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Statistics for Maquoleet!
Kooly Maquoleet retells a dramatic, action, fantasy, (name a genre) story into an entertaining version that you would love to read.

Tags: makulit, kulit, naughty, crazy, nasty

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Quotes, Articles, Jokes, Text Messages, Inspirational – by rjdreyes
Statistics for Quotes, Articles, Jokes, Text Messages, Inspirational – by rjdreyes
This site is all about Articles, Quotes, Jokes Messages, Text Messages, Inspirational and Attitude Messages.

Tags: text messages, quotes, inspirational, joke messages, articles

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BAdET Ang batang Shuding(Little Queer)8
Statistics for BAdET  Ang batang Shuding(Little Queer)8
The escapades of badet.!!! Ang blog tungkol sa mga kabadingan, pa-mhin, paminta,bisexual, babaihan, bakla, tukling, lahat!

Tags: bisexual,pamhin,homosexual,bakla, ABS-CBN, GMA Kapuso,bisexuals,fab, closet gay,little gay,coming out, bisexual,pamhin,homosexual,bakla, dudung,dodong,shirtless,hot pinoy

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Pinoy Jokes
Statistics for Pinoy Jokes
The best and funniest filipino jokes of all time around the web.

Tags: Pinoy Jokes, Filipino Jokes, Tagalog jokes, The Best of the Philippines humour, Funny Tagalog

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Korny Mo
Statistics for Korny Mo
Compilation of Korny Jokes Online From websites and Social networking Sites!

Tags: Pinoy Cheesy Lines, Pinoy banats, Pinoy Knock Knock jokes, Pinoy Green Jokes, Pinoy funny jokes

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Statistics for rainbowwithtears
simple and cool. My blog contains doodle made by me, typography, rants and so whatever.

Tags: doodle, secrets, typography, thoughts, love

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Banat 4 Today
Statistics for Banat 4 Today
Everyday Humor on the Internet

Tags: Humor, Funny, Internet, People, News

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The Love Whisperer | Love Quotes
Statistics for The Love Whisperer | Love Quotes
Relatable Love Quotes, Music, Images and Relationship Advice on Tumblr. Making love sweeter and easing the pain of broken hearts.

Tags: Love, Life, Personal, Photography, Tumblr

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Modernong Pluma
Statistics for Modernong Pluma
Thoughts of the daydreamer. I have a story to tell.

Tags: Wattpad, Writing tips, Tagalog stories, Random thoughts, Pag-ibig

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My Daily Love Quotes
Statistics for My Daily Love Quotes
My Daily Love Quotes - A Collection of Love Quotes Images

Tags: Love Quotes Images, Love Quotes, Cute Quotes, Broken Hearted Quotes, Quotes Pictures

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Statistics for Hangal!
Ang Official Blog ng mga Indio!

Tags: humor, kalokohan, patawa, blogs

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Pinoy Funny Photos
Statistics for Pinoy Funny Photos
Philippines The Best of The Best Humor.

Tags: Funny Signs, Funny Videos, Funny Pictures

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Statistics for kaisheramos
Tambay na! :) Sana magustuhan nyo. Mga iba't ibang kowts sa pag-ibig o sa buhay man yan.

Tags: humor, jokes, banat, quotes, tagalog quotes

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a weblog featuring the different issues why some Filipinos are called stubborn

Tags: stubborn, juan pasaway, pasaway, rosselle, pinoy

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Statistics for I KNOW HER STORY.
Welcome to the extension of the plain-vanilla life I live, my name is Alyssa, and maybe that's the least of your cares anymore. This is my attention span, the dumping site of my brain's excrements, and what you see is what you get.

Tags: typographies, personal, drama, love, heartbreak

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Idiosyncratic Inklings
Statistics for Idiosyncratic Inklings
Social Commentary and personal views of a 30 something woman who is just starting out.

Tags: social commentary, politics, world, fashion, culture

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Statistics for R.I.P. GRAMMAR
I'm not just into photography, but I'm also into poetry, lit. My blog is composed of a lot of things.

Tags: spilled ink, photography, journal, poetry, literature

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Statistics for HumorTrip
A blog about anything humorous, entertaining, amusingly witty, satirical comedy, wacky and simply hilarious. You can find here funny pics videos or stories in test.

Tags: entertaining posts, hilarious videos, funny photos, random jokes, banned commercials

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Generation Q
Statistics for Generation Q
Love, sex, and the pursuit of happiness. Generation Q is a webcomic that follows the lives of three gay friends: the horny artist, the shy intellectual, and the kind-hearted – uhm – well, find out for yourself.

Tags: gay, friends, humor, sex, NSFW

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Ragged Edge
Statistics for Ragged Edge
This blog is about random stuffs but mainly, it features jokes, rants, photos, foods, words of wisdom and lastly, about personal experiences and friendship. I hope you like it :)

Tags: NCLEX, Rants, Jokes, KwentoNgBuhayKo, BeyondMyCamera'sLens

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Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes and Love Letter
Statistics for Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes and Love Letter
Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes, Love Letter, Love Poems, Love Lines and Love Story

Tags: Love Quotes, Love Letter, Love Poems, Love Lines, Love Story

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Marami akong chicks gusto mo?
Statistics for Marami akong chicks gusto mo?
Ako'y isang lalakeng may pangalang pang babae. Mabait ako. Marami akong kwento sa buhay. Chickboy daw ako eh. Pag nag visit ka dito di ka magsisisi :)

Tags: Storya ng chickboy, Humor, Jokes, Lessons, Tips para maraming chicks

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RELEYT Relatable Facts
Statistics for RELEYT Relatable Facts
A place to find things that we (human beings and yes, Filipinos) do and can relate to. A tambayan for relatable facts dedicated to Filipinos from around the world.

