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on Apr 11, 2013 in #OOTD As you can read from the title, I happened to have experienced the best night of my life. Ill tell you why in my bext blog update but heres another outfit post on what I wore to the script concert :) Seriously, IT WAS DOPE. I am a fan since 2010 when...

Im not afraid of hurting anymore//
on Apr 10, 2013 in #Playlist PARAMORE HYPE IS BACK AFTER FINDING OUT THAT THEY RELEASED A NEW SELF TITLE ALBUM, OFCOURSE CALLED "PARAMORE"Sorry for the caps lock but Im just super excited for this. Its been a while. I miss the old paramore but I am thankful that they still exist...

8th of April - The solemnity of the annunciation of the Lord
on Apr 7, 2013 in #Reflections Hello readers. Heres another reflection for today. I'll make it short but reflective at the same time. I am currently listening to worship songs just because it makes me more reflective in a way. And because it is part of my 15 minute prayer before g...

// Why wont the world revolve around me
on Apr 7, 2013 in #OOTD An outfit post about what I wore last sunday to my youth's covenant orientation. I chose this outfit simply because its comfy yet warm at the same time :)I only took two outfit photos because I was too shy and everyone behind the camera was calling m...

What you see is what you get.
on Apr 6, 2013I had a dream about this guy that inused to have emotional feelings about but seeing that me and him are super close friends, I dont want anything to get in the way of our friendship which is why i would do everything to solidify our friendship even...

7th of April - we are so blessed.
on Apr 6, 2013 in #Reflections Hello readers! I apologize for not posting a reflection for the past few days. Although, yes ive posted some outfit post but I didnt post a reflection blog. And yeah, I apologize for that. So here is today's gospel. Please take some time to read it.

Sometimes I wonder, why Im still waiting.
on Apr 5, 2013 in #OOTD My blog is starting to be a fashion blog and its not supposed to but I love them outfit post so I figured i'll post another one. This time, I wasnt using a tripod. I had my friend to take the photo for me :)I did a photoshoot today for my art class,...

Cut the music up.
on Apr 4, 2013 in #OOTD hello bloggers, this is my first actual PROPER outfit post. This is not lookbook worthy, only blog worthy. And with that, I mean, just my blog since im an amateur blogger. I used a tripod and canon 500D since I had no one to take a photo of the outfi...

3rd of April 2013 - The nearness of Him.
on Apr 2, 2013 in #Reflections Hello bloggers,at this very moment, I am a taking some time out of studying. Ive been so stressed out lately and I just cant handle so many things at once. I lose patience. But anyways, like what I said from my previous reflection post, "Take some ti...

2nd of April 2013 - Why are you weeping?
on Apr 1, 2013 in #Reflections Hello readers,I should have done this reflection section ages ago but I havent really thought about what to put in my blog until recently, my blog got up to 1000+ views. So I decided to add a new feature in my blog which is the reflection section. Il...

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