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Site Description: Sharp As Nails by Angela is a blog of day-to-day nail art designs, nail polish swatches, nail care tips and tricks and happenings.
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Rainbow After the Rain, Shining Blue Polish
on Jul 28, 2012 in Nail Polish KONAD Regular Polish Shining Blue Satin Brand: KONAD Been awhile since I've posted a nail polish swatch. This one's inspiration is to combine two nail blogs I've viewed today Nail Narcotics and Emy Augustus. They both have awesome and creative posts that keep me motivated. Out of all the nail polishes...

Multicolored Leopard Print
on Jul 25, 2012 in Color: Blue KONAD Image Plate M57 Color: White KONAD Regular Polish White KONAD Special Polish Black Pearl Brand: Faceshop Stamping Nail Art Color: Yellow Color: Pink Color: Pastel Green Brand: KONAD Now that the week is almost ending, it just means I'm almost through hell week. And because I got all the pressure and stress off my shoulders, I just feel so lively to work on anything. I even cleaned my desk drawer and removed all the clutter [fina...

Music Inspired Nail Art
on Jul 22, 2012 in Music KONAD Regular Polish White KONAD Special Polish Black Pearl Stamping Nail Art KONAD Image Plate M73 Brand: KONAD Music has always been my ally, in my ups and downs. Listening to different types of music or songs that suits my mood, changes everything in a positive light. It also calms and relieves me from stress most of the time. And speaking of anti-stress...

All About Stamping Nail Art
on Jul 19, 2012 in KONAD Special Polish White KONAD Special Polish Black Pearl Stamping Nail Art Tutorials How To KONAD Image Plate M39 Color: Pastel Yellow Color: Pink Brand: KONAD Hey guys! I'm glad to be back having full of exciting things to share with you. After a week's absence, you must be wondering where I have been all this time. Well with the heavy workload in school and other agendas to attend to, not to mention...

It Will Rain
on Jul 5, 2012 in When It Rains Dotting Tool KONAD Image Plate M8 KONAD Special Polish Black Pearl Stamping Nail Art Color: Pastel Green KONAD Regular Polish Pastel Green Brand: KONAD R. A. I. N. Its been raining and pouring outside. Usually here in the Philippines, the month of June and July are the rain months. Since I don't have classes on Fridays, I really have nothing to do besides watching TV, eating and most of all sleepin...

Pink Paint & Pink Coach Signature Ipad Case
on Jul 3, 2012 in Nail Polish Brand: Faceshop Brand: Coach Featured Products Color: Pink Hello! I just came home from school and today has been half good and half bad. To relieve my stress due to school work and other things, I decided to paint my nails pink and it turned out like this... Pink has been my favorite color from the ti...

When In Doubt Wear Red
on Jul 2, 2012 in Color: White KONAD Special Polish White Color: Red KONAD Regular Polish Candy Red Stamping Nail Art Rhinestones KONAD Image Plate M60 Brand: KONAD Red is the hottest color of the warm colors. This post may seem ironic now that its raining cats and dogs here in the Philippines but the classic red seems to fit any occasion. I've been stuck here at home the whole day since classes for all levels a...

Yellow Mellow
on Jun 27, 2012 in KONAD Image Plate M61 Color: White KONAD Regular Polish White Stamping Nail Art Brand: Etude Color: Yellow KONAD Special Polish Yellow Brand: KONAD Hi guys! This is a "substitute" post for today. I did this nail art first then made another one because I wasn't satisfied by the look. But as I was about to post the pictures and transfer it from my memory card to my laptop, BAM! I lost the memory...

Purple Spotted Cow Print
on Jun 27, 2012 in KONAD Special Polish Dark Violet KONAD Image Plate M61 Color: White KONAD Regular Polish White Crack Nail Polish Stamping Nail Art Color: Yellow KONAD Special Polish Yellow Color: Violet Brand: KONAD I have great news guys! The memory card which I lost last night, finally showed up. [I still believe that a supernatural being was behind it. Yikes!] As mentioned in my previous post, I already turned my room upside down to look for the memory card b...

Orange Nail Polish and Orange for Colds
on Jun 27, 2012 in Nail Polish Color: Orange Orange for Colds Brand: Body Raves Hey there! I'm back. Hopefully I'm not too late for my Thursday post, it's almost midnight here in the Philippines. I'm here to share with you another nail polish swatch from Body Raves line. Now you might be wondering why I picked the color orange.

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