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Absolutely Savvy
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Sharing what tweens are going through- experiences, opinions and activities without being defined by anyone. Provides insights on fashion too since we are in a unique position to combine both kids and adult clothing

Tags: food, travel, fashion, teens, tweens

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JANNIEOLOGY Makeup Beauty and More
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Posts are mostly about makeup and beauty plus some tidbits of my personal life.

Tags: Product Reviews, Sponsored Posts, Makeup, Pinay, Tutorials

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Me and My Glambition
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all things about beauty, fashion and simple tips and tricks about life. You'll always have a friend even if you think you don't... Wanna chat? just go to :D ♥♥♥

Tags: beauty, fashion, nailart, diy, tutorial

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Statistics for Quiet
Artworks, Photography, Beauty, and all the other things you can find on a typical blog like mine.

Tags: nail art, traditional art, watercolor, makeup, review

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Cute and Dainty
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This blog posts random reviews, hauls, giveaways, tutorials, fashion, and anything that triggers my attention with something cute and dainty!

Tags: beauty, reviews, giveaways, random cute posts, fashion

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Statistics for FashionBandwagon
Stephanie Dy blogs about her personal style, the latest collection on PINKaholic Fashion Shoppe, daily outfits, beauty, and anything under the sun.

Tags: Fashion, Pinkaholic Fashion Shoppe, Shoes, Bags, Beauty

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Jenne Chrisville
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Jenne Chrisville is a personal fashion blog by Tokyo-based Filipino blogger Gervin Paulo Macion.

Tags: fashion, style, outfit, Tokyo

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Zia In Print
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My blog is all about my take on fashion and beauty. I make and post reviews regarding beauty products. I also share my travel experiences and a little bit of everything.

Tags: personal, style, makeup reviews, tutorial, travel

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Statistics for littlebeautybag
a blog that gives you your daily beauty boost both inside and out,may it be about beauty tips,product reviews,skincares,makeups,tutorials,foods,entertainments.etc,coming from a makeup enthusiasts beauty bag..look and feel beautiful in your own way

Tags: product review, tutorials, beauty, skin care, cosmetics

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Fierce Blogs
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Fierce Find that the author recommends to his readers. These may be products, services, TV, movies and even talents. From time to time there are also rumors and exposing bad experiences on certain establishments.

Tags: Product Review, Review, Events, Beauty, Fashion

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All About Beauty
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BEAUTY. SKIN CARE. MAKE UP.AND MORE! ONLINE SOURCE FOR ALL OF YOUR BEAUTY AND LIFESTYLE NEEDS All About Beauty is dedicated to anyone who wants and love to shop beauty products and feel beautiful inside and out.

Tags: Beauty, Make Up, Skin Care, bath and body products, Lifestyle

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iReview Pinoy
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Review Products, Services and even Food, Restaurants and Travels from the Philippines

Tags: skin whitening, food review, travel review, glutathione, restaurants review

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LVuitton, skincare, makeup and diet freak...with random musings about life

Tags: Makeup, Weight loss, Skincare, Louis Vuitton, Love

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Pixels and Tales
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My blog expresses my unceasing love for fashion, style, beauty, photography and above all, life. I express my thoughts about anything under the sun.

Tags: photography, fashion, personal style, beauty, travel

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Culprit's On Fashion
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A fashion enthusiast. Ellie's Fashion Haven. From vintage to what's in. From her hauls be thrifted and what not. Feel free to visit how she styles her lazy day to big day.

Tags: fashion, hauls, vintage, thrifted, shoes

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Skate Shoes PH
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The Number 1 Skate Shoes Blog In The Philippines Your Source For Skate Shoes Deals, News, Reviews, Brand Updates & Sneak Peeks.

Tags: skate shoes, skateboarding shoes, shoes, sb, fashion

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cielo fronteras
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FASHION . BEAUTY . FOOD . FAMILY Adventures and misadventures of a super shopper, makeup junkie, frustrated chef, expert jewelry designer, fashion lover mom.

Tags: shopping, outfit, makeup, DIY, hair

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Beauty Junkie
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Read about a make-up obsessed girl in her twenties about anything related to make up. A blog covering new product discoveries to make-up looks, what works for her and what doesn't. Make Up is her life. :)

Tags: Make Up, Beauty, Review, Tutorial, Products

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Yellow Yum
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Char blogs about her thoughts, experiences, raves and rants about beauty, fashion, food, events and anything under the sun. Get to know me and my journey and experiences.

Tags: beauty, cosmetics, food, makeup, travel

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Show Me Your Look Today
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Love your life, your style, and your LOOK! A blog about myself and my friends. Talks about style, grooming, guy stuff -- and maybe a little about life, love and everything in between.

Tags: Talks about friendship, life, love, fashion, and other guy stuff.

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Kissed and Made Up -- A Beauty Blog
Statistics for Kissed and Made Up -- A Beauty Blog
My Love Affair with BEAUTY -- with made up eyes, pinched cheeks and the most luscious lips!

Tags: make up, skin care, Blush Magazine, Filipina skin, best beauty products

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YOUR sweetest DRUG
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Join me as I do what I love to do, post it here and share it to the world.

Tags: beauty, fashion, food, travel

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Zombie in Stilettos
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Bea Marin blogs about fashion, art, events, her personal style and daily musings

Tags: fashion, photography, art, personal style, bea marin

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Statistics for Chilipina
This is a blog by a Filipina-Chinese girl who celebrates life with her pieces of heaven: Fashion, Beauty, Food, and Travel.

Tags: makeup review, hot spots, foodie, fashion statements, chilipina

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Statistics for DandelionWhiskers
A previously closet makeup enthusiast rambling on about prettifying things.

