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Mirabilia dream coming true
on Mar 9, 2013A year ago, I made a wish... it was a dream of mine to complete the Mirabilia patterns.... I thought I could do it at least in the next 5 years. Trade, buy, hunt... there were, after all, more than 100 patterns.Who'd have thought that in a years time...

Stash hunting .... in Hong Kong
on Mar 5, 2013 in Cross Stitch hong kong stash With the help of Faye Whittaker and Wheng White... I got directions and found the beautiful cross stitch shop that I went absolutely nuts over.It's called FRAMES UNIQUE. Owned and run by Elana Chua.I know I'm not the only one who has been searching h...

WIP on the Roses
on Feb 23, 2013I don't know what day it is... I think 2 weeks has passed and this is my only progress so far....I now have 3 weeks to go before I need to have this framed for my mums birthday.

E@K Meet of Hearts
on Feb 23, 2013Yesterday, we had our post-valentines E@K Meet. As always, we had food and lots of fun. And yes, we had our EXCHANGE OF HEARTS. The assignment from last month was, to stitch something with a heart then finish it off as a product. It was a success! So...

on Feb 17, 2013If you're like me and you stitch with a furbaby nearby... btw, that's my baby Dollar who sleeps next to me in bed. Where was I? Oh yes... stitching with a furbaby. Those of you who do this, know it's almost 99% sure you'll end up with strands of pet...

Jackpot!! Seaside Kingdom
on Feb 16, 2013Add captionThis is actually my second Seaside Kingdom. I now have two... One for myself, and one which I'll probably sell or auction off in the future. As always, whatever I generate from auction or selling stash just goes to getting more stash.Right...

How you doin?
on Feb 15, 2013It's been awhile since I posted. I know... I know. I should do it more often. I just get so caught up doing so many things.I finally managed to get almost all the must-have patterns I want. Wahoo! Yes, I sort of emptied my bank on that one. But I'm h...

WIP: my tall witch
on Feb 15, 2013I know there's a huge jump.... I think I forgot to take pictures in between...

WIP: Cougar
on Feb 15, 2013Started this November 2012... I don't remember the exact date.It's to be a gift to my Uncle Joe in San Francisco whose house has a South American theme going on.According to him, he has a wooden carving of this very same cougar. :)This is COUGAR by S...

E@K Meet January Post Christmas Celebration
on Feb 15, 2013(L-R: Me, Myla, Lara, Quelly and Kathie)(photo taken by Yeya)Oh yeah-- that's me... I almost always pull a funny whenever I catch a camera aimed at me.(photo taken by Yeya)Bonding and a little show & tell.(photo taken by Yeya)the lovely DMC staff...

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