Manny, Pacquiao, Pnoy, Filipino, Pinoy

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World Scam Central
Statistics for World Scam Central
This site has a compilation of different scam forms usually got from unsolicited email messages. Beware! SCAM is a "True Criminal Act" and punishable by International Law.

Tags: Scams, spams, lottery scam, fund sc, fund scam, bank scam, political sca

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Kabuddy Blog
Statistics for Kabuddy Blog
Tackles and provide reviews & opinions on hot topics which are related to Philippines interest and technology.

Tags: travel, gadgets, philippines, technology, politics

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The Daily Guardian
Statistics for The Daily Guardian
The most respected in western visayas

Tags: iloilo local news, iloilo business news, iloilo sports news, iloilo opinion, iloilo newspaper

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Statistics for channelvan
News and updates on pinoy life news, world news, technology, sports, entertainment, breaking news, features, reports, commentary, opinion and blogs on Philippines politics, business, economy, lifestyle, entertainment, etc.

Tags: news, politics, sports, trends, features

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Today's Gazette
Statistics for Today's Gazette
This blog contains fresh and timely news on politics, education, entertainment, lifestyle and sports

Tags: News, Politics, Education, Entertainment, Sports

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Statistics for datelinedavao
This blog talks about Davao City and all events that affect and influence Davao City. Get your daily dose of news, discussion, editorial and issues that matter.

Tags: davao city, davao news, places to go, durian

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Videoism CEnterTechNews
Statistics for Videoism CEnterTechNews
Collections of Videos by CEnterTechNews

Tags: Movie Trailer, News Video, News, Entertainment, Trending Vidoes

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Statistics for Idiosyncrasies
A blog of Mojo Potato, a freelance writer, a jack of all trades, living in the Cordilleras. The blog presents the latest news, lifestyle, culture, arts, entertainment reports and everything else that happens in Baguio City, Philippines.

Tags: baguio, benguet, cordilleras, jm agreda, agreda

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Pinoy Issue
Statistics for Pinoy Issue
Issues, Opinions, News, Info

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Zamora's Editorial Cartoons
Statistics for Zamora's Editorial Cartoons
A collection of editorial cartoons published in SunStar Davao - a Davao-based newspaper, musings and personal opinion on current issues and concerns.

Tags: sun-star davao, editorial cartoon, philippine cartoon, asian politics, blogging

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Ordinary People, Ordinary Day
Statistics for Ordinary People, Ordinary Day
"Ordinary People, Ordinary Day" chronicles ordinary days of people like you and me and share to others what their ordinary day is like and who are they to the world.

Tags: stories, life, sentiments, feelings, blogger

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Pinay Blogkaster
Statistics for Pinay Blogkaster
Personal blog of a media practitioner

Tags: news, public affairs, behind the scenes, producer, media

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Manual of Style and Usage
Statistics for Manual of Style and Usage
The support and protection of the scholastic writer’s growing craft

Tags: Language, Grammar, Style, Usage, Convention

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PH News Updates
Statistics for PH News Updates
Get Latest News Updates in the Philippines, Latest Shoqbiz balita, Latest Sports News, and more.

Tags: pinoy balita, ph news update, pinoy showbiz, sports news, entertainment

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Statistics for Pachugong
All about the latest and the top discuss topics online.

Tags: the hot trends online

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Shark's Ocean
Statistics for Shark's Ocean
JM Shark Media Ltd. Inc. Is a full service PR company with clients ranging from local to international, consumer and lifestyle, real estate and healthcare etc. Posted here are press materials as well as all media events handled.

Tags: public relations, PR firm, consultancy, media, marketing

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Bryanton Post
Statistics for Bryanton Post
Hector Bryant L. Macale works as senior staffwriter at the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR). He is the assistant editor of the Philippine Journalism Review Reports (PJR Reports), CMFR's flagship media-monitoring publication.

