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Star Wars Alphabet
on Feb 4, 2012 in geek stuffs maven For geeky parents, this is the best way to teach your children the alphabet (Click the picture to enlarge it).

Geeky License Plates
on Jan 31, 2012 in geek stuffs slideshow maven ..and the geeks shall inherit the earth! Click here or the image to view some of the geekiest license plates.

Sh*t Photographers Say
on Jan 31, 2012 in YouTube photography ...

Where Good Ideas Come From
on Jan 30, 2012 in YouTube maven information synthesis With the current level of connectivity that we have, I think the incubation period of ideas will be or has already shortened. Because of this, I like what Steven mentioned in the last part of the video, "Chance favors the connected mind."...

Sh*t Project Managers Say
on Jan 22, 2012 in project management project meetings ...

Top Editor's Picks From AddictiveTips
on Jan 22, 2012 in applications maven lists Kung Hei Fat Choi! Kiong Hee Huat Tsai! Kong Xi Fa Tsai! (If you are interested, please see the definitions here for each of these Chinese New Year greetings).To start the New Year, I found these great lists from AddictiveTips covering what are...

Word of the Lourd (WOTL) Episodes About Filipino Traits
on Aug 4, 2011 in YouTube Filipino psychology I first learned of Lourd de Veyra about a year ago when I saw one of his Word of the Lourd (WOTL) YouTube video series. I immediately got hooked. Well who wouldn't be for someone who loves political satire blended with black humor. His shor...

Daigo Umehara's Awesomeness
on Aug 3, 2011 in YouTube video game maven I have not been playing fighting games (at home or in the arcade) for almost a decade now. As a result, it was only now that I learned of Daigo Umehara and the famous Evolution 2004 championship match he fought with Justin Wong which he won via a dra...

5 Top Galleries of Stunning Macrophotography Shots
on Jul 30, 2011 in macrophotography Macrophotography will always have a special place in my heart. Even if I stopped taking pictures (temporarily that is), I still have my Canon 100mm macro lens. Likewise, I constantly search for galleries showcasing the best macro photography shots to...

Stuck In a Rut
on Jul 29, 2011 in blogging I have been stuck in a blogging rut for quite some time now. It is easy to blame work, hobbies and other duties in life but in this case, no excuses at all. For the past 6 months, I just don't have the interest and focus to blog anything even if I ha...

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