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Anong Nangyari sa Ating Dalawa (Aiza Seguerra)
on Mar 4, 2013 in love song Tagalog Song Translation Video Owned by Star RecordsAnong Nangyari sa Ating DalawaAiza SeguerraIkaw ang pinangarapIkaw ang hanap-hanapNgunit bakit nagbago ang lahatAng init ng pagmamahalParang naging salatPangako habang buhayNangakong di magwawalayNgunit ba't lumamig pagmama...

Expressing Ability in Tagalog
on Nov 30, 2012In English, we express the ability to do something by using the words "can" or "will." In Tagalog, we do this by adding the prefixes "ma" or "na" in front of a verb. After that, the verb is modified to reflect changes in tenses from past to present t...

Sirena (Gloc 9 Featuring Ebe Dancel)
on Nov 6, 2012 in Tagalog Song Translation Video Owned by Universal Records Philippines1Sirena[Ebe Dancel]Ako'y isang sirenaKahit anong sabihin nila ako ay ubod ng gandaAko'y isang sirenaKahit anong gawin nila bandera ko'y di tutumbaDrum na may tubig ang sinisisidNaglalakihang mga braso, saki...

Tagalog Plural Forms
on Nov 3, 2012 in Tagalog Grammar Tagalog Nouns and Plural FormsIn English, there are plenty of ways to change nouns into their plural forms. In Tagalog, there is only one, and that is by adding the word "mga" in front of the noun.e.g.1. Pakilagay ang mga libro sa lamesa. (Please pla...

Tagalog Interjections
on Oct 16, 2012 in Tagalog 101 Tagalog Grammar We always need to express ourselves, and in times where we don't have the time to think about lengthy words or phrases, using interjections is the most effective and simplest way to do it.Below is a list of some common Tagalog interjections.Ahh... =...

Tagalog Linking Verbs
on Oct 14, 2012 in Tagalog Grammar Do you remember how I mentioned before that Tagalog prepositions aren't difficult to learn because there's only one word that you always need to remember in spite of the existence of other prepositions? The same goes for Tagalog linking verbs.In...

Tagalog Articles
on Oct 3, 2012 in Tagalog Grammar I have been writing about the different parts of speech in Tagalog, and in my last several entries, I wrote about Tagalog adjectives, Tagalog adverbs, Tagalog pronouns, Tagalog verbs, Tagalog prepositions, and Tagalog conjunctions.This time, I will w...

Tagalog Prepositions
on Sep 22, 2012 in Tagalog Grammar English prepositions can be difficult to deal with because there are plenty of prepositions, each with their own distinct uses. This is not the case in Tagalog. While there are also a lot of Tagalog prepositions, there's only one important word that...

Tagalog Conjunctions
on Sep 2, 2012 in Tagalog Grammar I've been writing about Tagalog parts of speech in my last few entries. Since we've already covered Tagalog adjectives, Tagalog verbs, Tagalog adverbs, and Tagalog pronouns, this time, I will be writing about Tagalog conjunctions.At / Saka (and)1. Ak...

Tagalog Pronouns
on Aug 27, 2012 in Tagalog Grammar I wrote about Tagalog verbs, Tagalog adjectives, and Tagalog adverbs in my previous entries. This time, I will be writing about Tagalog pronouns.Ako (I)Ako ay isang guro. (I am a teacher)Ako = Iay = is/are/amisang = aguro = teacherKo (I/my)1. Binasa...

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