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mga kwento ng batang lumaki sa bukid
Statistics for mga kwento ng batang lumaki sa bukid
everything i need to learn, i learned in the farm.

Tags: farm, life, bukid, filipino, pinoy

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An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Statistics for An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
This blog is dedicated to my over-dedication to other people's business. It is an attempt to help me vent out excess angst. In the end, I hope I won't need an away a day to keep my doctor away anymore. Join me in my misadventures.

Tags: people watching, douchebag, starbucks, pintasera, paparazzi

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Mr. Fries and Sundae
Statistics for Mr. Fries and Sundae
Mahilig magmahal pero hindi minamahal. Sakit noh? Hayaan mo, gwapo naman ako sabi ng nanay ko.

Tags: humor, personal, love, quotes, inspirational

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buhay badtrip
Statistics for buhay badtrip
gumawa ako ng blog para maisulat ko lahat ng gusto kung isulat, ilathala lahat ng napapansin ko, mag-kwento tungkol sa aking pang araw araw na buhay.

Tags: bad trip, buhay, badtrip, memory, funny

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Statistics for Maquoleet!
Kooly Maquoleet retells a dramatic, action, fantasy, (name a genre) story into an entertaining version that you would love to read.

Tags: makulit, kulit, naughty, crazy, nasty

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Statistics for Myfreakingblog
Random Blog. Blog about myself and also to everyone.

Tags: relate this, pagibig101, typo, meet up

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Princess Joyce
Statistics for Princess Joyce
A blog of a love-crazed teenage girl who wishes to share her journey to the world. She's also a WWE enthusiast and dreams to be the wife of Roman Reigns.

Tags: Love, WWE, Relationship, Relatable

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Its YOW time
Statistics for Its YOW time
A typical personal humor blog.

Tags: Its YOW time, YOW, Ako si Yow

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Pinoy Jokes Express
Statistics for Pinoy Jokes Express
A collection of funny wholesome jokes both in English and Filipino.

Tags: Pinoy, Jokes, Humor, Laugh, Filipino

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rocking chair
Statistics for rocking chair
this blog is mainly about my daily escapades, funny moments, happy memories that might be useful to other people or might be enough to complete their day.

Tags: teachers, high school, starbucks, lesbian, gay

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Pilipino Ako Dahil...
Statistics for Pilipino Ako Dahil...
The best of being a Filipino

Tags: Philippines, Pinoy, Food

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Recess Muna
Statistics for Recess Muna
"mga kuwentong katatawanan, kadramahan, at katatakutan na during breaktime mo lang mararamdaman..."

Tags: recess, comedy, kalokohan, kwento, kwentong kalye

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The Panti Experience
Statistics for The Panti Experience
Don't read my book, buy it na lang.

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Statistics for ka-Blogstoogan
tsismis bukas ngayon ang broadcast, mga kwentong minsan totoo at minsan hindi

Tags: tsismis, kabaklaan, mga kahindikhindik na kwento, pambwisit na kwento, nakakaaliw na mga istorya

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Jologs Na Yuppie
Statistics for Jologs Na Yuppie
A Lifestyle of a Young Professional

Tags: jologsnayuppie, crisiboy, yuppie, jologs, Jologs Na Yuppie

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Manny Pacquiao Edited Pictures
Statistics for Manny Pacquiao Edited Pictures
Manny mastered the art of impersonation and has impersonated as many celebrity figures as the boxers he has brought down. lol

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Statistics for jyinotes
Mas romantic pag paper and pencil. A man with God is always in the majority

Tags: jyinotes, jyiquotes, jyiloveadvice, jyitography, jyi

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This Is 90s Print Advertising
Statistics for This Is 90s Print Advertising
Natatandaan mo pa ba ang mga print ads na 'to? :-)

Tags: advertising, human interest, humor, copy, photography

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Statistics for DENASELOGY
I should have told you reading this blog is a perfect getaway from boredom

Tags: Life, Humor, Incoherent

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Pinoy Tagalog SMS
Statistics for Pinoy Tagalog SMS
text messages sms pinoy jokes

Tags: text, sms, pinoy sms, pinoy jokes, tagalog sms

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Live Like We're Dying
Statistics for Live Like We're Dying
This is pretty much where I put random things I think during my existence.

Tags: Banban, Math, Ateneo, Rawr

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Statistics for BLOG ITEM
information and entertainment in one blog

Tags: information, pinoy, classified ads

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That Facking Life
Statistics for That Facking Life
All the shits in life are here.

Tags: Viral, Trending, Epic Fail, That Facking Life, Shits

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Story Of My Little Life
Statistics for Story Of My Little Life
Love, Life, Funny, Relatable Quotes of your daily life!

Tags: love, life, funny, relatable

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ka-oehan lomong
Statistics for ka-oehan lomong
You can find Jokes, Banats, Quotes and personal posts here. Some of the posts in this blog are not mine. While most of them are my personal views about things in life. :)

Tags: sepjoo, ka-oehan lomong, personal, jokes, tumblr

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Statistics for bubbledface
I am Optimist Prime.

