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Statistics for janisluvj
personal blog about daily antics with a little humor and some romantic entries; also list down travel experiences, reaction to current events and issues; self-authored literary pieces, etc...

Tags: books, love, current events, opinion, travel

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Story Of My Little Life
Statistics for Story Of My Little Life
Love, Life, Funny, Relatable Quotes of your daily life!

Tags: love, life, funny, relatable

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Misadventures of Artiemous
Statistics for Misadventures of Artiemous
Mga istorya at pakikibaka ng isang matabang tao ngunit gwapo na si artiemous... sundan ang kanyang paglalakbay at pagsagupa sa totoong buhay!

Tags: artiemous, artie, matabangbyahero, mataba, gwapo

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My Daily Love Quotes
Statistics for My Daily Love Quotes
My Daily Love Quotes - A Collection of Love Quotes Images

Tags: Love Quotes Images, Love Quotes, Cute Quotes, Broken Hearted Quotes, Quotes Pictures

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Free Minds
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This is the site where everything can be posted.

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Idiosyncratic Inklings
Statistics for Idiosyncratic Inklings
Social Commentary and personal views of a 30 something woman who is just starting out.

Tags: social commentary, politics, world, fashion, culture

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Random Blog. Blog about myself and also to everyone.

Tags: relate this, pagibig101, typo, meet up

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Quotes, Articles, Jokes, Text Messages, Inspirational – by rjdreyes
Statistics for Quotes, Articles, Jokes, Text Messages, Inspirational – by rjdreyes
This site is all about Articles, Quotes, Jokes Messages, Text Messages, Inspirational and Attitude Messages.

Tags: text messages, quotes, inspirational, joke messages, articles

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BAdET Ang batang Shuding(Little Queer)8
Statistics for BAdET  Ang batang Shuding(Little Queer)8
The escapades of badet.!!! Ang blog tungkol sa mga kabadingan, pa-mhin, paminta,bisexual, babaihan, bakla, tukling, lahat!

Tags: bisexual,pamhin,homosexual,bakla, ABS-CBN, GMA Kapuso,bisexuals,fab, closet gay,little gay,coming out, bisexual,pamhin,homosexual,bakla, dudung,dodong,shirtless,hot pinoy

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The Love Whisperer | Love Quotes
Statistics for The Love Whisperer | Love Quotes
Relatable Love Quotes, Music, Images and Relationship Advice on Tumblr. Making love sweeter and easing the pain of broken hearts.

Tags: Love, Life, Personal, Photography, Tumblr

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JMO Brain Dump
Statistics for JMO Brain Dump
Irreverent, blasphemous, cringe-worthy humor. In case you miss the sarcasm, this is a satire blog on what's going on in the Philippines and beyond.

Tags: brain dump, satire, sarcasm, news, current events

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Statistics for Fun-Facts.Info
Funniest, cool and interesting facts. This is to educate and entertain Filipino people and the rest of the world about awesome, weird but true facts.

Tags: fun facts, interesting facts, funniest video, cool facts, useful information

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Drama makes life richer
Statistics for Drama makes life richer
m Kevin Alicante. 16yrs old. Im a narrowed minded, walking stick, "self-centered" son of a gun.

Tags: preso, presoblogs, presoqoutes, presospeaks, presophoto

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Statistics for BLOG ITEM
information and entertainment in one blog

Tags: information, pinoy, classified ads

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RELEYT Relatable Facts
Statistics for RELEYT Relatable Facts
A place to find things that we (human beings and yes, Filipinos) do and can relate to. A tambayan for relatable facts dedicated to Filipinos from around the world.

Tags: pinoy relatable facts, relatables, meme for pinoys, pinoy memes, pinoy culture

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Sikan Tots
Statistics for Sikan Tots
Mga samu't saring ideya ng isang taong seryoso sa pagiging luku-luko. Wag masyadong seryosohin kung ayaw mong uminit lang ang iyong ulo. Kung hanap mo ay impormasyong mapagkakatiwalaan at mapapakinabangan, hindi ito yun.

Tags: Funny, Lists, Random, Pinoy

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Gusot Mayaman
Statistics for Gusot Mayaman
Ang Gusot Mayaman ay hindi lamang para sa mga may kaya sa buhay. Para din ito sa mga taong simple at nangangarap. Balang araw ang aking barong ay 'GUSOT MAYAMAN'

Tags: quotes, personal, education, rantz, crazy

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Run, Md! Run!
Statistics for Run, Md! Run!
This is not just about my encounters when I run, but all about the things that I've ran into as I make my way through the road of life whatever footwear I may wear.

Tags: Jogging, Call Center, Humor, Rumor, Movies

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buhay badtrip
Statistics for buhay badtrip
gumawa ako ng blog para maisulat ko lahat ng gusto kung isulat, ilathala lahat ng napapansin ko, mag-kwento tungkol sa aking pang araw araw na buhay.

Tags: bad trip, buhay, badtrip, memory, funny

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Statistics for Maquoleet!
Kooly Maquoleet retells a dramatic, action, fantasy, (name a genre) story into an entertaining version that you would love to read.

Tags: makulit, kulit, naughty, crazy, nasty

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Statistics for JOKENALISMO
Humor & Politics & Entertainment

Tags: Philippines News, World News, Showbiz News, funny, Corrupt

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Sardinas Republic
Statistics for Sardinas Republic
Ang Sardinas Republic ay tungkol sa iba't ibang kuwentong Pinoy--maliit man o malaki, pansinin man o hindi, may kwenta man o wala! Inilata, binuksan, inihain--walang basagan ng trip! :)

Tags: kuwentong pinoy, kuwentong de lata, kuwentong noypi, ingles inglesan, likhang pinoy

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Excuses of a fucking weak
Statistics for Excuses of a fucking weak
Mga nakakatuwang kaganapan sa aking buhay. mga walang ka-kwenta kwentang mga sulatin at mga nakakatuwang larawan.

