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Princess Joyce
Statistics for Princess Joyce
A blog of a love-crazed teenage girl who wishes to share her journey to the world. She's also a WWE enthusiast and dreams to be the wife of Roman Reigns.

Tags: Love, WWE, Relationship, Relatable

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Statistics for antihomesick
collection of funny video, picture, jokes, and general information

Tags: humor, funny video, funny picture, jokes, general information

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Kwentong Incredible
Statistics for Kwentong Incredible
Blog na umaapaw sa humor. lol joke lang hahahahaha

Tags: Personal, Funny, Baliwan Stories

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Manny Pacquiao Edited Pictures
Statistics for Manny Pacquiao Edited Pictures
Manny mastered the art of impersonation and has impersonated as many celebrity figures as the boxers he has brought down. lol

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mga kwento ng batang lumaki sa bukid
Statistics for mga kwento ng batang lumaki sa bukid
everything i need to learn, i learned in the farm.

Tags: farm, life, bukid, filipino, pinoy

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An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Statistics for An Away (ǽ-wai) a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
This blog is dedicated to my over-dedication to other people's business. It is an attempt to help me vent out excess angst. In the end, I hope I won't need an away a day to keep my doctor away anymore. Join me in my misadventures.

Tags: people watching, douchebag, starbucks, pintasera, paparazzi

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buhay badtrip
Statistics for buhay badtrip
gumawa ako ng blog para maisulat ko lahat ng gusto kung isulat, ilathala lahat ng napapansin ko, mag-kwento tungkol sa aking pang araw araw na buhay.

Tags: bad trip, buhay, badtrip, memory, funny

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Statistics for DENASELOGY
I should have told you reading this blog is a perfect getaway from boredom

Tags: Life, Humor, Incoherent

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Free Minds
Statistics for Free Minds
This is the site where everything can be posted.

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Statistics for bubuwitter
bubuwit's adventures and misadventures with her cheese, cat chases, and traps.

Tags: funny pinay, pinoy twitter, comedy, totoong buhay, nostalgia

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Statistics for Perspektib
Home of the CUTEST blogger in town.

Tags: pinoy, politics, love, life, seriously funny

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Epic Fail is Epic
Statistics for Epic Fail is Epic
A compilation of funny photo, funny jokes, fail pictures, Facebook fail, tattoo fail, funny jokes, funny photo, pic joke, fail blog and many more.

Tags: fail pictures, funny photo, funny jokes, fail blog, funny photo

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That Facking Life
Statistics for That Facking Life
All the shits in life are here.

Tags: Viral, Trending, Epic Fail, That Facking Life, Shits

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Meme Square
Statistics for Meme Square
Bringing you the latest and newest funny meme's pictures online.

Tags: meme square, funny pictures, lates funny pictures, meme photos, latest meme photos

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Statistics for palaplap
Ang blog ko ay isang blog ng isang taong walang magawa sa buhay, pero may nagagawa sa buhay ng iba. READ. COMPREHEND. WAKE UP.

Tags: palaplap, pinoy, palamunin, masaya, astig

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Ako Si Juan Malaya
Statistics for Ako Si Juan Malaya
Si Juan Malaya ay isang batang 90s na may malawak na imahinasyon, makulit, maharot, maloko at minsan ay pasaway pero may magandang pananaw sa buhay.

Tags: JuanMalaya, life, funny, Buhay ng Pinoy, childhood memories

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LoL Funny Images
Statistics for LoL Funny Images
Just Making Fun - Lol, Funny Images, Gifs, Memes and more

Tags: fun, memes, lol, funny pics

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Statistics for myeviltwinsister
MY EVIL TWIN SISTER. she has waited 30 long years to speak up. now she's gonna express herself with unapologetic glee!

Tags: humor, quotes

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Pretsel Maker Blog
Statistics for Pretsel Maker Blog
Bite Me, I'm 100% Organic

Tags: Humor, Personal, Events, Blogging, Scandals

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my-tube: silly, funny, brilliant, controversial stuff from youtube
Statistics for my-tube: silly, funny, brilliant, controversial stuff from youtube
silly, funny, brilliant, controversial stuff from youtube

Tags: youtube, funny, silly, controversial, videos

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Thirsty In Love
Statistics for Thirsty In Love
quotes, oneliner, humor, love and all

Tags: humor, text, oneliner, love, quotes

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WARVITT The Online Kubeta
Statistics for WARVITT The Online Kubeta
Warvitt is about outrageous things and stories from the author's own experiences on his daily and chilhood life. The blog includes some fictional stories and parody characters.

Tags: Boraemon, Warvitt, Online Kubeta, Kubeta Mo

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Filipino Funny Videos
Statistics for Filipino Funny Videos
Filipino Funny Videos is a funny video collection blog from the Filipino, for the Filipino.

Tags: fun, video, comedy, spoof, gags

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The Official Bum Site
Statistics for The Official Bum Site
A little bit of everything.This site rants about Philippine corruption and teenage vices.A bit about macro photography,watching tv shows online, health-related issues, nurse reviews, and very little on nurse jobs abroad. :)

Tags: photography, philippine corruption, nurse reviews, nurse jobs abroad, book reviews

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Inspiringly Funny
Statistics for Inspiringly Funny
Giving life a taste of fun through jokes, snaps, and quotes!

