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The Chaotic Structure of International Relations
on Jul 6, 2012Definitely, chaos is an instance gravely unbeneficial at any given fact or situation. This is most true in the principles and normative values regulating, or self-regulating world relations.If we do not want conflicts and disintegrations to perpetuat...

I Have A New Site!!!
on Oct 24, 2005In my quest to bring better and better presentations to my readers, I have relocated this site to Blogsome. Please click here for the new site:>>> Where Now Is The Citizen On Mars? Please send me feedbacks about my new site at

Snapping The Nation Again
on Oct 24, 2005There is now once more, a call to sidestep the constitutional mode of transition by way of a snap election. It boggles me that we give back our trust so easily to something that had shown to be apparently flawed and fragile, that is, our election sys...

FVR Waddling In The Realm of Turncoatism
on Oct 20, 2005 in Philippine Politics Current Events Something unsavory must have happened within the ranks of LAKAS strong bedfellows that now, the elder of all elders of that seemingly formidable political cluster has made a major turnaround and finally spoke against Malacañang. Former President Fid...

"The Fog"
on Oct 16, 2005I NEVER REALLY KNEW WHY BUT when I was of tender age (like about eight or nine years old) I had always found myself watching horror movies---not by intention but by pure chance. Every now and then, I would be glued to some fearsome flick that an olde...

What Is A Crisis Condition?
on Oct 12, 2005WE SHOULD ALL BE feeling appalled and dismayed by now, but strangely enough, we do not seem to belch anything close to a whimper when there should already be an outcry. Like we--the public--just do not mind it at all or perhaps just could not absorb...

Pity The Nation
on Oct 9, 2005“Hold me now, oh hold me now. Till this hour has come around. We fought for justice and not for gain but the magistrate sent me away.” --- The Edge singing for U2 in Van Diemen’s LandWHEN TOMORROW COMES TO THIS NATION of our birth, what door sh...

Killer Storms of The Future
on Oct 6, 2005HYPERCANE is a new word I have learned after reading a disturbing note in the Periscope section of NEWSWEEK Magazine (October 3, 2005). The article takes issue if there would be more deadly hurricanes in the future like Katrina, the killer superstorm...

A Bad Means To An Unfavorable End
on Oct 3, 2005THE CONGRESSMAN FROM PARAÑAQUE Roilo Golez referred to the reported assassination plot against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as a "fantastic tale" and I can't really blame him for that. Killing a bird is one thing but "taking away" a president's...

Who or What Created Man?
on Sep 27, 2005This is happening in America right now, as only such things can. In a Pennsylvania township called Dover, the district school board there just decided that Charles Darwin's theory on evolution is ultimately flawed and that it contained gaps as huge a...

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