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My maids are richer than my managers (by Bo Sanchez)
on Apr 7, 2013My entry into the world of stocks is through reading and an inspiration from my godmother who is a daily trader in stocks.  After getting an interest into it, I kept reading books until I came across this book from a well-known author who later...

Is the threat of North Korea real?
on Apr 6, 2013by Randy Tudy the news broke out about North Korea's threat to possible launch a nuclear attack against the US and its allies, it created little stir among ordinary people.  Some would say it wi...

How to grow your money in the Stock Market?
on Mar 31, 2013by Randy More and more people are considering putting their investment in the Stock Market.  In the latest news, the Philippine Stock Exchange Index hit the 6,900 points mark.  It is expected to reach 7,000.&n...

What does Philippine investment grade mean to ordinary Filipinos
on Mar 31, 2013by Randy Tudy news about the Philippines getting an investment grade was a big welcome for a country still suffering from the recent calamities.  For investors, both local and foreign, ther...

Philippines gets First Investment Grade
on Mar 26, 2013by Randy Tudy chikacentral.netThe Philippines once again proved to be on the rise as it won the first investment grade.  “The Philippines’ sovereign external balance sheet is considered strong relative to A range peers, let alone BB and...

How does the Stock Market work?
on Mar 25, 2013by Randy Tudychrislocurto.comI still receive queries about the Stock Market for those who have read my blog.  Why?  Because for some the Stock Market is alien to them. Aside for chatting with them, I also asked them to read my blog.However,...

What is a Stock option?
on Mar 24, 2013by Randy Tudywww.xdr.comLast month I met an HR manager in one of the big companies in the Philippines.  In that encounter, I proudly and happily told him of my gains from buying and later on selling their company stocks. I also explained that it...

Why electronic transaction is better than cash?
on Mar 21, 2013By Randy Tudy third year high school student chatted me one time and asked about how she can invest in stocks.  I told her to just read my blogs because I have written a lot intended for a newb...

Is the Stock Market a legalized gambling?
on Mar 20, 2013by Randy Tudy told me he is afraid of investing in stocks because it is like gambling.  You win, you lose. It depends on the person's perspective and his/her discipline and system of investin...

Stock Market 101
on Mar 18, 2013by Randy Tudy attended a seminar sponsored by the Philippine Stock Exchange.  It was held in Davao City so I invited my wife to come with me.  I really found ways to motivate my wife to come with m...

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