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Entrusting My Daily Errands with
on Mar 4, 2013 in Mohit Dargani Francis Dolojan convenience daily errands ph eggs home shopping DailyErrands groceries food I love to cook! Like writing poems, the urge to cook something would suddenly hit me anytime. The only thing that hinders me to come up with a sumptuous dish sometimes, is the lack of ingredients. Supplies are not always available at home a...

Out of office for several reasons
on Feb 24, 2013I know I owe you guys an explanation even if it feels like I should not be sharing too much of my private life online. Though some of you who knows me personally, knew all along my reason for taking a some sort of Sabbatical from blogging. To k...

AirAsia PH's new hotline and payment partner announced
on Feb 24, 2013 in AirAsia Philippines 742-2742 Kalibo low-cost carrier Clark International Airport 7-Eleven 742-ASIA Boracay I love traveling. In fact, I have been to almost many parts of the country but, admittedly, I have never been to Boracay. So when I heard that AirAsia, one of the low cost airlines flying tourists to Boracay via Kalibo announced that they have a new...

Mochi Sweets is now in Manila
on Nov 10, 2012 in Mochi Cake Japanese Rice Cake Sweets Mochi Sweets Jason Yap SM Mall of Asia Rice Cake Samantha Paz mochi pasalubong from Hong KongI love mochi! In fact, I recently asked a colleague of mine to buy me two boxes of mochies on her way back from her Hong Kong trip. She was so kind that she bought me two boxes.  I first tasted mochi during a busin...

On Love, Age and Marriage
on Nov 3, 2012 in Marriage Kasama Kang Tumanda Gina Pareno Maalala Mo Kaya Tagum CIty Kabibe Tagum CIO Ricky Rivero Love Growing Old Photo from watched last night's Maalaala Mo Kaya's Kabibe episode. It's a love story of two souls reunited after 45 years of living separate lives.  It tells us how love remains in our hearts even if we...

Copperazo: Shiny, Shimmering, Small pieces
on Oct 30, 2012 in Christmas Gift accessories Copper rings Copperazo Buy and sell Gift Items business I am not a fashionista. So when a good friend of mine, who happens to be a businessman, offered me to sell Copperazo -- hand-made accessories made out of copper and stones, I was hesitant. Simply because I do not know how to sell products that I basi...

Blogging Hiatus explained
on Oct 28, 2012I am guilty.  It has been a month of silence. Silence in blogging at least. Well, I guess a lot of us at one point, had experienced this kind of gap, a certain hiatus or an interruption of your normal daily routine.  I don't know if you not...

September is Soup Month
on Sep 17, 2012 in soups Reyes Barbecue barbecue SM Mall of Asia Greenbelt Bisaya mini sotanghon food Reyes Barbecue Mini SotanghonI'm half Visaya and half Kapampangan.  I feel more Bisaya as I love to sing and eat soup. A meal is not complete without a serving of my favorite soup. May it be a main course or just a cup noodle, I see to it that I...

Help Derek Find His New Ana
on Aug 31, 2012 in commercial ads Derek Lorenzo PLDT MyDsl promo Anna Banana I know you guys are already familiar with the Anna Banana song. What? Huh? What Anna Banna song? Let me sing some parts for you,Anna Banana! / I love you a bunch. / I'll dance like your monkey if we go for lunch / Anna Banana! /&n...

AyosDito's Surf.Click.Win.
on Aug 28, 2012 in Search 701 contest online promo ...

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