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Site Description: 18/ Sillimanian/ B.S. Architecture student from Cebu City, walking through life's runway with a flying spirit. Blogger/ Camera Person/ Little Stylist
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on Apr 13, 2013 in Fashion South Shores Sundays Forever 21 Black Wanted to look "insert good adjective here" today. I don't know but this Sunday really felt extra special just cause we're having a General Conference. Silly me, ayt? Let's just say I'm too overwhelmed the past days and I pampered myself, plus, I wan...

Eyes Closed and Hands On The Hat
on Apr 10, 2013 in Random  Now let me tell you ahead of time that 1, there are a few number of unfocused pictures below (because my brothers aren't in good terms and my other brother who's entitled as my official photographer unfriended the world so I asked the other one...

Monochromatic Moiré
on Mar 30, 2013 in Lab Fashion Black and White It's been a while since I last posted an outfit post. It's time to update this boring blog, don't you think? I have all the time in the world now, no, all the time in summer for pictures and adventure!  Here's what I wore to church...

on Mar 17, 2013Went home on Sunday to welcome the new and to celebrate my birthday (not that I really celebrated it). I'm nineteen and round and it's feels weird.  Birthdays, yes birthdays. The moment the clock struck 12, my phone never died. It kept ringin...

on Mar 9, 2013 in Line quote Random Does trust have to be earned? Or is it simply a matter of faith? -At First Sight (Nicholas Sparks) ...

Just The Curls
on Mar 6, 2013 in Vain Random I curled my hair yesterday coz that's what I usually do when I'm temporarily bored and sick of how my hair looks like (instead of cutting it or perming it permanently). So enough with my hair story. I woke up with the perfect messy locks and I didn't...

Last Heave
on Mar 5, 2013 in Random Students, we're all feeling the same way now, in a way or two, or more, I think. March is here, finals is coming up, we're meeting deadlines again, we're working on what seems to be hell-ish. I'm not that worried though coz I'm only taking up 4 minor...

Exits And Entrances
on Feb 27, 2013 in School Silliman I couldn't think of anything for this post, so as the playlist was on shuffle, I clicked next and whatever will be played will be my post title, and that's Exits And Entrances by We Are The In Crowd.   I'm not in the mood to babble about t...

on Feb 27, 2013Hahaha it's nothing really. I got featured on the school website. Well it's not everyday you get to see your face featured in some website, you know. You could see your face in posters, printed pictures and papers, or you could be filmed in some vide...

Fine. Wednesday.
on Feb 25, 2013I got prepared a little early than the usual so I was playing with the camera. hehehehe insert awkward face here.  Have a great day everyone!  Etienne Chantal | The Petticoat ♥...

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