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Site Description: This site serves to showcase the places I’ve been to, all the food trips I’ve had with some rantings in between.
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My 2013 Planners and Doodles
on Apr 2, 2013 in PERSONAL doodles planners Starbucks Planner I never had any intentions of using a planner since I’m not fond of them. I see it as another means to adding clutter to the storage of garbage I keep in my closet. And I also had no plans of buying one if I were really to have one since I still ha...

Looking for Airport Shuttle Services with San Francisco
on Apr 2, 2013 in BLOGS The past couple of days had been stressful since I’ve been exchanging emails with one of my old friends. We’ve known each other for ages and when I learned that she needed help with her trip to San Francisco, I immediately sent her an email askin...

My Broken Mares Fins
on Apr 2, 2013 in PERSONAL TRAVEL So, barely a year after I bought my first snorkeling fins, it finally gave up on me. And to think my friend suggested that I buy Mares fins for their durability. Tsk. I’m sad because my investment of P1,060 for this fins didn’t last forev...

on Apr 1, 2013 in ENTERTAINMENT PERSONAL Lifehouse storm storm lyrics Storm by Lifehouse how long have i been in this storm so overwhelmed by the ocean’s shapeless form water’s getting harder to tread with these waves crashing over my head if i could just see You everything will be alright if i’d see...

Underwater Photography and Freediving
on Mar 10, 2013 in TRAVEL free diving freediving underwater photography I got worried a bit that my Olympus TG-1 might die anytime soon after I saw moisture seeping in the camera when we went to Kagusuan Beach in Siquijor. I was about to go on another freediving session and with the absence of a depth measuring device, t...

WDs Quick Drive Test
on Mar 10, 2013 in PERSONAL TECHNOLOGY external hard drive WD External Hard Drive WD Passport I don’t want to panic. I can’t afford to panic for now. Am still in a state of denial. But I guess I have to accept this soon. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Two days ago, while I was cleaning my room, I was playing acoustic music from my WD External Hard Dri...

My Desktop Background
on Mar 5, 2013 in TECHNOLOGY To the curious, and in case you want to know what photo is showing on my desktop, well here it is I figured that after I took pretty decent photos on my trip to Biri Island last October of 2012, I might as well put them to good use and here’ s...

Red Sky
on Mar 5, 2013 in TRAVEL sunrise at liloan port sunrise at Santander sunrise in cebu sunrise south of cebu After spending a butt-numbing ride for 3 hours going to the southern tip of Cebu as we travel to Siquijor via Dumaguete, our bus arrived at the Liloan Port in Santander a few minutes past the hour of six. I hurriedly asked my friend, Dylan, to purcha...

Finding Sto. Nino in Siquijor
on Mar 5, 2013 in TRAVEL siquijor St Francis de Assisi Church Sto. Nino It was only on my second visit in Siquijor that I got the chance to enter the St. Francis de Assisi Church and I was glad to see a familiar face inside the church. Yeah, seeing that cute little fellow in there brought a smile to my face that I failed...

On Becoming a Mermaid
on Mar 5, 2013 in TRAVEL freediving hobby mactan snorkeling I find it amazing when I think of the past. I could almost remember that it wasn’t too long ago that I had to worry about not having the knowledge on how to dive. Yet here I am, after 5 months, proudly saying that I can easily transform to a me...

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