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piri piri
on Jul 11, 2012 in bbq chili portuguese hot sauce bird's eye. red pepper barbecue african piri piri grilled Piri-piri or piri piri, a fiery chili from Africa, is no other than the same super hot bird's eye chili we call "siling labuyo" (Tagalog: literally wild chicken chili) or "sili ti sairo" (Ilokano, or devil's chili). Piri piri hot sauce is popular in&...

black paella
on Jun 25, 2012 in squid ink spanish spain black paella arroz negra paella seafood rice squid A black paella? Yes it is, and it's real. Arroz negro. Kind of exotic.Yeah, and I really wanna try it. So unusual yet it's simply "blackened" with squid or cuttlefish ink, heheh! Or, do it with a special kind of grain, black rice.Photo credit: d...

kobe beef
on Jun 11, 2012 in exotic food japanese expensive food beef wagyu beef kobe beef steaks This is a dream food for me, kobe or wagyu beef, and perhaps for most of us foodtrippers. Its taste is sure heaven, and fittingly, its price is high heavens, :-). Let's see why, besides having the blessed cows being regularly rubbed with sake (really...

pata, pork hind legs & knuckles
on Jun 8, 2012 in braised meat meat adobong pata pig pinoy food crispy pata pork pinoy paksiw na pata pata tim Oh, I sure love pork, and I'm particularly fascinated with its pata, tendon-y and fat-y and flesh-y pork's hind legs and knuckles, which magically turns into a delicious and insanely crackling crispy pata, or into a hearty and oh-so-tasty paksiw na p...

on Mar 24, 2012 in sweet ice cream belgian vanilla magnum dessert chocolate Magnum? No, not the gun, particularly not the caliber .357 single bullet that downed Ninoy Aquino. Magnum. It's the latest summer craze in the Philippines. Magnum, the ice cream. That oh-so-yummilicious rich vanilla-flavored and chocolate-coated ice...

roast goose
on Mar 14, 2012 in poultry birds meat roast goose I always am fascinated with a goose, a goose dish, that's it. It's rare, meat and/egg are kind of scarce. It's not readily available in the local market, not common as chicken. It's not bred for mass production. It's rarity and thereby its high price...

on Mar 8, 2012 in mollusk kuhol escargot french snails france Escargot, anyone? Don't be intimidated by the name. Or by the *right* way it's said or pronounced. Exoticism at its best. French and a kind of gourmet food. But those are just snails. Kuhol. Bisukol. Shells we use to pick usually in some shallow...

on Mar 4, 2012 in tuguegarao meat batac ilocos longanisa sausage cagayan laoag chorizo garlic philippines vigan lucban pinoy pork Who doesn't love sausages or chorizos? Pinoys love it, and they have their own longanisa (longganisa, langgonisa, longaniza). Pork sausage, that's it. Perfect for breakfast, or in any meal time for that matter as it could serve as an appetizer to you...

crab claw
on Mar 3, 2012 in thai steamed sweet and sour seafood malaysian crab claw crab I always crave for crabs, crab meat, crab fat, and mostly for its claws with which thick shells shields delicious meat. I love the task of cracking it open, and ate morsel by morsel the succulent and fragrant white meat. I love crabs simply steamed,...

unlaid, "immature" chicken eggs
on Mar 2, 2012 in unlaid chicken eggs eggs embryonic eggs chicken adobo adobo premature eggs chicken immature eggs Really, really missed this! Unlaid eggs (actually egg yolks) still intact, with different sizes, from almost mature to the tiniest morsels, and without shells, inside the chicken. When I was a child, we used to "quarrel" with my siblings over this de...

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