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Let the Sunshine In
on Apr 13, 2013 in Sunrise Sunday Photography Morning Walks Photowalk Davao Life is Here Davao City Clean and Green Oh hooow there! I never in my life was a morning person. For the record, I sleep by morning and wakes up by afternoon. That's how my Summer rolls, maybe I just have to deal with it. Why don't I like mornings? First, I don't get the essence of waking...

Call It... Summer
on Apr 12, 2013When talking about shopping, always count me in! I think for most girls, shopping is one of the ways we can express our emotions. Physically, and the way we choose our products. Right? Correct me if I'm wrong. Today, my parents and I had a quick shop...

Sparkle Up
on Apr 8, 2013Hello ladies! One thing you should know about me is that I am a massive fan of nail polish. I own like more than 20 of it in different colors! Mostly, I only like putting something natural colored-enamels and nothing else. I don't do sparks or nail a...

on Apr 7, 2013I know, I know my blog title for today is a little bit creepy. Haha! Not that I will be talking to the Thai horror movie "Shutter" but I will be talking about my camera. Yes! I got it back today! I was in Canon center earlier this rainy afternoon wit...

You made it
on Apr 4, 2013 You finally made it! My friend, Richard Martinez finally graduated yesterday and I am heck happy for him. Spending last days with him in school is a bit sad because I don't get to see him from now on, walking around the school and being so busy...

Jump In
on Mar 28, 2013Spending one of the last days of being a freshmen with these people! From the past few weeks, well as we all know, March is a graduation month for almost every schools in Philippines. Some people has to say goodbye to their Alma Maters and in their c...

Definitely Summer ☀
on Mar 27, 2013It is summer once again. Everyone's heading to their summer destination which is not new to every Filipinos. Philippines has so much to offer. From Highlands to Islands, whether you go from North-South or East-West there are always places to visit. T...

Spectrum Party
on Mar 16, 2013 in SM Lanang Premier Party DJ Callum David 76th Araw Ng Dabaw Spectrum Araw ng Dabaw  Madayaw! (It means greetings). If you're wondering why I'm not blogging about the festivity of Araw ng Dabaw is that my DSLR is in Canon for the mean time and have to be fix within 2-3 weeks. I know it's horrible! But it never stopped us t...

Eden Nature Park
on Mar 12, 2013Today has been my worst yet THE best experience of my life. Worst? Because I flew from Indiana Jones ride-ish. I mean, it's the amenities offered in Eden. And the worst-est was, my DSLR went error and I was about to cry but I still have to check...

Let's Celebrate
on Mar 11, 2013 It's another year for another festivity to celebrate - The 76th Araw ng Dabaw! Since last week, I can feel that Davao City and Davaoeneos are preparing for the big event held every 2nd week of March of every year. It's one of the grandest celeb...

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