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Ang Tunay Na TANGA
Statistics for Ang Tunay Na TANGA
ang blog na kung saan masasaksihan ang ibat ibang uri ng katangahan dito sa mundo tsk tsk tsk

Tags: funny, jokes, photos, movies, entertainment

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Paint my world
Statistics for Paint my world
This blog contains reblogged posts with tags of heart,guitar,avril,funny, and gifs.I also post my own typhos!Phobias,manias,quotes,love and much more.What i can say is "feed your mind".Find more about this blog.You won't regret it!

Tags: awesome, typhos, text, love, Believeme

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abakadang ala eh
Statistics for abakadang ala eh
dictionary of terms for tagalog words in batangas. includes words that are spoken only in the very native tongue of the people from batangas

Tags: Tagalog, Batangas, Filipino, Ala eh, Batangueno

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fish drowned in water
Statistics for fish drowned in water
my personal accounts on the events in the world. or whatever.

Tags: karen raagas, karenderya, karasikas, amparisms, fish drowned in water

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205 collection of all papansin, funny video, fun photos, jokes, latest news, jejemon, attention seeker, funny people, corny quotes, corny tagalog quotes
Statistics for collection of all papansin, funny video, fun photos, jokes, latest news, jejemon, attention seeker, funny people, corny quotes, corny tagalog quotes collection of all papansin, funny video, fun photos, jokes, latest news, jejemon, attention seeker, funny people, corny quotes, corny tagalog quotes

Tags:, papansin, funny video, funny photos, corny tagalog quotes

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Pamatay na Banat at PinoyJokes
Statistics for Pamatay na Banat at PinoyJokes
Collection of Pamatay na Banat and PinoyJokes

Tags: Pamatay na Banat, PinoyJokes, Pamatay na Pambara, Pamatay na Pangasar, Banat Jokes

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BAdET Ang batang Shuding(Little Queer)8
Statistics for BAdET  Ang batang Shuding(Little Queer)8
The escapades of badet.!!! Ang blog tungkol sa mga kabadingan, pa-mhin, paminta,bisexual, babaihan, bakla, tukling, lahat!

Tags: bisexual,pamhin,homosexual,bakla, ABS-CBN, GMA Kapuso,bisexuals,fab, closet gay,little gay,coming out, bisexual,pamhin,homosexual,bakla, dudung,dodong,shirtless,hot pinoy

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Statistics for Facebuko
Facebuko is derived from the phrase ‘Facebook ko’ which means ‘my facebook’ in Filipino. It is a sosyal site of Pinoy popular culture.

Tags: Facebook, parody, status, celebrity, Pinoy

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Pinoy Jokes Express
Statistics for Pinoy Jokes Express
A collection of funny wholesome jokes both in English and Filipino.

Tags: Pinoy, Jokes, Humor, Laugh, Filipino

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Pinoy Hoax Headlines
Statistics for Pinoy Hoax Headlines
A humor blog. Making fun of the hottest headlines in the Philippines.

Tags: humor, showbiz, jokes, celebrities, abs-cbn gma movies

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Pinoy Punchlines
Statistics for Pinoy Punchlines
inoy Punchlines, Filipino Punchlines - The #1 best of Pinoy Punchlines collections..

Tags: pinoy punchlines, pinoy punchline, filipino punchlines, pinoy jokes, cheesy punchlines

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Santo Sarcasm
Statistics for Santo Sarcasm
Satirical blog that discusses common pinoy stereotypes and current political issues in Philippine society. Caution: Very Sarcastic Author

Tags: Satire, Pinoy, Pinoy Stereotypes

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Si Batikokong, ang Palayaw, at ang mgaTaong Gustong maging Flower
Statistics for Si Batikokong, ang Palayaw, at ang mgaTaong Gustong maging Flower
Saan nanggaling ang palayaw mo? Ano ang Kaugnayan ni Batikokong at ni Rizal?

