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Site Description: Beia/ Blogger/ Artist i do photoshop tutorials, hair and make-up tutorials, artsy stuffs, product reviews, and outfit posts of me and my sister, and I also holds giveaways! So Go and visit my blog
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Wedding Invitations
on Mar 6, 2013 in event wedding art invitation hi!! surprise?? hahaha i’ve been posting regularly this week hihihi.. i’m making up to all the days that i have not been posting stuffs =DDDD so now… i need your help =)))) as you all know, i’m now busy with the preparations f...

Add me on Line Play “beia crisford” thank you!
on Mar 5, 2013 in line play cute game Add me on Line Play “beia crisford” thank you!

Post Processing Photos: make it sharp and clear
on Mar 4, 2013 in photoshop photoshop tutorial photoshop tutorials photoshop effects postprocess post process how to post process photos Post Processing Photos: make it sharp and clear Hi! For this week’s tutorial as promised here’s how i post process the set of photos i took for my cousin’s debut =) this works best for photos that are dark and not so clear. unedited photo: post-process photo: so let’s s...

The Event
on Mar 3, 2013 in event debut party art rockstar themed party rockstar hi! didn’t get to post this yesterday due to i was able to get home very late >____<. as i said on my last post i was the one busy with dealing with my cousin’s debut. anyway i’ve done all the needed things and designs on her...

Debut Photoshoot
on Mar 1, 2013 in photoshoot photography photo art Hi!!! did you all miss me??? =)) i’m sorry for being on a hiatus for almost a month >___< really really sorry.. anyway if you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that i was the one organizing my cousin’s debut last dece...

my pretty baby &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3
on Feb 9, 2013 in mallows Lhasa Apso Cute Dogs cute cute puppy puppy my pretty baby...

Earn money fast on your tumblr via ADF.LY!
on Feb 6, 2013 in earn cash cash money easy money ads put ads on your blog ADF.LY hi!!!! want to earn cash on your tumblr? then join its like google adsense but you don’t need approval or anything about your page just register here and put your website copy the code and voila! you’ll earn money just by having vi...

Out of Bounds Photoshop Tutorial
on Jan 29, 2013 in photoshop photoshop effects photoshop tutorial photoshop tutorials photoshop techniques out of bounds photo Cute Dogs puppy cute Hi!!! sorry for going on hiatus for almost 3 weeks >___< due to i’ve been so busy with work and home stuffs O___O anyway, thanks for still following me and reading my blog =DDDDDDDDDD so for this week tutorial i’ll teach you all how...

Hey, i used your marquee code on a popup. however when i hover my mouse over it pauses but when i take it off it remains paused. Any ideas?
on Jan 22, 2013hmm.. mine’s working fine. but maybe there’s something wrong with your code so try to put this code here: instead or try this code:  then put this code at...

How to put a Facebook Like Box on your Blog Page / website
on Jan 3, 2013 in tutorial tutorials HTML HTML Tutorial HTML code facebook like like box facebook like box How to put a Facebook Like Box on your Blog Page Hi! as promised here’s another html tutorial =D i’ve been getting a lot of asks about how did i got my like button: so here’s how: first you need to make your own page on facebook then if you’re done go to this link: http://...

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