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Blockbuster /movies
Statistics for Blockbuster /movies

Tags: Movie, hollywood, blockbuster, showing, trailer

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Eclipse Movie Updates
Statistics for Eclipse Movie Updates

Tags: Twilight Saga Eclipse, Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, Jacob Black, Robert Pattinson Hot

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Commonly Confused
Statistics for Commonly Confused
Business Communications Student from San Beda College. Blogs everything about me and anything that concerns me :)

Tags: Events, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Photography

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My Popcorn Ready
Statistics for My Popcorn Ready
Free to watch online movies

Tags: Free to watch Online, Mature, Sci-Fi, drama, horror

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Pinoy Big Brother 737
Statistics for Pinoy Big Brother 737
Fan site for Pinoy Big Brother ALL IN Fans. It's made by fans also.

Tags: PBB 737, Pinoy Big Brother, Livestream, Bahay Ni Kuya, ABSCBN

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The Angels' Haven
Statistics for The Angels' Haven
A blog for my Super Junior addiction

Tags: super junior, philippines elf, kpop, filipino kpop fans, super junior leeteuk

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yimZz's Small World
Statistics for yimZz's Small World
This blog contains many things line news, movies, anime, joke etch.

Tags: movies, anime, news, jokes, pinoy

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Holidays to Celebrate
Statistics for Holidays to Celebrate
Blogging out the celebration of different holidays. Christmas, Valentines and Thanksgiving are just a few of the holidays that people around the world are celebrating.

Tags: Holidays

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keeper of the light
Statistics for keeper of the light
recent news, informations on anything and everything under the sun

Tags: pinoy, health, technology, entertainment, phones

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The City of Avalon- A Tears to Tiara Fan Site
Statistics for The City of Avalon- A Tears to Tiara Fan Site
Tears to Tiara Central provides any information about the Tears to Tiara anime, episode summary, information about scenes, shonen-ai, yaoi, etc. about Tears to Tiara

Tags: Anime, Tears to Tiara, Yaoi, Shonen-ai, Episode Summary

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Vote for the Worst Pinoy
Statistics for Vote for the Worst Pinoy
Iboto ang Lagpak is the Pinoy version of the Idol Basher Website Vote for the Worst. Bottomline: A crappy show needs a crappy winner. And we'll serve it to GMA 7 sizzling hot.

Tags: vote, vftw, pinoy, idol, pinoy idol

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Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo
Statistics for Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo
Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo (lit. If We Will Be Separated) is an upcoming Philippine primetime drama series broadcast on ABS-CBN. This is drama is ABS-CBN special offering for the 60th Year of Philippine Soap Opera.

Tags: ABS-CBN, Kris Aquino, Kim Chui, Gerald Anderson, Coco Martin

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Blog of Santa
Statistics for Blog of Santa
The home of Santa Claus in the Philippines. Everything about Christmas and Santa Claus.

Tags: christmas, fun, humor, entertainment, santa claus

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Movie Wench
Statistics for Movie Wench
Let's Talk About Movies

Tags: movies, coming soon, next picture

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Hub TV Online
Statistics for Hub TV Online
TV Replay in the Philippines

Tags: TV5, Kapuso, GMA7, Sports, Drama

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After Fridays
Statistics for After Fridays
Lifestyle > Travel > Weekends

Tags: lifestyle, travel, weekends, leisure, friday

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Free Movie Guide
Statistics for Free Movie Guide
Movie Guides, Reviews and Previews.

Tags: free movie guide, free movie online, free movie, movie guide, watch free movie online

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Statistics for kapumilya
the blog for all kapuso and all kapamilyas around the globe!

Tags: philippine entertainment, abs-cbn, gma7, pinoy hunks, sexy pinays

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Entertainment News Online
Statistics for Entertainment News Online
all the latest happenings in Philippine Showbiz and in Hollywood will be delivered here ONLINE and ON-THE-GO!

Tags: entertainment, philippines, blinditems, gossips, network

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Go Movie Marathon
Statistics for Go Movie Marathon
Free Online Video Streaming. Watch Full Movies

Tags: Full Movie, video, online streaming, watch movie, online video streaming

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Statistics for bluemarvine
cool... calm... collected...

Tags: bluemarvine, blue, marvine

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ang bagong 1pinoytv
Statistics for ang bagong 1pinoytv
local and foreign live streaming,plus sports,movies, and many many more!

Tags: abscbn, gma, tagalog movies, pba, nba

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Pinas Watcher
Statistics for Pinas Watcher
Your daily dose of information and news back home.

Tags: live stream, watch movies, watch online, watch live stream, live streaming

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Statistics for AnyMoviesHere
Watch Free any kind of films/Movies Online

Tags: Tagalog Films, English Films, Rated-R, Mature, Action

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Statistics for Haunted
Hi. My name is Nikko. My blog is so boring.

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Fairy Tail Manga Blog Portal
Statistics for Fairy Tail Manga Blog Portal
Fairy Tail is a Japanese shōnen manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima.Read and discussed fairy tail chapter here.