Tags: Rizal, palayaw, history, Filipino, xxx

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Statistics for mailboxofron
all about weird, funny and heartwarming emails directly from the mailbox of ron

Tags: email

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Ain't Just A Super
Statistics for Ain't Just A Super
A Personal blog na naglalaman ng mga kahayupan, kakiligan, kakengkoyan at mga mukha ko. A daily dose of kulay blue.

Tags: blue

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The Adventures of the Gagitos
Statistics for The Adventures of the Gagitos
Ang paglalahad ng KATOTOHANAN sa likod ng KAGAGUHAN

Tags: pacquiao, badong, gag, kagaguhan, gagitos

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Statistics for [W3]
Design, Beer and Life mix that together you get a [W3]

Tags: Life, Design, Humor, Alcohol, Beer

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TsiWaTug (Tsismis Way Tugpahay)
Statistics for TsiWaTug (Tsismis Way Tugpahay)

Tags: lingaw, fun, chismis, bisaya

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the mungo conspiracy
Statistics for the mungo conspiracy
Bakit ba mungo ang gulay pag Friday? Alam mo ba?

Tags: Pinoy, politics, humor, satire, relationships

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Statistics for FROM MY INBOX
Anything from the internet: forwarded emails, articles from different forums, text messages and quotes collections.

Tags: stories, inspirational articles, life lessons, funny jokes, quotes

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Statistics for kuwentista
Si Marvin Laguerta ay si kuwentista.

Tags: pinoy, jokes, quotes, banat, photography

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Ang Petiks na Agent
Statistics for Ang Petiks na Agent
Read about the life of a sarcastic, weird and sometimes funny call center agent here in the Philippines. Pak!

Tags: Call center agent, call center, funny call center agent, petiks na agent, petiks

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pagtuki sa mga butang
Statistics for pagtuki sa mga butang
pagtuki sa mga butang nga angay hinuktokan.

Tags: bisaya, bisaya blog, davao, pagtuki, mga kataw-anan

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Statistics for myeviltwinsister
MY EVIL TWIN SISTER. she has waited 30 long years to speak up. now she's gonna express herself with unapologetic glee!

Tags: humor, quotes

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Statistics for NINJAKOOL
blog na mga sertipayd na ninjakool sa bayan ni Juan

Tags: humor,signs gone mad,satire

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Statistics for UTAK TAE!
Sarcastic entries about anything under the sun and relating it to "shit" in a funny way. It could tackle social/political issues and the stereotypical behavior of Filipinos as well.

Tags: utak tae, tae, pinoy sarcasm, pasaway, patawang blog

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Kulitan Ng Pinoy
Statistics for Kulitan Ng Pinoy
List of Pinoy Jokes, Funny Videos, Text jokes and Original Jokes from experience.

Tags: filipino jokes, pinoy jokes, pinoy short jokes, pinoy funny vides, pinoy funny images

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Shoot Patrol
Statistics for Shoot Patrol
News That Doesn't make sense here in Shoot. 100% Laugh Trip

Tags: spoof news, funny news, humorous, nonesense news, just joking

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Statistics for FCKSHTUPBRO
personal blah blog of a student nurse

Tags: personal, tumblr, personality, humor, awesome

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Animated Gab
Statistics for Animated Gab
just my normal day to day struggles and what if's in animated way.

Tags: humor, funny, cartoon, comedy, animated

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Filipino Funny Videos
Statistics for Filipino Funny Videos
Filipino Funny Videos is a funny video collection blog from the Filipino, for the Filipino.

Tags: fun, video, comedy, spoof, gags

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An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Statistics for An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
This blog is dedicated to my over-dedication to other people's business. It is an attempt to help me vent out excess angst. In the end, I hope I won't need an away a day to keep my doctor away anymore. Join me in my misadventures.

