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Apple Cider Vinegar For Your Skin and Hair
on May 12, 2011 in ACVApple cider vinegar benefits of Apple Cider vinegar Well, hello blog! It's been ages since i last posted something here. hahaha! alright, I have been busy with my work my kids and my new hobby. But today I woke up again and felt like writing something.. so here it is.. I have been reading so many good...

The best treadmill- how to choose.
on Sep 6, 2010 in cheap treadmills. treadmill treadmills best treadmills discount treadmills Looking for the most efficient house treadmill can also be complicated as you sift through the entire options, new models, and emblem name 'deals'. Too often, other people get caught up in the entire 'Goodies' a treadmill offers them that they miss t...

Simple dishes for weight loss
on Dec 14, 2009 in Vinegar olive oil Pasta garlic Vinaigrette Cook Salad Tomato converting to a whole new diet, will aid you in your weight-loss. This means cutting down on sugars and processed foods and drinking water instead of the usual canned beverages, Also always choose brown over white. This means eating brown rice,whole...

Liver Disease information that you need to know. part 1
on Dec 3, 2009 in Health Cirrhosis liver Inflammation Hepatocellular carcinoma Conditions and Diseases Hepatitis cancer Liver disease is actually not just one single condition but a collection of many different diseases that can affect the liver, The liver is a large and a very important organ, located in the abdomen, specifically the right and upper part of the abdom...

Sore throat's natural remedies.
on Nov 27, 2009 in Health Tea Throat lozenge Water Shopping Acute pharyngitis Salt When you have a sore throat, It is one of the signs that there is something going wrong internally with your body. It is one of your body's first defense lines, So you do want to make sure that you are taking care of your self during that time, and j...

Coconut Oil for your hair.
on Nov 26, 2009 in Scalp Hair conditioner Health Dandruff Beauty Fatty acid hair Coconut oil Well for those people who are still asking does coconut oil has benefits for the hair? And can you get some improvement from this? Then you may want to read this.. Because it really does. Actually that is one of the traditional use in the tropics and...

Pomegranate: A super fruit!
on Nov 19, 2009 in Apoptosis Fruit DNA Antioxidant Polyphenol Ellagic acid cancer Pomegranate why pomegranate is a super fruit? Now some people are are not used to eating this fruit, for some they just haven't tried one. But for those who haven't you have to put this on your grocery list this weekend, your missing a lot!pomegranate is packed...

Having lactose Intolerance.
on Nov 17, 2009 in Health Lactose intolerance Orange juice Lactase Milk Lactose Sugar Conditions and Diseases Ok so before we go further, what exactly is lactose intolerance? Is that your body is unable to digest the sugar in milk, called lactose, this is due to the lack of enzyme lactase, that is usually found in your intestine that digest that sugar, so wh...

Child Care & First Aid : How to Treat a Cough
on Nov 13, 2009 in Cough medicine Children Child Just a short video to help all those mom with their children... have a great weekend!

A good laugh a day, goes a long way.
on Nov 10, 2009 in Physical exercise Health Blood flow Diseases Conditions Stress heart disease Blood vessel Cardiovascular Disorders We all love to have a good laugh, And we all know that laughing does makes us feel better, but now scientist have proven that the hearty jiggly of the belly can be good for your heart. Scientists has tested the blood vessels of 20 healthy patients af...

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