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The Strength of Audio in Advertising
Statistics for The Strength of Audio in Advertising
Its main goal is to maximize the ceiling and wall speakers of narrowcast coverage (commercial establishments) like supermarkets, malls, restaurants, etc.

Tags: narrowcasting cadio audio-speakers

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Learning the How
Statistics for Learning the How
This blog aims to teach how to solve top pressing problems in life especially with regards to the emotional,financial and social aspects of life. The solutions are derived from well known mentors and life experts here and abroad. Learn from the experts!

Tags: book, trulyrichclub, bo sanchez, learn, read

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For richer or for poorer?
Statistics for For richer or for poorer?
I am a wealth portfolio manager who wants to create an awareness to people about biblical basis of wealth and prosperity and to let everybody realize the value of God's most important blessing to us,our own Lives.

Tags: Abundance, Prosperity, Life, God, Financial freedom

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My Other Life as Programmer
Statistics for My Other Life as Programmer
Programming in various languages, Python, Assembler, Java, C/C++, Perl, Ruby, Fortran, Cobol, Erlang, Lisp, Ada, Pascal Forth,Postscript, bash and others. [highly recommended!]

Tags: programming

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my class instruction online

Tags: wmsu esu, pagadian, assignments, june radi

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Extreme Online Solvers
Statistics for Extreme Online Solvers
Extreme Online solvers features solvers for statistics, econometrics, finance, operations research, or general applied mathematics. Blog will provide documentation, bug-fixes and news on new solvers [Extremely Recommended!]

Tags: statistics, econometrics, finance, operations research, applied mathematics

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ESL Treasure Chest
Statistics for ESL Treasure Chest
A blog that generally contains tips for teacher improvement and links to ESL resources

Tags: ESL, Online ESL, ESL Resources, Filipino ESL teacher, Tips on becoming a good ESL teacher

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Laswa nga Tambo
Statistics for Laswa nga Tambo
All about Laswa nga Tambo...

Tags: laswa, tambo, laswa nga tambo, negativezero, negativeangel

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Trabaho Para Sayo
Statistics for Trabaho Para Sayo
Its A blog for those searching for jobs

Tags: Jobs, work, trabaho, homebased jobs, pinoy jobs

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Green Minded
Statistics for Green Minded
Anything about going green.

Tags: green energy, green living, going green, environment, green campaigns

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