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Diet Affect Brain Function of Child
on Apr 12, 2012 in Pregnancy Studies Pregnancy Diets You are probably aware that fish is considered "brain food" that can affect the cognitive function. But we're not sure how nutrition and genetics interact with each other. I have read a paper and studies claim that genes influence the way fatty acids...

Ginger Root Solution for Pregnant Women
on Apr 8, 2012 in Healthy Pregnancy Pregnancy Medication Among other herbals, ginger root is my favorite when I was pregnant. I usually use ginger root for my nausea,vomiting, and morning sickness. Indeed, the spicy root, or rhizome, of the ginger plant can either be eaten raw, powdered, which can be turne...

Growing Up
on Mar 30, 2012 in Growing Up I know how hard it is to grow up. There's a lot of peaks one must check out on the pathway to adulthood. My daughter is growing so fast! She's now a graduate of kinder, soon to be a prep! She's getting 5 years old this coming August. As a mother, I w...

Dealing With Disappointments in Life
on Mar 29, 2012 in Life Disappointments All of us experiences disappointments in our lives. I know how painful it is, regardless of their magnitude. But disappointment can compound into depression, which may lead to serious consequences.I hate myself when I am disappointed with my kids. It...

The Grand Finals for the Search for the Cutest Baby in Town
on Jul 21, 2011 in cutest baby July 18- July 30 is the last canvassing period for the search for the cutest baby in Town by MetroTownMall- Tarlac. Yes, we have come to the final round to support our favourite baby, the Cutest Baby Chris Jerome Chan. I would like to express my warm...

How to Vote for the Cutest Baby in Town
on Jun 14, 2011 in cutest baby There are 3 Ways how to vote for The Search for the Cutest Baby in Town1. Through facebook votes.Using your facebook account, search and like for MyMeroTownMall-Tarlac fanpage, look for the search for the cutest baby in town album and like your favor...

Cj Joins the Search for Cutest Baby in Town
on Jun 12, 2011 in cutest baby

Please Vote my Baby
on Jun 11, 2011Good day to all!My son, Chris Jerome Chan, joined the Cutest Baby Contest by MyMetroTownMall-Tarlac.In line with this, I would like to seek for your support by VOTING through FACEBOOK.1. First, you have to like MyMetroTownMall-Tarlac2. Then you can n...

Cervical Cancer: An Introduction
on Nov 21, 2010 in cervical cancer Like other cancers, cervical cancer has stages. When cervical cancer is detected before it has spread from the cervix to other parts of the body, it has much higher chances of a cure. Here are some factors that would increase the risk of developing c...

Become Pregnant 6 times Faster than Average
on Nov 20, 2010 in Pregnancy ...

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