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Site Description: A personal blog with a mix of photography, arts and crafts for me to showcase my passion for such. It also consists my thoughts on food, music, movies, fashion, and more.
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University Retreat
on Mar 20, 2013 in College Reflection Personal Education Retreat We went to Batangas last March 15 and 16 to have a retreat required by the university. It was my first ever retreat. [Yeah,,, I never experienced it in highschool.] Since we got off the bus, we began our activities by reflecting here and there. Felt...

Mochi Ice Cream
on Mar 12, 2013 in Mochi Ice Cream Food Mochiko Mochi Ice Cream ♥Been craving for Mochi Ice Cream. If only there's a nearby store selling, I'll definitely have a whole stock in our refrigerator by now. Drools. ...

Hammer Arguement
on Feb 22, 2013 in Television Entertainment Big Bang Theory HAHAHA! Gotta love Penny here. Street smart :)) Big Bang Theory ♥*I do not own the video.*...

Join the Running Revolution with adidas Energy Boost
on Feb 20, 2013 in Childhood Memories Adidas Personal Nuffnang Ever had those moments you feel so desperate to literally run away? I've been remembering some happenings of my childhood and I can't really help but laugh along with it. I asked myself  "What is the craziest thing I've done to boost my run?" Th...

Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home
on Feb 20, 2013 in Weekend Nuffnang Electrolux Tomorrow's a weekend! Finally! As much as I want to go out and play, I think I'd rather stay at home. I just want to lay down my bed, listen to music, have a movie marathon, and pig myself out with my mom's cooking. Now that's relaxing! :)What's so g...

Eagle Point Resort
on Feb 18, 2013 in Philippines Snorkeling Batangas Family Eagle Point Resort Vacation Relatives from the United States visited the Philippines last February 8. They already went back last February 15. It was our first time meeting two of our cousins from the US. They're the only ones we haven't met. Names? Daniel and Marc. They're rea...

Animo Cosplay 2013
on Feb 3, 2013 in School University Week Events Cosplay Celebration De La Salle University It's University Week in DLSU!!!  There are many booths and I'm dying to cut my classes to go have some fun. But no... I have to go to class. I just skipped some minor subjects with lenient profs. Teehee. :P HAHA!So... who's up for some cosplay?

Last Friday
on Jan 29, 2013 in School Events Organization Education Sorry. Been feeling lazy lately. Wasn't in the mood to write about the events. So... what's up? Last January 25, we had our third general assembly (GA). I was so busy that day (or so I think). I had to attend a seminar which was unfortunately boring.

Brand New Satchels for Sale
on Jan 27, 2013 in Bag Shopping Selling Floral Satchel Online Shopping Aztec Sale Hey all! Please visit my online shop Underground! As of now, I am selling cute satchels or messenger bags. All brand new! Compared to other online stores, my pricing can be considered cheap. Here's a preview!

Dream Green
on Jan 17, 2013 in Environment De La Salle University DEVELOP. INNOVATE. MOVE.*I do not own the video*...

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