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Site Description: ideas of a first time mom on how to live life in the fullest. sharing my experiences on my career.
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Happy Weekend Everyone!
on Apr 10, 2013hi yah!It's Friday:-)Happy weekend Everyone!!!don't forget to prepare special meals for your family:-)and have time to bond with your family and God:-)...

A thousand thanks!
on Apr 10, 2013Hooray for my 1000 view site!!!And for my 50day old blog!I am so grateful and thank you to all the readers of crazeemum.   Thanks for giving your time in browsing and reading my posts. I promise that I will continue writing and sharing my c...

My Inspirational Prayer of the day!
on Apr 10, 2013Hi yah mommies:-)Have time to read my Inspirational Prayer of the day. located at the left side of my blog site:-)  It will help you to be in a good day.Happy day everyone!

Book review: Dr. Seuss!
on Apr 10, 2013Hi Yah Mommies!!!Have you tried to read Dr. Seuss books to your kids?As early as 6 months old, Our little Ethan enjoyed the voices of his crazeeparents reading the Dr. Seuss books.  Actually Jerome and I also enjoyed reading Dr. Seuss, from Cat...

My Ultimate Dream
on Apr 9, 2013I have a dream in my life and that's to be a mom and a wife.  A mom and a wife who will take care of my family, I want to cook for my Ethan and for my Jerome. I want to do household chores and witness Ethan's growth.I want to stay in the house a...

Araw ng Kalayaan is Araw ng Kaibigan
on Apr 8, 2013 in adventure outside the shoebox Who would say that a  in-house gimik will never be fun? In this generation that ipads,tablets,apple and adroids are in. crazeemum’s recommends that an in house gimik is more FUN than the usual malling and eating out in a restaurant.On the Araw...

Ethan's sentences!
on Apr 8, 2013 in Family  At 2 years and 2months, the crazeecouple is super windang with Ethan's pakikipagtalastasan,lalim ano? hehehe  biro nyo kung ano ano na ang nasasabi nya.  Halimbawa:1.       Sa umaga, pag sumigaw si m...

Ampalaya con Liempo
on Apr 7, 2013 in in the shoebox kitchen As early as 2, We encourage our little Ethan to eat vegetables. Now, I will show the Ampalaya con Liempo I cooked this weekend for him.The Ingredients:1 pc. Amplaya2 pcws eggs2 pcs tomato1 pc garlic1/4 kilo of grilled liemposaltfish sauceoyster sauce...

May Tax Refund ba ako?
on Apr 7, 2013 in Accounting May Tax refund ba ako?Yan ang bukambibig ng mga officemates ko.O sya!!!  Check nga natin…First, we should know how to compute our monthly / semi monthly net pay. Hinde yung kuha na lang tayo ng kuha ng payslip tapos  susulyapan agad...

162,000 job openings nationwide
on Apr 4, 2013 in Human Resource He yah!!!KUDOS to DOLE!!!More than 162,000 job openings this April 2013.According to DOLE : reports 162,663 job openings in AprilPlease browse for reference...

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