Tags: pinoy relatable facts, relatables, meme for pinoys, pinoy memes, pinoy culture

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Meme Square
Statistics for Meme Square
Bringing you the latest and newest funny meme's pictures online.

Tags: meme square, funny pictures, lates funny pictures, meme photos, latest meme photos

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Captain Neuron
Statistics for Captain Neuron
Collection of anything under the sun. From humor to personal to bitching people.

Tags: bitch, rants, relationships, humor, intellect

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Statistics for bubbledface
I am Optimist Prime.

Tags: humor, banat, jokes, typos, personal

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Excuses of a fucking weak
Statistics for Excuses of a fucking weak
Mga nakakatuwang kaganapan sa aking buhay. mga walang ka-kwenta kwentang mga sulatin at mga nakakatuwang larawan.

Tags: Funny Quotes, Pickup lines, pinoy jokes, funny photos, buhay pinoy

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Manly Man in Manila
Statistics for Manly Man in Manila
Essay from a man's perspective about culture, fashion and pinoy nostalgia

Tags: Men's perspective

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rocking chair
Statistics for rocking chair
this blog is mainly about my daily escapades, funny moments, happy memories that might be useful to other people or might be enough to complete their day.

Tags: teachers, high school, starbucks, lesbian, gay

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Buhay Badikla
Statistics for Buhay Badikla
Ang mga anik anik sa aking colorful lifeness!

Tags: bading, gay, kalokohan,chuva

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Statistics for SeemeWeFly
Sayings, Quotes, Photography, and Typographies.

Tags: Sayings, Typhographies, Quotes, Humor, Photos and Pictures

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Gusot Mayaman
Statistics for Gusot Mayaman
Ang Gusot Mayaman ay hindi lamang para sa mga may kaya sa buhay. Para din ito sa mga taong simple at nangangarap. Balang araw ang aking barong ay 'GUSOT MAYAMAN'

Tags: quotes, personal, education, rantz, crazy

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The Karla
Statistics for The Karla
Love, Personal, TA, advices, quotes

Tags: Personal, Love Advices, Love quotes, Photography, Quotes

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Pinoy Big Beki
Statistics for Pinoy Big Beki
ang kemerlu ng trulagen na buhay

Tags: gay humor, entertainment, gay lingo, comedy, pinoy

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Kwentong Incredible
Statistics for Kwentong Incredible
Blog na umaapaw sa humor. lol joke lang hahahahaha

Tags: Personal, Funny, Baliwan Stories

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Statistics for CHORVA!
chorva! maiksi ang buhay. maging pasaway. lagyan mo ng kulay.

Tags: blog awards, podcast, jokes, pinoy, spoof

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Live Like We're Dying
Statistics for Live Like We're Dying
This is pretty much where I put random things I think during my existence.

Tags: Banban, Math, Ateneo, Rawr

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Mundo ni Maki
Statistics for Mundo ni Maki
Mundo ni Maki : Kaadikan, Lipunan, Kalokohan, Barberuhan, Kabaliwan at Kwentuhan

Tags: Adik, DLSAU, Maki, Bored, Mundo

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Statistics for Perspektib
Home of the CUTEST blogger in town.

Tags: pinoy, politics, love, life, seriously funny

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Recess Muna
Statistics for Recess Muna
"mga kuwentong katatawanan, kadramahan, at katatakutan na during breaktime mo lang mararamdaman..."

Tags: recess, comedy, kalokohan, kwento, kwentong kalye

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The Style Engineer
Statistics for The Style Engineer
Your guide to everything under the sun - fashion, lifestyle, education, reviews.

Tags: Fashion, Lifestyle, Education, Reviews, Tumblr

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Kwentong Calye
Statistics for Kwentong Calye
Ako si Cale. Araw-araw ako nagco-commute kung saan man ako patungo. Gusto ko ibahagi ang mga nakatatawa, nakatutuwa at mga hindi nakatutuwang mga kwentong kalyeng naranasan o nararanasan ko o ng mga taong kakilala ko.

Tags: kwento, kalye, cale

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Statistics for palaplap
Ang blog ko ay isang blog ng isang taong walang magawa sa buhay, pero may nagagawa sa buhay ng iba. READ. COMPREHEND. WAKE UP.

Tags: palaplap, pinoy, palamunin, masaya, astig

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An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Statistics for An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
This blog is dedicated to my over-dedication to other people's business. It is an attempt to help me vent out excess angst. In the end, I hope I won't need an away a day to keep my doctor away anymore. Join me in my misadventures.

Tags: people watching, douchebag, starbucks, pintasera, paparazzi

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Statistics for DENASELOGY
I should have told you reading this blog is a perfect getaway from boredom

Tags: Life, Humor, Incoherent

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Story Of My Little Life
Statistics for Story Of My Little Life
Love, Life, Funny, Relatable Quotes of your daily life!

Tags: love, life, funny, relatable

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Misadventures of Artiemous
Statistics for Misadventures of Artiemous
Mga istorya at pakikibaka ng isang matabang tao ngunit gwapo na si artiemous... sundan ang kanyang paglalakbay at pagsagupa sa totoong buhay!

Tags: artiemous, artie, matabangbyahero, mataba, gwapo

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Humorously Funny
Statistics for Humorously Funny
Sit back, relax and laugh a little.

Tags: jokes, laughs, humorous, funny, fails

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An Emerging Deity
Statistics for An Emerging Deity

Tags: humor?, photography, fashion, drama, personal

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mga kwento ng batang lumaki sa bukid
Statistics for mga kwento ng batang lumaki sa bukid
everything i need to learn, i learned in the farm.

Tags: farm, life, bukid, filipino, pinoy

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