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Manila Speaks
Statistics for Manila Speaks
Good Times Manila rip off. Click me!

Tags: entertainment, satrical, humor, pinoy, showbiz

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Animated Gab
Statistics for Animated Gab
just my normal day to day struggles and what if's in animated way.

Tags: humor, funny, cartoon, comedy, animated

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WARVITT The Online Kubeta
Statistics for WARVITT The Online Kubeta
Warvitt is about outrageous things and stories from the author's own experiences on his daily and chilhood life. The blog includes some fictional stories and parody characters.

Tags: Boraemon, Warvitt, Online Kubeta, Kubeta Mo

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Even Now...
Statistics for Even Now...
Incidentally, I love to blog. Accidentally, My life took a dip this year. Coincidentally, You’re here right now trying to figure out why. but at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to heal.

Tags: pent up emotions, anecdotes, life in general, how to deal, drunk ramblings

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Tekkenistang Lalake
Statistics for Tekkenistang Lalake
a brief description of how a real pinoy tekkenista should be and some tekken character bashings for those who can relate.

Tags: tekken, zaibatsu, namco, bandai, pinoy

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Reality Check: I hate what you love
Statistics for Reality Check: I hate what you love
Simply, the creator, "JOBERT BALBASTRO" hates what you love. The likes of shutter shades, James Yap, Twilight, Jump shots, and men carrying the bags of their girlfriends. Simple lang, lahat ng gusto mo, ayaw namen.

Tags: funny, pinoy, jobert balbastro, i hate what you love, hate

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Statistics for DENASELOGY
I should have told you reading this blog is a perfect getaway from boredom

Tags: Life, Humor, Incoherent

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Statistics for IKWENTO MO
Pinoy Entertainment| News|Lifestyle|Current Events|Live In Manila

Tags: Pinoy Entertainment, Pinoy Lifetsyle, Headlines, Current Events, Philippine News

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Ang Tunay Na TANGA
Statistics for Ang Tunay Na TANGA
ang blog na kung saan masasaksihan ang ibat ibang uri ng katangahan dito sa mundo tsk tsk tsk

Tags: funny, jokes, photos, movies, entertainment

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Ang Kuya Mong Torpe
Statistics for Ang Kuya Mong Torpe
Personal Blog Behind the true meaning of life/sens/humor for personal fun and friendship love is all around pinoy ako at proud ako dun torpe nga lang pero pogi padin

Tags: random, love, fact, personal, friendship

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Statistics for bubuwitter
bubuwit's adventures and misadventures with her cheese, cat chases, and traps.

Tags: funny pinay, pinoy twitter, comedy, totoong buhay, nostalgia

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Gag ong blogger
Statistics for Gag ong blogger
Wa wentang wento ng isang wa wentang tao.

Tags: pinoy jokes, filipino, humor, kwentong tambay, philippines

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Mundo ni Maki
Statistics for Mundo ni Maki
Mundo ni Maki : Kaadikan, Lipunan, Kalokohan, Barberuhan, Kabaliwan at Kwentuhan

Tags: Adik, DLSAU, Maki, Bored, Mundo

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The Video Analyst
Statistics for The Video Analyst
The Video Analyst

Tags: Youtube, Funny, Amazing, Cool, Video

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Mapupusok sa "Pagibig"
Statistics for Mapupusok sa "Pagibig"
Kwentong pagibig, para sa umiibig, umibig at muling iibig.

Tags: Love, Quotes, Tips, Life, Relationship

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abakadang ala eh
Statistics for abakadang ala eh
dictionary of terms for tagalog words in batangas. includes words that are spoken only in the very native tongue of the people from batangas

Tags: Tagalog, Batangas, Filipino, Ala eh, Batangueno

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fish drowned in water
Statistics for fish drowned in water
my personal accounts on the events in the world. or whatever.

Tags: karen raagas, karenderya, karasikas, amparisms, fish drowned in water

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Pinay Vs. Zombies
Statistics for Pinay Vs. Zombies
Ang nag-iisang zombie apocalypse survival guide para sa mga Pinay!

Tags: Zombie, Pinay Zombies, Pinay Zombie Survival, Zombie Apocalypse Philippines, Zombie Apocalypse

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Statistics for Facebuko
Facebuko is derived from the phrase ‘Facebook ko’ which means ‘my facebook’ in Filipino. It is a sosyal site of Pinoy popular culture.

Tags: Facebook, parody, status, celebrity, Pinoy

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kol senter layp
Statistics for kol senter layp
This is mainly about different call center agent's day-to-day experiences in their jobs, companies and how the work is gets fun and funny sometimes.

Tags: wallet, call center agent, call center

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The Philippine Daily Gazette
Statistics for The Philippine Daily Gazette
funny satirical news from the Philippines

Tags: pinoy, news, funny, gazette, satire

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The Kamote Club
Statistics for The Kamote Club
Kamote Sagot Sa Kahirapan Ng Bayan

Tags: Humor, Funny, Joke, Laughter, Amusement

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Pilipino Ako Dahil...
Statistics for Pilipino Ako Dahil...
The best of being a Filipino

Tags: Philippines, Pinoy, Food

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Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes and Love Letter
Statistics for Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes and Love Letter
Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes, Love Letter, Love Poems, Love Lines and Love Story

Tags: Love Quotes, Love Letter, Love Poems, Love Lines, Love Story

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Pacute - All Funny Pacute Picture Online
Statistics for Pacute - All Funny Pacute Picture Online
Best Funny Pacute Picture Online

Tags: Best Funny Pacute, Picture Online, pacute, Cute, Pacute Picture

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ka-oehan lomong
Statistics for ka-oehan lomong
You can find Jokes, Banats, Quotes and personal posts here. Some of the posts in this blog are not mine. While most of them are my personal views about things in life. :)

Tags: sepjoo, ka-oehan lomong, personal, jokes, tumblr

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Ain't Just A Super
Statistics for Ain't Just A Super
A Personal blog na naglalaman ng mga kahayupan, kakiligan, kakengkoyan at mga mukha ko. A daily dose of kulay blue.

Tags: blue

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Real Life Usapan
Statistics for Real Life Usapan
Mga totoong walang kakwenta kwentang usapan ng kung sino-sino. Pwedeng nakakatawa, nakakainis, o nakakabaliw. Ikaw na bahala umintindi.

Tags: conversations, funny, usapan, philippines, jokes

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The Internet Public Toilet
Statistics for The Internet Public Toilet
Paki-Flush na lang po pagkagamit. Salamat!

Tags: toilet, corny, funny, jokes

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Statistics for ATRAS TONITE
Walang Katotohanan. Pawang Kasinungalingan Ang pinaka nakakatawang TAbloid sa pinas!!!

Tags: news, entertainment, piolo, satire, marian

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