Tags: fairy tail, fairy tail manga, fairy tail chapter, fairy tail spoiler, fairy tail fanart

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Statistics for rocketpunch
the latest and greatest in tech, gaming, hobbies and entertainment

Tags: news, technology, entertainment, humor, pinoy

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Showbiznest Photo Gallery
Statistics for Showbiznest Photo Gallery
Showbiznest Photo Gallery

Tags: ABS-CBN, GMA-7, TV5, Showbiznest, Gallery

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Whatever Oneechan Reviews
Statistics for Whatever Oneechan Reviews
My sister and I reviews animes, manga, j-dorama, and live-action.

Tags: anime, manga, j-dorama, live action, review

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Kathryn Bernardo
Statistics for Kathryn Bernardo
Kathryn Chandria M. Bernardo born on March 26, 1996 in Cabanatuan City) is a Filipina actress. Best known for her role as "Mara" with Julia Montes as "Clara". Kathryn is currently a contract artist of Star Magic.

Tags: Julia Montes, ABS CBN, Growing Up, Mara Clara, GMA

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Talk TV
Statistics for Talk TV
This blog will cater to all the events associated to Philippine TV, and will tackle the positive and negative sides of network rivalry. Moreover, this will air out different shout outs and comments of readers in support of tv networks and show business.

Tags: Philippine TV, Pinoy TV, Philippine media, Pilipinas TV, ABS-CBN, GMA

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Fretzie Bercede
Statistics for Fretzie Bercede
Fretzie Bercede Fansite including the latest news, pictures, videos, blogs, wallpapers, and more. This is your number one source for all Fretzie Bercede related info and stuffs.

Tags: Fretzie, Bercede, Pictures, Blog, News

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Watch TV Series Online
Statistics for Watch TV Series Online
Watch the latest episode of tv series here for free

Tags: tv series, tv series online, series, watch tv series online, watch tv series

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ABS-CBN's May Bukas Pa
Statistics for ABS-CBN's May Bukas Pa
This blog is dedicated to the followers of ABS-CBN's new primetime soap opera, May Bukas Pa. Starring Zaijan Jaranilla together with Jaime Fabregas, Dominic Ochoa, Lito Pimentel, Maja Salvador, Rayver Cruz, Albert Martinez & Dina Bonnevie.

Tags: Zaijan Jaranilla, May Bukas Pa, Abs-cbn, Maja Salvador, Rayver Cruz

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Philippine Allstars
Statistics for Philippine Allstars
The Philippine Allstars was started in 2005 by twelve friends who came from different backgrounds, but wanted to collectively represent their country in the World Hip-Hop Championships held in the US.

Tags: philippine allstars, hip hop dance champion, philippines, Filipino, philippine allstar

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Brain Shinobi
Statistics for Brain Shinobi
will ninja your brain for your personal improvement

Tags: self improvement, personal growth, self upgrade, self-esteem, confidence

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Miss Universe 2011
Statistics for Miss Universe 2011
miss universe 2011

Tags: philippines, Brazil, Angola

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Best Nikon DSLR Cameras
Statistics for Best Nikon DSLR Cameras
Best Nikon dSLR Cameras and Products Available Online Including Nikon dSLR Cameras Reviews

Tags: best nikon dslr, nikon dslr, nikon dslr cameras, best nikon dslr camres, dslr camerfas

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A Place in this World...!
Statistics for A Place in this World...!
my blog tackles everything and anything under the sun. Entertainment news local and foreign. Recent news in music scene. Current events, gatherings and of course my own story. Please visit my site and feel free to put a comment.

Tags: entertainment, music, movies, celebrities, events

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Statistics for SAM MILBY
Updates,news,anything about sam milby

Tags: sam milby, rockoustic heartthrob, star magic, cornerstone, pinoy celebrity

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That Film Review
Statistics for That Film Review
Where you can find, movie reviews.

Tags: movie reviews

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Pinoy Celebrity News
Statistics for Pinoy Celebrity News
This site features the hottest Philippines' celebrity news and events.

Tags: pinay, entertainment, filipino movies, pinay celebrities, filipina celebities

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Statistics for a.diary.of.a.young.anthropologist
a diary of a young anthropologist

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This is too Epic!
Statistics for This is too Epic!
Tumblr Photo blog that you will love on your dashboard!

Tags: tumblr, photoblog, fashion, lol, photography

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Dream Interpretation
Statistics for Dream Interpretation
Discover the true meaning of your dreams in my blog.

Tags: dreams, reality, interpretation

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#Pop #Culture #Life
Statistics for #Pop #Culture #Life
The modern revolution, unfortunately, is just about how much you can expose and reference images, sounds, lines, symbols, and icons into something socially clickable. There’s always an app for everything.

Tags: films, world cinema, philippine ci

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Things Around Us
Statistics for Things Around Us
This blog is created to share everything that happens around us.

Tags: relationships, love, random thoughts, things around us, music and movies

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Groove Nation Pilipinas
Statistics for Groove Nation Pilipinas
Groove Nation Pilipinas... All about the Finest Dance Groups here in the Philippines..Showing to the World what Pinoy Dancers are made off...PINOY PROUD!!!

Tags: Dance, Filipino Dancers, Filipino Dancers, Pinoy Dancers

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world latest gadget
Statistics for world latest gadget
world latest gadget

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