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My First Post for 2013!
on Jan 28, 2013Yay I'm back!I almost forgot that I have a blog...This year, I'm aiming to get healthy again. Before I flew solo, now I'm trying to get help from other people through My Fitness Pal.This site is very helpful in keeping track of your daily calorie int...

Cafeteria Nipponica: Customer Popularity Computation
on Oct 28, 2012Hi Guys, I've been playing this game by Kairosoft called Cafeteria Nipponica and I've got to say, I'm hooked.I've been reading guides especially the one from Enna's Blog. The information contained in this blog is very helpful and it has helped me in...

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Part 1 - Unboxing)
on Oct 12, 2012 in Strategy Gaming XCOM Unboxing Have you ever wondered what it feels like that something you wished would happen and it would happen? I had several moments in life which caught me by surprise.But this one was more than a surprise, it was destiny.NOTE: If you want to skip the next f...

Capturing ECC Global Settings in BW
on Oct 7, 2012 in bw settings SAP Some common Master Data such as Fiscal Year Variant or Calendar year can not updated through a transformation, instead, the datasource has a provision in updating these specific infoobjects.Go to Data Warehousing Workbench (RSA1)Click on Source Syste...

Activating Settings for DTP Temporary Storage
on Oct 7, 2012 in SAP Guide This guide will show you how to activate the DTP Temporary Storage Settings. This is useful when checking for transformations made into data while loading from source to the infoprovider. Open DTP to be executed.Under the DTP Menu, click Settings fo...

Pure Black Brownies!
on Oct 6, 2012 in Food Brownies Baking Dessert I'm here at the office now on a Sunday. It sucks. At least I'm not that depressed because I was able to make a batch of brownies yesterday! I bought stuff on the same day from Chocolate Lover, a well known supplier of baking supplies in the Philippin...

on Oct 6, 2012 in Car Random Look what I saw.Preettttyyy...

No. 10175
on Oct 2, 2012 in Philippines Cybercrime Law Rant RA 10175 Random So I'm still here at the office as I need to meet a deadline for our clients' reports. No pressure on my end. Still, I took the liberty to take a quick break to steer my mind of work for a while. As I went to my favorite convenience store to get...

Best Guitar Riffs Playlist
on Sep 27, 2012 in Music Rock Random Guitar Riff I'm a guy that likes great rock music.Since there's a lot out there, I searched for a list of rock song with good guitar riffs, and I got it from Digital Dream Door and Chicago Music ExchangeHere's a list of the songs that I have compiled:...

Food Journal 2012-09-25
on Sep 24, 2012 in Daily Intake Health and Fitness Food Need to start logging my daily food intake :D Food list after the jump.1.) 7 Pieces of Pandesal from Pan de Manila2.) 1 shot of Green Barley3.) Homemade Chicken Stir-Fry with Kimchi4.) 2 sticks of thin sausage (will post pics soon)Water: 5 Glasses...

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