Tags: drugstore makeup, reviews, swatches

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Fit and Fashion Mom
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A blog that tackles beauty inside and out and being fashionable even in a thrifty way.

Tags: health, fashion, beauty, skin, nails

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Fashion and Beauty by Sai
Statistics for Fashion and Beauty by Sai
Sharing my passion about beauty and fashion one lipstick at a time. This site shows how I perceive the fashion and beauty world! Expect product reviews, product features and fashion/beauty event coverage.

Tags: fashion, beauty, cosmetics, health and wellness, fashion events

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An Apple A Day
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An Apple A Day is a blog about my life's journey that features the things that inspires me from fashion, photography, architectures, travels and dining experiences

Tags: fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, dining experience

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Statistics for itsmyrted
I want to share with you about anything that I find amazingly awesome on make-up, fashion, food, lifestyle and books! Hope things in here helps.

Tags: food, make-up, hauls, product reviews, beautiful

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Be Pretty in Thrifty ways! Tipid Sulit beauty products! Nail arts and others :) Just trying to share my opinions and reviews!

Tags: beauty, fashion, thrifty

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Statistics for stellajezebelle
A blog of not only beauty and fashion hobbyist but an art enthusiast.

Tags: make up, trend, eyeshadow, outfit

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Beauty and Budget
Statistics for Beauty and Budget
Where beauty meets budget. A blog about anything less than 100 pesos.

Tags: product reviews, directory, promos, great finds, online shopping

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About Face
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A beauty blog by a late-bloomer makeup junkie. Just my personal rants and reviews about makeup and tools. My own opinions, my own thoughts.

Tags: makeup, cosmetics, beauty blogger, about face, haul

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The Twins Owning It
Statistics for The Twins Owning It
The Twins Owning It is Debbie and Demmie Fermin's fashion playground. These 22 year old twins are full time Thomasian medicine students who love to play dress up along with their stethoscopes. Fueled with passion, they aim to own both worlds.

Tags: Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, Twins, Trends

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Ice Goddhez
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I believe every woman is goddess in her own right in different aspects of life. Fashion. Food. Beauty. Sale. Promos. Toys. Hobbies. Collectibles. Cosplay. Events. Management. Leadership. Rants. Raves. Faves. Call Center. BPO. Work. Personal.

Tags: fashion, cosplay, beauty, collectibles, reviews

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Queen of Black
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This Blog is a documentation of Cha Ocampo's photography, lifestyle and fashion. She considers this blog as her own personal life, travel, style and photo diary, in which she shares her own personal experiences, photography and styles to people.

Tags: fashion, edgy, lifestyle, photography, black

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Statistics for ARTSY FARTSY AVA
My blog is made-up of different things; fashion, beauty, food, family, arts and more! It's basically a Lifestyle blog!:)

Tags: fashion, beauty, food, arts, lifestyle

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Bee's Kyoote Blog
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A blog about makeup, kpop, food, awesome happenings, the coolest people, beautiful places, and randomness!

Tags: beekyoote, beauty, kpop, travel, food

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Whimsical Whatnots And Whatever...
Statistics for Whimsical Whatnots And Whatever...
As the title suggests, the blog will be about everything and anything under the sun that catches my fancy excluding math. :p

Tags: beauty, makeup, food, review

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Brew of The Day
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Kaisensei's Brew of The Day on Fashion, Events, Products, Giveaways, Teaching, Coffee, and the Social Media.

Tags: Fashion, Beauty, Food, Events, Lifestyle

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The Kikay Mom
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Preschool, booboos and lipgloss one day at a time

Tags: beauty, mommy, food, travel, lifestyle

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Victor Basa
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Victor Basa's blog is a mix of fashion spotting, trend hunting, music searching and image diary.

Tags: victor basa, music, lifestyle, photography, technology

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In My Bottle Popper
Statistics for In My Bottle Popper
This is Pinky Parra's personal blog. It may not ultimately count as a fashion blog, because you may also read about other stuff here like places, books, food, etc.

Tags: ukay ukay philippines, thrift and style, thrifted items, preloved items, pinky parra

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BV | Blair Villanueva
Statistics for BV | Blair Villanueva
latest trends in fashion, beauty, lifestyle, mobile technology, art and cultures, and travels both international and asian

Tags: Legazpi Fab Moda, fashion blogger, Filipino Blogger, fashion and lifestyle, Lifestyle Blogger

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Confessions of a Prince
Statistics for Confessions of a Prince
The majority of this blog will focus on reviews about Korean cosmetics but I will also occasionally feature Filipino, Asian and Western brands as well. "Let's talk about K-POP~ Music.Fashion.Makeup."

Tags: kpop, Kpop fashion, Korean Cosmetics, Reviews, Korean Cosmetics blog review

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COLORismyweapon by Noe Mae V.
Statistics for COLORismyweapon by Noe Mae V.
This blog is an extension of my channel in YouTube. In here I place details of my tutorials, make reviews, share my favorite products and display my portfolio from recent works I have done.

Tags: makeup guru, makeup, beauty, cosmetics, skin care

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Oh So Petite
Statistics for Oh So Petite
Petite Fashion Blog

Tags: petite fashion, beauty, DIY, tips, inspiration

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Statistics for TheVallerys
A fashion and lifestyle blog created by twin sisters and young bloggers Amira and Anika Aquino.

Tags: twins, sisters, Amira Aquino, Anika Aquino, young bloggers

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Xoxo Nicole
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Personal blog of Nicole Dayrit where she posts mainly about fashion, make-up, style, product reviews and giveaways.

Tags: fashion, beauty, make-up, reviews, outfits

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