Tags: Funny Quotes, Pickup lines, pinoy jokes, funny photos, buhay pinoy

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Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes and Love Letter
Statistics for Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes and Love Letter
Mr. Bolero Love Collection of Pick up lines, Love Quotes, Love Letter, Love Poems, Love Lines and Love Story

Tags: Love Quotes, Love Letter, Love Poems, Love Lines, Love Story

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A Sattire. An Unfortunate Experience of a Resigned Employee Cooking Tortang Talong

Tags: labor, recipee, cooking, kuwento, Filipino

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Si Batikokong, ang Palayaw, at ang mgaTaong Gustong maging Flower
Statistics for Si Batikokong, ang Palayaw, at ang mgaTaong Gustong maging Flower
Saan nanggaling ang palayaw mo? Ano ang Kaugnayan ni Batikokong at ni Rizal?

Tags: Rizal, palayaw, history, Filipino, xxx

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Pinoy Quotes and Jokes
Statistics for Pinoy Quotes and Jokes
no.1 online pinoy quotes and jokes collection

Tags: Sms, Pinoy jokes, Pinoy quotes, Banat, Text Messages

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Statistics for bubbledface
I am Optimist Prime.

Tags: humor, banat, jokes, typos, personal

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Statistics for akoisme
this is a humor blog

Tags: akoisme

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the mungo conspiracy
Statistics for the mungo conspiracy
Bakit ba mungo ang gulay pag Friday? Alam mo ba?

Tags: Pinoy, politics, humor, satire, relationships

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Pinoy Big Beki
Statistics for Pinoy Big Beki
ang kemerlu ng trulagen na buhay

Tags: gay humor, entertainment, gay lingo, comedy, pinoy

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Statistics for UTAK TAE!
Sarcastic entries about anything under the sun and relating it to "shit" in a funny way. It could tackle social/political issues and the stereotypical behavior of Filipinos as well.

Tags: utak tae, tae, pinoy sarcasm, pasaway, patawang blog

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An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Statistics for An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
This blog is dedicated to my over-dedication to other people's business. It is an attempt to help me vent out excess angst. In the end, I hope I won't need an away a day to keep my doctor away anymore. Join me in my misadventures.

Tags: people watching, douchebag, starbucks, pintasera, paparazzi

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Naghahanap ka ba ng panandaliang aliw?

Tags: filipino, funny, jokes, satire, philippines

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pinoy pick-up lines
Statistics for pinoy pick-up lines
mga koleksyon ng mga malulupin na pick-up lines

Tags: pick-up lines, banat, pbb teens, boy pickup, tagalog

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Paint my world
Statistics for Paint my world
This blog contains reblogged posts with tags of heart,guitar,avril,funny, and gifs.I also post my own typhos!Phobias,manias,quotes,love and much more.What i can say is "feed your mind".Find more about this blog.You won't regret it!

Tags: awesome, typhos, text, love, Believeme

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Pinoy Funny Photos
Statistics for Pinoy Funny Photos
Philippines The Best of The Best Humor.

Tags: Funny Signs, Funny Videos, Funny Pictures

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Captain Neuron
Statistics for Captain Neuron
Collection of anything under the sun. From humor to personal to bitching people.

Tags: bitch, rants, relationships, humor, intellect

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Best Pinoy Jokes
Statistics for Best Pinoy Jokes
THE BEST PINOY TAMBAYAN ALL THE TIME. The Best Pinoy Jokes of All Time. The Best and Funniest Tagalog Jokes Around Ever.

Tags: Funniest Jokes, Tagalog quotes, Pinoy TV, Filipino Foods, Top pinoy movies

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Humorously Funny
Statistics for Humorously Funny
Sit back, relax and laugh a little.

Tags: jokes, laughs, humorous, funny, fails

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The Panti Experience
Statistics for The Panti Experience
Don't read my book, buy it na lang.

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An Emerging Deity
Statistics for An Emerging Deity

Tags: humor?, photography, fashion, drama, personal

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Statistics for Teritoryo
tahanan ng mga pinatinding kahibangan at maiikling kwento ni Whang...

Tags: puna, short story, insane thoughts

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Jologs Na Yuppie
Statistics for Jologs Na Yuppie
A Lifestyle of a Young Professional

Tags: jologsnayuppie, crisiboy, yuppie, jologs, Jologs Na Yuppie

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Her Pensive Mind
Statistics for Her Pensive Mind
Her Pensive Mind is a blog dedicated to life's different experiences. It recalls the author's view about how she perceives the world and she hopes to attract readers with fangs that can bite hard and inspire her to shed blood (from the nose *win

Tags: personal, fiction, arts

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Statistics for FCKSHTUPBRO
personal blah blog of a student nurse

Tags: personal, tumblr, personality, humor, awesome

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mga kwento ng batang lumaki sa bukid
Statistics for mga kwento ng batang lumaki sa bukid
everything i need to learn, i learned in the farm.

Tags: farm, life, bukid, filipino, pinoy

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Inspiringly Funny
Statistics for Inspiringly Funny
Giving life a taste of fun through jokes, snaps, and quotes!

Tags: Jokes, Quotes, Humor

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Statistics for RAYMONGOLOID
Quotes, Banats, Jokes atbp. Follow na. hihihi

Tags: oneliners

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Ako si Papa MeL
Statistics for Ako si Papa MeL
Samu't saring pananaw, opinyon at suggestions na pwede kong maibahagi sa Pilipinas. Malay natin diba? :P

Tags: Papa, MeL, Papa MeL, kalokohan, patawa

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