Tags: people watching, douchebag, starbucks, pintasera, paparazzi

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Push the panic button na!
Statistics for Push the panic button na!
Nakaka pressure nga naman, lalo pa't kasabay ng pagkasambit nila ng mga salitang 'yon ang malalakas nilang tawanan. Pero paano nga ba? Paano nga ba ang buhay ng isang NBSB ?

Tags: personal, humor, thoughts, tumblr

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The Man Behind Mask
Statistics for The Man Behind Mask
basta pag-ibig, katatawana, repleksyon ng buhay at jokes. Sure na ikagiginhawa, ika-iinlove, katutuwa, kakikilig, kakabanas, at kasasaya mo! Tambay kayo minsan! Follow me :D

Tags: Banat, Humor, Religious, Love, Typography

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Huling Hirit!
Statistics for Huling Hirit!
mga pamatay na hirit para sa mga taong makukulit

Tags: hirit, biro

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Neil is the King of the World: Making fun of everything under the sun
Statistics for Neil is the King of the World: Making fun of everything under the sun
This is me explaining to the world what a big jerk I am.

Tags: UP, Anthropology, Masci, Neil Lacson, Virtual

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Gag ong blogger
Statistics for Gag ong blogger
Wa wentang wento ng isang wa wentang tao.

Tags: pinoy jokes, filipino, humor, kwentong tambay, philippines

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My Dimpled Humor
Statistics for My Dimpled Humor
Anything and everything under the sun that which strike my fancy out of humor, curiosity, enjoyment or all of the above. "Art in Motion" as seen through my eyes.

Tags: humor, photography, travel, Philippines, road trip

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Mundo ni Maki
Statistics for Mundo ni Maki
Mundo ni Maki : Kaadikan, Lipunan, Kalokohan, Barberuhan, Kabaliwan at Kwentuhan

Tags: Adik, DLSAU, Maki, Bored, Mundo

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The postman always rings twice
Statistics for The postman always rings twice
blog about random ramblings

Tags: humor, random, reactions, school life, real life

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Statistics for Perspektib
Home of the CUTEST blogger in town.

Tags: pinoy, politics, love, life, seriously funny

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ibaliBLOG mo 'ko!
Statistics for ibaliBLOG mo 'ko!
Ang buhay ay isang kwento. minsan comedy, minsan drama, minsan horror at minsan puno ng aksyon

Tags: drama, comedy, horror, action, funny

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Balut Penoy
Statistics for Balut Penoy
The Home of Pinoy Jokes

Tags: pinoy, jokes

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Pinay Vs. Zombies
Statistics for Pinay Vs. Zombies
Ang nag-iisang zombie apocalypse survival guide para sa mga Pinay!

Tags: Zombie, Pinay Zombies, Pinay Zombie Survival, Zombie Apocalypse Philippines, Zombie Apocalypse

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Excuses of a fucking weak
Statistics for Excuses of a fucking weak
Mga nakakatuwang kaganapan sa aking buhay. mga walang ka-kwenta kwentang mga sulatin at mga nakakatuwang larawan.

Tags: Funny Quotes, Pickup lines, pinoy jokes, funny photos, buhay pinoy

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Words For Moolah
Statistics for Words For Moolah
rants and strange musings

Tags: laurence dacanay, blogging for fun, funny blogs, blogging for money

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Adik sa Tabi
Statistics for Adik sa Tabi
kung adik ka, maiintindihan mo ko

Tags: life in general, comedy, sarcasm, satire, anecdotes

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Libakero 101
Statistics for Libakero 101
Spilling the Fats of Every Little Thing

Tags: libak, libakero, bisaya, heckler, southern

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Statistics for bruhomars
My blog is full of my mind's wonders. But mostly, what I post here are my thoughts, my humor, and some sort of my personal life.

Tags: humor

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A Sattire. An Unfortunate Experience of a Resigned Employee Cooking Tortang Talong

Tags: labor, recipee, cooking, kuwento, Filipino

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