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Site Description: Paper Charm Creations features quilled miniature cakes and other decorative pieces. All of them are created by a 20 something year old lady from the Philippines.
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Tags: quilling, paper crafts, miniature, quilled, miniature cakes

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More Miniature Burgers
on Sep 30, 2012I saw a photo of a scrumptious burger from my news feed and it inspired me to create more miniature burgers. My first mini burger was a bit small in diameter, now these new ones are a bit bigger so it won't be hard to scale it with some drinks too :)...

My First Miniature Bakery Stand
on Sep 28, 2012So I was thinking how I can display my paper sweets and there's no better way to do it but to create a miniature bakery!So I searched  for some materials in the house since I wanted this to be a "Recycle challenge" at the same time and I found a...

New Cupcakes!
on Sep 16, 2012 in Miniature Cakes Miniature Oh my, sorry for the long hiatus on posting. I hope you guys had a great weekend!As the title say, here are my new quilled cupcakes.I'm just curious how these would taste like if they were real :) I hope they taste good!Miniature quilled cupcakesThes...

Miniature Sushi Box
on Aug 26, 2012 in Miniature One of my cousins posted a photo of a sushi platter on facebook and it got me inspired to make a sushi bento box using the quilling technique.I gathered my white and black papers then started rolling them up with some red, orange, yellow and green pa...

Miniature Fruit Tarts
on Aug 25, 2012 in Miniature Cakes Miniature  I love fruits, I think there's no fruit that I don't eat. I specially love them on my dessert so while researching for a local place that serves good fruit cakes, I came across some really cute miniature fruit tarts on the web and that inspired...

Boxed up Sweets!
on Aug 20, 2012 in Miniature Cakes Miniature Grabbed this photo from Instagram. These are my miniature quilled sweets and I made all of those boxes too!Hope to bring some sweetness to you all today! Have a great day everyone!My miniature quilled sweets!

Miniature Coffee pot and coffee cup
on Aug 20, 2012I'm a coffee lover. I have it in the morning to start my day and in the afternoon when I'm just chillin' or working. I was very inspired to create more miniature cups and pots ever since I made my very first miniature teapot.So without further a do..

Miniature Hamburger
on Aug 17, 2012 in Quilling Miniature I was inspired to create a miniature hamburger because my cousin has been craving for one for so many days now and she has been posting it on facebook... haha.So here it is.Miniature CheeseburgerI used a peach colored paper for the buns of the miniat...

Tea Time!
on Aug 16, 2012 in Quilling Miniature I finally have the guts to try 3d quilling and my first project for this is the quilled teapot and teacup.I must say that creating the body for the teapot was really easy, I thought that would be the hard part but it wasn't.Quilled Teapot and TeacupO...

Miniature Cake Inspiration #1
on Aug 13, 2012 in Miniature Cakes Quilling Miniature I was looking through photographs of miniature cakes on the web and saw some really cute ones that I love to do as a quilled cake. Most of the ones I saw on the web are created using polymer clay, and I wondered if I could do them using paper :)Here'...

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