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MG Red Frame Astray Ver. AMRe
on Jan 29, 2013Looooooooooong overdue. My first modded kit actually, and it's a bit sloppy. I also tried using the 'Scopa Decal Paper' to make my own custom decals, and won't be using them again. Had a bad experience working on the Scopa Decals <_<Anyway, thi...

MG Blue Frame Astray Ver. CCRD [Desert Weiss Custom]
on Dec 7, 2012I finally finished working on my MG Blue Frame Astray Ver. CCRD [Desert Weiss Custom]!This was painted via handpainting using Tamiya Acrylics (except for the frame though).Will now work on it's dio. Just took a photo before I put him in my cab :...

Desert Weiss Custom WIP
on Dec 6, 2012All of the photo's taken during the WIP. A bit few I must say. I didn't bother taking photo's and posting a wip of it while working on it due to I'm a really slow builder. But anyways, here are the photo's~Finished kit can be found here: MG Blue...

WIP: MG Blue Frame Astray Ver. CCRD [Desert Weiss Custom]
on Dec 2, 2012 in MG BFA MG Blue Frame Master Grade Gundam Bandai Been working on this for the past couple of months and I'm about to finish this guy! Yay!Here are the photo's before I apply a Gloss Coat (In preparation for panel lining + applying decals). I'm also planning on adding a weathering on this guy. Wish...

Querida Mia!
on Nov 23, 2012I seriously have no idea what I'm doing and how to do this. But somehow, I managed to pull it off.Took me a month to finish this. Everything we're hand brushed. Anyway, here are the photo's~That's it! 'till next time! :)...

MG 00Q (Battle Damaged and Weathered)
on Sep 30, 2012My first attempt in doing a Battle Damage effect and adding some weathering as well. Let this also serve as a warning for I know I did a LOT of errors/mistakes here and there. So please, bear with it as this is my first time lol.Still trying to get i...

HG Shaldoll Ver. Odium WIP #01
on Sep 19, 2012Did something to my HG Shaldoll :D (This is btw, our Brando Bell Group Build)First of, this is what I plan on doing on it's backpack.Next, I did some cutting on the backpack in order for me to attach the thing that will hold the TA's boosters.Then I...

DM D-Style Blade Liger
on Aug 31, 2012Just finished working on my DM D-Style Blade Liger.Broke the clear part on the head/cockpit lol..White parts we're handbrushed, everything else we're painted via spraycans.Tried my best to remove the seamlines, but meeehh...The cement just won't...

The Adventures of Miku and Mr. Pink!
on Aug 13, 2012"The Adventures of Miku and Mr. Pink" page is now up! Do check it out :DHere are the first 2 episodes me and Miku made! Enjoy :PEpisode 1: The AlphaEpisode 2: Laplace's Base...

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku! (Ver. Anemone)
on Aug 12, 2012HA! After 2days of working on this...cute nendo. I finally finished working on it. A bit messy though, because I'm still practicing painting via Handbrushing (I have some shaky hands too btw!).I also tried if I can improvise the 'pre-shading' effect...

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