Tags: humor, banat, jokes, typos, personal

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Statistics for PUTANGINA GAGO!
ang blog na ito ay isang rant blog. panay mura dahil badtrip ako. pinopost ko lang rito ang lahat ng nakakabwisit na nangyayari sa buhay ko. pwedeng nagmumura rin ako dahil amsaya ako

Tags: putangina gago, philippines, mga hassle sa pinas, bad trip, best blogs

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Pinoy Big Beki
Statistics for Pinoy Big Beki
ang kemerlu ng trulagen na buhay

Tags: gay humor, entertainment, gay lingo, comedy, pinoy

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Statistics for TEXT PARTNERS
A collection of text messages

Tags: sms, text messages, text mates, cellphones

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Statistics for NINJAKOOL
blog na mga sertipayd na ninjakool sa bayan ni Juan

Tags: humor,signs gone mad,satire

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Thirsty In Love
Statistics for Thirsty In Love
quotes, oneliner, humor, love and all

Tags: humor, text, oneliner, love, quotes

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Release Your Inner Moron
Statistics for Release Your Inner Moron
Technology, travel, and the IQ of people with low-hanging jeans.

Tags: Science, Morons, Travel, Technology, Gym

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WARVITT The Online Kubeta
Statistics for WARVITT The Online Kubeta
Warvitt is about outrageous things and stories from the author's own experiences on his daily and chilhood life. The blog includes some fictional stories and parody characters.

Tags: Boraemon, Warvitt, Online Kubeta, Kubeta Mo

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The Official Bum Site
Statistics for The Official Bum Site
A little bit of everything.This site rants about Philippine corruption and teenage vices.A bit about macro photography,watching tv shows online, health-related issues, nurse reviews, and very little on nurse jobs abroad. :)

Tags: photography, philippine corruption, nurse reviews, nurse jobs abroad, book reviews

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Idiosyncratic Inklings
Statistics for Idiosyncratic Inklings
Social Commentary and personal views of a 30 something woman who is just starting out.

Tags: social commentary, politics, world, fashion, culture

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Marami akong chicks gusto mo?
Statistics for Marami akong chicks gusto mo?
Ako'y isang lalakeng may pangalang pang babae. Mabait ako. Marami akong kwento sa buhay. Chickboy daw ako eh. Pag nag visit ka dito di ka magsisisi :)

Tags: Storya ng chickboy, Humor, Jokes, Lessons, Tips para maraming chicks

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Paint my world
Statistics for Paint my world
This blog contains reblogged posts with tags of heart,guitar,avril,funny, and gifs.I also post my own typhos!Phobias,manias,quotes,love and much more.What i can say is "feed your mind".Find more about this blog.You won't regret it!

Tags: awesome, typhos, text, love, Believeme

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Mistaken for Love
Statistics for Mistaken for Love
ahm. nothing just posting some pictues

Tags: humor, funny, love, life, quotes

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The Video Analyst
Statistics for The Video Analyst
The Video Analyst

Tags: Youtube, Funny, Amazing, Cool, Video

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Mapupusok sa "Pagibig"
Statistics for Mapupusok sa "Pagibig"
Kwentong pagibig, para sa umiibig, umibig at muling iibig.

Tags: Love, Quotes, Tips, Life, Relationship

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Pinay Vs. Zombies
Statistics for Pinay Vs. Zombies
Ang nag-iisang zombie apocalypse survival guide para sa mga Pinay!

Tags: Zombie, Pinay Zombies, Pinay Zombie Survival, Zombie Apocalypse Philippines, Zombie Apocalypse

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Talinhaga ng Isang Supladong Alipin
Statistics for Talinhaga ng Isang Supladong Alipin
Supladong Alipin

Tags: Humor, Thoughts, Life, Experience, World

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Statistics for Unlitxters
Text quotes, jokes, humors and more!

Tags: Text Quotes, Emo Quotes, Love Quotes, txt, jokes

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KarlaCabasag (MissBanat)
Statistics for KarlaCabasag (MissBanat)
Do not love me if you are in doubt.

Tags: quotes, nurse, pinoy, love, friendship

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Pinoy Funny Photos
Statistics for Pinoy Funny Photos
Philippines The Best of The Best Humor.

Tags: Funny Signs, Funny Videos, Funny Pictures

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Adik sa Tabi
Statistics for Adik sa Tabi
kung adik ka, maiintindihan mo ko

Tags: life in general, comedy, sarcasm, satire, anecdotes

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Pinoy Punchlines
Statistics for Pinoy Punchlines
inoy Punchlines, Filipino Punchlines - The #1 best of Pinoy Punchlines collections..

Tags: pinoy punchlines, pinoy punchline, filipino punchlines, pinoy jokes, cheesy punchlines

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Manly Man in Manila
Statistics for Manly Man in Manila
Essay from a man's perspective about culture, fashion and pinoy nostalgia

Tags: Men's perspective

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Humor and Life Lessons by Sir Kune
Statistics for Humor and Life Lessons by Sir Kune
Inspiring others through humor and life lessons.

Tags: Humor, Inspiration, Life, Lessons, Love

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kol senter layp
Statistics for kol senter layp
This is mainly about different call center agent's day-to-day experiences in their jobs, companies and how the work is gets fun and funny sometimes.

Tags: wallet, call center agent, call center

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