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on Dec 24, 2009 in 2003 Philippine Daily Inquirer/ YOU Section Blue ChristmasIcy December, lonely winterDreamily watching the snow flakes fallingIn my flat just south of LansingWeary thoughts circling in mind-boggling proportionsTo a far away country, a warm home in the tropicsNoche Buena, puto bumbong, and Misa...

on Dec 16, 2009 in 2003 Makata InnocenceHer dreams of lonely taleswould touch the wearycreeping foolish complexityof the human heart#Dalityapi Unpoemed/ Makata/ June 2003...

on Jun 6, 2006 in Supernatural AXN Asia "LAYOG" I have a story to tell but it is not for the faint-hearted. It happened about six summers ago yet my recollections are still fresh despite the years for I have never experienced that kind of thing before and I don’t want that

on Jun 24, 2005 in Voices in Wartime International War Veterans' Poetry Vietnam War BATTLE-SCARRED One chilly Spring morning while sitting alone by the banks of the Detroit River thoughts meander on remote but vivid memories of a foreign land- Vietnam! 1969 in Khe San where I lost my soul, dreams and all... Today, the smell of bu...

on Jul 30, 2004 in Philippine Daily Inquirer/ YOU Agnetha Beneath Agnetha's forlorn face, you can still see The traces of the things that she had been through -- Chasing rainbows that weren't there, Dreams that turned into gruesome nightmares She once had been caught, you see In the shameless

on Jul 9, 2004 in Philippine Daily Inquirer/ YOU Truth or Dare Words have no meaning Coming from your mouth that spews nothing but fire I have learned to take them on the cheek And turn a deaf ear and shrug a cold shoulder. I am not blind you know? I just learned how to cope without my colored gla...

on May 19, 2004 in Philippine Daily Inquirer/ YOU May Jane I picked you up in the garden, One bright May morning. I inhaled and smelled your fragrance Soothing and calming my restless being. I have watched your beauty As it faded and wilted into The heat of my sweaty palms Crushing my illusions Br...

on Mar 16, 2004 in Philippine Daily Inquirer/ YOU Sand man I leave my heart in the sand Where the waves Can wash away My misery. Ever since you went away My mind is in a state of disarray. I know that I should never have Loved you. But what can I really do? Someday You will understand Why I bur...

on Feb 11, 2004 in Philippine Daily Inquirer/ YOU First time "Jumping from the frying pan into the fire." Courting the devil, in blind obsession. Twisted logic, for a hapless romantic fool. I drank the nectar of love... My mind tumbled and circled into the realms of forbidden dreams

on Jan 28, 2004 in Philippine Daily Inquirer/ YOU Emotional Circle Laughing out loud crying in silence Repressed emotions trying hard not to cause a commotion... Tears in your eyes Pain in my heart Nerves of steel pretending nothing is real... Dying hopes Wasted ambitions Losing one's soul in the

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