Tags: media, journalism, press, freedom, ethics

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Statistics for DZRH News
News blog for radio station DZRH in Manila, the Philippines

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Searching, Unexpected, Gathering
Statistics for Searching, Unexpected, Gathering
We Are All Here

Tags: News, Global News, Entertainment, Sports, World News

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Kakulay Entertainment Blog
Statistics for Kakulay Entertainment Blog
The no.1 Entertainment Blog in the Philippines. *2012 Blog of the Year *2012 Best Informative & Credible Blog *2012 Best Blog Design *2011 PWBA Blog of the Year,

Tags: Television, Entertainment, Scoop, Scandals, Showbiz

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Northern Samar News
Statistics for Northern Samar News
The latest on Northern Samar

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The Makati Science Vision
Statistics for The Makati Science Vision
The Official Blog of One of the Best School Papers in the Philippines

Tags: News Writing, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Literary Writing, Sports Writing

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Catholic Analysis
Statistics for Catholic Analysis
Catholic Analysis

Tags: catholic, analysis, church, love, God

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Statistics for ZAP NEWS
Your Entertainment Blog Site!

Tags: World News, Entertainment news, Movie News, Technology News, Magazine cover page

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Statistics for ROLDANKING

Tags: anything, everything

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It's a Bright Day
Statistics for It's a Bright Day
This blog is odd, has vivid colors, out of bounds, idiotic, and just plain blog-gy.

Tags: bright, philippines, satire, pop-culture, manila

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La Ako Maisip
Statistics for La Ako Maisip
La ako Maisip, anything under the sun, moon and stars..

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The Chair by Rob San Miguel
Statistics for The Chair by Rob San Miguel
Not really the news but what do the current news mean to us. The blog is run by anonymous members of “The Movable Circle,” composed of writers, filmmakers, educators, gods, demons, sardonics, and other living creatures.

Tags: news analysis, politics, pop culture, sardonicim, humor

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Everybody's Journal
Statistics for Everybody's Journal
We are a three-man team created to give you stories not only you want but also you need!

Tags: everybody's journal

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Piercing Pens
Statistics for Piercing Pens
A pair of twenty-something writer-journalists write about Philippine news and issues.

Tags: news, issues, philipines, politics, media

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Journalism and Print Media
Statistics for Journalism and Print Media
Teaching and learning the art and science of writing for newspapers and periodicals

Tags: Media Ethics, Media Literacy, Media Research, Media Studies, Media Theory

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Chapter Six
Statistics for Chapter Six
Where all the information you need resides.

Tags: Chapter six, chaptersixonline, information, make money online

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Statistics for DigitalPressRelease
Digital Press Release - The information or details straight from the PR Firms that will be digitally posted. Press Releases from different niche -sports, news, tv programs, shows, advocacy, health, and many more.

Tags: press release, latest happenings, sports, tv programs, current events

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Trend Buster
Statistics for Trend Buster
blogging about the latest happening around the globe. Also leading site in providing up-to-date tech and gadgets, air fare promos, manga spoilers and even guide in making money online.

Tags: Cebu Pacific Promo, Flights Schedules, Seat Sale, Book Promo Fares, Cebu Pacific Airlines

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Statistics for republikangpinoy
this blogspot is about latest news and current events. and i also cater live streaming of novena and mass at baclaran church

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Subject of the Talk
Statistics for Subject of the Talk
Blogging about the current issues and events of today's generation and the day-to-day experience of every individuals.

Tags: Speak-Up Pilipino, Socializing, Your Opinion, Journal, Save Earth

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TV Patrol Headlines
Statistics for TV Patrol Headlines
This blog mainly features TV Patrol's Ulo Ng Mga Balita (Headlines), a daily overview of events happening in the Philippines and around the globe as reported by Abs-Cbn's flagship news program.

Tags: tv patrol, watch online, pinoy news, balita, abs-cbn

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Philippine News
Statistics for Philippine News
Latest News in the Philippines, Local News, Showbiz News, Philippine Weather, Philippine Newspaper, Philippine Holidays, Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines, Philippines, Zest Air, Philippine Stock Exchange

Tags: Philippine News, Philippine Weather, Philippine Airlines, Philippine Newspapers, Telecommunication Promos

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