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My Other Life as Programmer
Statistics for My Other Life as Programmer
Programming in various languages, Python, Assembler, Java, C/C++, Perl, Ruby, Fortran, Cobol, Erlang, Lisp, Ada, Pascal Forth,Postscript, bash and others. [highly recommended!]

Tags: programming

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Barry's Comm Capsule
Statistics for Barry's Comm Capsule
Prescriptions for healthy organizational communication.

Tags: communication, organizational communication, social media, corporate communication, public relations

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DLSU frosh tips
Statistics for DLSU frosh tips
Are we yet to influence you? Best of the best tips for La Salle students - especially for the FROSHIES. Cheers! APIR!

Tags: dlsu, frosh tips, frosh, de la salle university, tumblr

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Business and Cover Letter Samples
Statistics for Business and Cover Letter Samples
It contains different types of business and cover letter samples.

Tags: business letter, cover letter, sample letter, sample business letter, sample cover letter

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A blog about, google apps for education, technology in education and online shopping.

Tags: ads, classifieds, marketplace, google apps for education, studzmarket

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My Blog Tips
Statistics for My Blog Tips
The Official Blog about Blogs and Blogging Tips

Tags: Blogging, Bloggers, Blogging Tips, Blog, Education

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Statistics for Aheadph
This is one of the blogs where past/present/future students, parents as well as teachers of Ahead Tutorial and Review Centers can learn from. The blog features articles on how to get AHEAD in school as well as in life.

Tags: ahead, tutorial, parenting, self-development, ahead interactive

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