Tags: Jokes, Quotes, Humor

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Supporting Evidence for My Insanity Plea
Statistics for Supporting Evidence for My Insanity Plea
A collection of random stories riddled with pathetic attempts at humor - or what I call drunk-writing.

Tags: random

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Statistics for Maquoleet!
Kooly Maquoleet retells a dramatic, action, fantasy, (name a genre) story into an entertaining version that you would love to read.

Tags: makulit, kulit, naughty, crazy, nasty

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Statistics for Crackernuts
everyday humor in everyday living

Tags: Humor, Crackernuts, entertaiment, Fun, Jokes

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Statistics for IKWENTO MO
Pinoy Entertainment| News|Lifestyle|Current Events|Live In Manila

Tags: Pinoy Entertainment, Pinoy Lifetsyle, Headlines, Current Events, Philippine News

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Idiosyncratic Inklings
Statistics for Idiosyncratic Inklings
Social Commentary and personal views of a 30 something woman who is just starting out.

Tags: social commentary, politics, world, fashion, culture

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Funny Pinoy Jokes
Statistics for Funny Pinoy Jokes
Funny Pinoy Jokes | Funny Pinoy Text Messages | Tagalog Jokes | Funny email Messages

Tags: funny jokes, funny pinoy jokes, tagalog jokes, filipino jokes, funny text messages

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Live Like We're Dying
Statistics for Live Like We're Dying
This is pretty much where I put random things I think during my existence.

Tags: Banban, Math, Ateneo, Rawr

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Mistaken for Love
Statistics for Mistaken for Love
ahm. nothing just posting some pictues

Tags: humor, funny, love, life, quotes

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Gag ong blogger
Statistics for Gag ong blogger
Wa wentang wento ng isang wa wentang tao.

Tags: pinoy jokes, filipino, humor, kwentong tambay, philippines

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Its YOW time
Statistics for Its YOW time
A typical personal humor blog.

Tags: Its YOW time, YOW, Ako si Yow

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The Video Analyst
Statistics for The Video Analyst
The Video Analyst

Tags: Youtube, Funny, Amazing, Cool, Video

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Statistics for LEGIT
My personal Blog. Talks about daily happenings in my teenage life. Love advice & many more!

Tags: JulietteBoa, photography, lifestyle, love, teenage life

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abakadang ala eh
Statistics for abakadang ala eh
dictionary of terms for tagalog words in batangas. includes words that are spoken only in the very native tongue of the people from batangas

Tags: Tagalog, Batangas, Filipino, Ala eh, Batangueno

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fish drowned in water
Statistics for fish drowned in water
my personal accounts on the events in the world. or whatever.

Tags: karen raagas, karenderya, karasikas, amparisms, fish drowned in water

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Balut Penoy
Statistics for Balut Penoy
The Home of Pinoy Jokes

Tags: pinoy, jokes

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Pinay Vs. Zombies
Statistics for Pinay Vs. Zombies
Ang nag-iisang zombie apocalypse survival guide para sa mga Pinay!

Tags: Zombie, Pinay Zombies, Pinay Zombie Survival, Zombie Apocalypse Philippines, Zombie Apocalypse

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Talinhaga ng Isang Supladong Alipin
Statistics for Talinhaga ng Isang Supladong Alipin
Supladong Alipin

Tags: Humor, Thoughts, Life, Experience, World

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The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee
Statistics for The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee
The fun and exciting stories and adventures of Milk and Coffee and friends. Filipino Komiks

Tags: Filipino Comics, Filipino Komiks, Komiks, Cartoon, Milk & Coffee

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Tara Na At Manood
Statistics for Tara Na At Manood
Tara na at manood, have a free movies ONLINE.

Tags: kobix099

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Gaki No Tsukai World Online
Statistics for Gaki No Tsukai World Online
GNT is a Japanese variety show hosted by the popular Japanese owarai duo, Downtown, with comedian Hōsei Yamasaki and owarai duo Cocorico co-hosting.

Tags: Humor, Funny, Stupid, Punishment, Hilarious

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Pinoy Yotube Comedies
Statistics for Pinoy Yotube Comedies
The best amateur comedies with Filipino blood (or pinoy comic flavor) youtube has to offer! and also some less funny ones

Tags: youtube, comedy, pinoy, filipino, spoofs

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Pinoy Jokes Express
Statistics for Pinoy Jokes Express
A collection of funny wholesome jokes both in English and Filipino.

Tags: Pinoy, Jokes, Humor, Laugh, Filipino

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Everyone is born creative
Statistics for Everyone is born creative
I write stories mostly about lovelife, thoughts and something else. Makaka-relate ka dahil most of them are reality check. Tatamaan ka kaya o kikiligin? :)

Tags: Realitycheck, Lovestories, roxannevillaos, Thoughts, tumblr

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Pinoy Funny Photos
Statistics for Pinoy Funny Photos
Philippines The Best of The Best Humor.

Tags: Funny Signs, Funny Videos, Funny Pictures

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Ang Sabi Ng Tatay Ko...
Statistics for Ang Sabi Ng Tatay Ko...
Mga nakatutuwa at nakatatawang naibubulalas ng tatay ko mula nuon hanggang ngayon.

Tags: Patawa, Old School, Smart-Ass, Topak, Pamilya

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